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08/10/2012 at 23:11
Marathonman61, Meghilly, ha ha, I like it! True about the Star Inn, can't til SNOD is behind me...

Hope my L anterior tib calms down by wednesday, bit worse than last week's hill-inflicted trauma. Drugs rest & ice ice ice...
09/10/2012 at 08:04
Glad to hear Mrs TR40 is feeling better will we be seeing you both at the padern lake hotel karaoke!?

And whose up for Petes Eats on Friday??? Perhaps we can start a Petes eats list of attendees with estimates from each person as to how many pints of tea they can drink!

UDS - 3 pints
09/10/2012 at 09:05

Good news TR40 - ta for the message - let me know if you fancy a gentle run/catch up along the prom sometime!

My son was pretty sick the last time we went to Pete's Eats - personally I think it is over-rated/hyped - would much prefer to support Snowdonia Snail's cafe - Y Pantri - delicious home made soup & cakes and the best coffee in Llanberis (if not North Wales!!)

09/10/2012 at 10:58

Fabulous Chester results everyone, and good running elsewhere as well. Just under 22 miles on Saturday for me and now its Tapir time....

Overall mileage is better than last year, faster on shorter runs than last year, no back jip unlike last year, I just hope the limited hill work is enough and it'll be 3rd time lucky for a sub 4 hr.

Glad to hear Mrs TR40 is better and you'll be plodding round TR40. Whatever time you get has to be better than a day on the sofa. I'm sure us slower runners have it harder than the speed merchants who's sufferring is much shorter

And on the topic of earphones - miles 8 to 22 are on roads shared with cars so I reckon they'd be a very bad idea. And you wouldn't hear the supporters offerring you cookies !!

09/10/2012 at 11:00
Bit of a chill in the air this morning! Easy 6miler done, keep rolling!
09/10/2012 at 13:51

JD stretching does not bother it still using ice today

BRER I'm not totally dumb but what exactly is spin class

MEGAHILLY  sorry just a typing blip,hope your injury calms down

09/10/2012 at 16:03
Fenland Runner wrote (see)

Can't wait for the big day, running up to Pen-y-pass, don't think I will be so joyful getting over the pass back to Llanberis though

i'm looking forward to that last big hill cos once i'm at the top i'm nearly there

Frodo  i am - thanks

Brer - prepared as i'll ever be and ready to go

MC - not sure a sub 4 counts as slow but i guess it depends who your comparing to

Booo    pirate
09/10/2012 at 16:21

well the good news is that my legs appear to be talking to me today ... the bad news is that the language is still somewhat industrial in nature !!!

Not sure if it was a good idea or not but took a look at the course profile today   ....

09/10/2012 at 18:41
Well marathonman61, Sunday was meg(a)hilly for me, so what a great typo!

Anyone got a good suggestion for safe tapering for this epic!? Any more big hillys? hope not, want to give my shins a decent chance without losing condition twix now and the race. Aiming for 4:30-4:45. Longest run was 4hrs for 22.5m/2500ft, last Sunday. I'd be real grateful...

John Bach, I'll definitely check out that cafe, cheers, serious about arabica!!
09/10/2012 at 18:49

MEGALILY  i think you done plenty of hill work you don't want to anoy your shins any more than you need to

09/10/2012 at 19:38


4.15m tonight- even came close to running a sub 9 minute mile at one stage Lots of stretching reluctant hamstrings afterwards

09/10/2012 at 20:51
Hhhhmmmm well that's put a spanner in the works John!! I guess I'm dining alone.... Sure Brit Nick will join me!!! He's not big on the net apart from his blog but I'm gonna go find him....

Oh and as this is a running forum my session today was on the track :-O love this session as it leaves you feeling physically sick :-O
09/10/2012 at 22:27

Oh the mighty Snod is approaching..when I see posts about eateries pre-event, I know it's nearly here. On the subject of Pete's Eats, I was a little disappointed last year but can mightily recommend Pantri  Fuelled up there for Snowdon race in July, cheers Snowdon Snail.

MM61-spin is static cycling for 50 mins with some some nutter screaming at you that if you don't puke, you aren't trying hard enough. Seriously, it is a dam good burn out when injured from running.

Anyway, latest news on the Brer front..fancied a 26.2 jogathon on Sunday after someone I know pulled out of Leicester I now have their place...

10/10/2012 at 07:04
Brer, you are a NUTTER!
10/10/2012 at 12:27
I second that you make the rest of us look sane brer right time to start my two week marathon plan :-P
10/10/2012 at 12:29
JB will get intouch next week best get one run in before this baby
10/10/2012 at 13:19

Brer - i don't know how you do it

3 nice easy flat miles for me last night in beautiful evening sunshine

Hope Snowdonia Snail has had an extension built for on the day he's going to be packed out - everytime Mr C looks down about his 5-6 hours of exile in Llanberis while i have a little run about i tell him about Pantri - last night i passed on JB's comment about it having the best coffee and cake and he cheered up no end

Do we need to send out a rescue party for T-Rex?????

10/10/2012 at 15:17

BRER i think i will pass on that if its ok with you

JD going to try a jog to see how it feels

10/10/2012 at 17:35

7.15 miles done hamstring better than monday still tight but only the odd twinge for pain upto 43 miles so far this month,poor on here but good by my lazy standards

i will be having a go at the cardiff half marathon this sunday after all

10/10/2012 at 19:56
Nasty sciatic pain, that has even been waking me at night, went for the duration of the run Sunday, and day after. Back in work yesterday and its returned. Am I allergic to my job?? Apart from that, no aches in my legs at all, (so obviously don't work hard enough) and did 3 miles on the treadmill last night no problem. Bearing that in mind, what would seasoned back-to-back marathoners suggest for me this weekend? I'm dying to do a certain hilly 12 miler just for a confidence boost.
Brer, your bonkers! But I agree about Spin- love it.
MM61, will see you there- I'm spectating.
Megahilly (this will stick, I'm afraid) perhaps we could run together?
Bruce- another day or 2 you'll be fine!
UDS, I'll join you in Pete's. I'll also go to the Pantri - I'm a voracious eater. (Chrissi, my OH will love to have somewhere to purchase cake whilst waiting.) But never mind about eating- where does everyone congregate after? Am I too slow to be invited?
Really looking forward to the race now.
Edited: 10/10/2012 at 20:00
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