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16/04/2014 at 23:27


Llanelli, so-called 'Great Welsh' (but we know there's only one of those), marathon.

While everyone was pounding along London's streets to see if they were paved with gold I was traipsing up and down the coast path in the Millennium Coast Park,  Llanelli, down at heel.

Timing was a bit tight and arrived only about 10 mins before the start but OK here since you can park only 50m from the start/finish line.

A bit arbitrary but I thought I'd set out at 8:45 miling which would lead to a 3:49 finish.  This seemed reasonable and indeed it was for the first 17 miles. I was even trying to help one or two first-time marathoners with their pacing.   But after mile 17 I was losing 15s a mile and at mile 21 I had to dive into the Discovery Centre to use the gents.  The queues for the loos at the start were so long I would have missed the start but 21 miles was just about as far as I could go before the onset of some dreadful internal injury.

Coming out I was feeling light-headed and could see fluorescent yellow borders around everything, the familiar sign of hypoglycaemia. I was walling, unusual for me.


16/04/2014 at 23:34

Fortunately I was carrying a bar and soon felt a bit better but had to walk and run the next four miles which was somewhat embarrassing.  One of the first-time marathoners was rapidly catching up with me. At the 25-mile marker I managed to get going again and had a strong finish, but a disappointing 4:02 time.

An enjoyable, low-key event though which I can recommend as a London replacement.  It's a two-lap marathon with each lap consisting of two 'out-and-backs' along the coast path, mostly tarmac.  Plenty of opportunities to assess how well you're doing relative to other people, and very flat. 

16/04/2014 at 23:38

I suppose I hadn't recovered from the 39-miler in which I'd really pushed myself only a week before.

Lesson: never underestimate 26.2 miles!  It's a cunning distance that will catch out the unwary or unprepared, however much experience you might have.

Next up is a little 100-miler along the Thames Path in less than three weeks.  Better start some training.

17/04/2014 at 00:41

Chrissi, hope things get better for you. Found myself that this running thing is all about compromises. Had loads of issues with mine and Mrs IF's parents over the past few years. Can only do so much and something has to give - with me it's usually the running. 

Well done London runners and runners in other races. Mrs IF had a strange day out at the Sheffield Half the other week as one of the rebel runners - I went to spectate and ended up buying several carrier bags full of bottled water to hand out. Very weird experience. Felt so sorry for everybody.

Anybody done the Edale MRT nine edges event? Entered it for for this year as kind of a prep for SNOD.

17/04/2014 at 08:08

TRex- well done on #91 in my back yard

IF- well done with the water- what a shambles....

17/04/2014 at 11:41

TRex - well done

Koiboy - TMW is brillianr but tough. Mainly good forestry tracks but some narrower footpaths and more technical parts (tree rooty rocky bits).  Your either going up hill or down hill to various degrees no flat really and an absolute killer of a climb right at the end thats 1.5 - 2 miles long before the final 1/2ish mile downhill to the finish.  There was a profile on the website but there have been a few changes to the route this year because of storm damage but i don't think the diversions have made it easier  and they aren't huge ones from what i've seen so far.  Not much spectators but the feed stations are well stocked water/Torq drink and gels, bananas and 9 bars last year and it's really really well marked so no navigation needed at all.  I think you've done Race the Train haven't you?  The TMW half is a harder route than Race the Train at least i think so and i run on the Coed y Brenin trails all the time.

17/04/2014 at 13:11

Chrissi - Thank you. Brilliant description, just what i wanted.Although maybe should have turned up and found out it really hilly rather than have nightmares for next couple of months.Never done RTT although on to do list. Any excuse to come to Snowdonia. Making a week of it in June. looking forward to exploring Anglesey..

Hopefully will have a head start for SNOD itself after TMW. Maybe in with a chance of that elusive (for me anyway)sub 4.

T-Rex - will look out for you on Thames path.Can  quite found running along the thames. 

17/04/2014 at 22:59

Run Jono - Like you I enjoyed watching the whole London experience,having ran it twice I think I prefer the watching to the whole intensity of running the event,after having a Brer type experience with my accommodation one year  T-Rexs alternative sounds to me a much more appealing and calmer experience.

Brer - Congratulations on even starting,never mind finishing Londion ! Well done Jason too !

I.F - Well done in Sheffield,heard people like yourself saved the day,using good old fashioned common sense 

Chrissi - Some very sensible decisions made there under the circumstances,and you may find by not having too busy a running schedule you might get the enjoyment of long runs back in time for Snod.

10k race for me in the morning,a while since I ve done 1 of those,long run to follow on saturday.

Anybody done the Dukeries ultra in Nottingham,I m thinking of doing it as a 1st   26.2 + event.

18/04/2014 at 21:27

Well done T Rex - onwards and upwards (or perhaps flatwards next to the Thames)

Nice work IF - at least some people kept their heads and did something sensible.

Off to Northamptonshire again early tomorrow morning for another run around another reservoir...

Good luck to anyone else running this weekend.

19/04/2014 at 17:57

#14 done - nice day and reasonable 6-lap course of a small reservoir behind the Holiday Inn on the edge of Northampton.  I really don't like running in the wind, and the opening third of each lap was straight into it, but otherwise really quite pleasant - the only hazard was the 458 (approximately) sheep that decided to move across the reservoir bank en masse during the opening lap, which caused hilarity, minor route diversion and semi-obstruction in equal measure.  Having found a large patch of grass off our route they stayed put for the duration fortunately, as by the 6th and final lap I didn't really have the energy or will to deviate much...Managed to finish in 3:43, just outside my PB (again...) but pleased with getting another one under the belt.

Have a great Easter weekend everybody

21/04/2014 at 13:14

Well done RJ! Good to just miss a pb on a windy day!

I needed a change yesterday for my last long run, so went for a trail run in Brechfa Forest, following MTB trails, forestry tracks and roads for 19.6m. Boy, was it hilly though! Legs like jelly after 3100ft of ascent- so most of the way to the summit of Snowdon Hard as nails, but fab training- definitely go back for more!

But not for a while.... Far more leisurely 5.2m run on flat tarmac this morning as I start my t*per.. 

22/04/2014 at 13:15

RJ - well done on another one wonder if they'd put flock of sheep down on the race risk assessment

Hit the trails literally on Sunday  tried the new Goldrush route in CyB did all the technical bits and was on the last 1.5 miles in on a decent forest road and went flat on my face.  Mr C "are you ok?" nothing "is your arm ok" mmmmm arm missing found arm under me panic then Me "Garmins not broken" Mr C "Sod the f*** Garmin is your arm ok"   Once he'd got me up and sat on the side we decided my arm was ok even though painfull and now the swellings going down i'm getting a lovely set of bruises

23/04/2014 at 20:12
Quick pop in as back in internet land after cruising the canals for 6 days! Well done Trex and Jono for great runs and reports! Oh dear JD,taper misery for you..will look at everyone's news tomorrow when home.Have covered 87 miles of flat running in last 5 days!
23/04/2014 at 21:13

Chrissi- ouch! Glad you are ok....

brer- nice running. I am bearing up under the taper

The weather was awful here this morning, so I cheated and took to the treadmill for my 5m recovery run. Cleared up nicely this evening for 10m in 73 mins Last 15m day before the 100k though....

Yesterday at 00:07

I think sheep are a risk of they're anywhere in the vicinity, so anything except a city road marathon is probably susceptible...

Hope you're OK now Chrissi - nothing like a fall like that to make you feel really self-conscious when you go tunning off-road.

Good going Brer - were you pulling a narrow boat at the same time as running alongside the canals???

Enjoy your taper JD - sadly my 50k taper for the beginning of May consists of the Bath Beat (25.5m) on Saturday and the LDWA South Downs Marathon (28m) on Sunday. 

Yesterday at 00:24

Load of nutters on this thread.

Yesterday at 20:57

Hiya gang, back on terra firma now after the adventures that are related to owning a canal boat.

Chrissi-how's your Garmin..oops I mean your arm?

koiboy-RTT best laugh ever, it's brilliant!

Woody, cheers for that-it is all in the dim past now-press on to the next one on Sunday!

Good luck Jono on the back to back-you nutter!

Mr Rex....nutters??!! and so what are you?

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