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13/03/2011 at 16:18

Why do you need more than 3?

Thats all I can ever remember there being and it doesnt seem to have been an issue before?

13/03/2011 at 16:18

were there any officially photographers or were they all just locals?

want to see what the good runners look like near the end

because i was thirsty? 

ive done a half with five (and i dont use any there!)

lots of other people were doing it as LSR/marathon prep surely?

Edited: 13/03/2011 at 16:20
13/03/2011 at 17:45
did not see any photographers this year
13/03/2011 at 19:21
well what a race for me was hoping to get 2h30 and did do knocking 11 mins of last years time

something did annony me on route at the bottom of the hill after mile 19 some kids where trying to put runners of by trying to race them they go told by a walker to stop but took no noctie

but I just shut of and speeded up

I am so happy with my race today the best race in West Yorkshire and will be back next year but back in June for spen Greenway 10k and then the miltea 10k

well done Spen ac Bradford 10k next week
13/03/2011 at 20:55

Your right `crazytown`, maybe one more water station would be better `for everyone`.Say every 4 miles in keeping with `the majority` of road races.Its always good when you get to these distances to keep topped up either with water or gels,no matter how long it takes to get round. 

Juicer,I know what you mean,there was a crossroad point where runners came and went from all 4sides and then there was place where you passed runners still going out.

Well done Compo,took a while to catch you up,9 miles I think,but I slowed down later on,cramp kicked in at mile 18,just made it under 2.30 myself and you weren`t far behind.Good day all round though,has to be `thee` spring mara warm up race.

Heptonstall 15 mile fell run next weekend for me,then Thirsk 10 and a chance for a fast time and PB....maybe!!

13/03/2011 at 20:59

I had you in sight all the way after you overtook me can not wait for next year will work hard to try and knock more time of then

Bradford 10K for me next week

Spen ac really do a good job with this race I love the course should be back to normal next year
14/03/2011 at 09:27

Craig ('Tiptoe'), you looked to have enjoyed it when we were speaking yesterday afternoon at the top of your street.

You didn't mention 'Heptonstall' to me though.

Have you noticed that on the Club website, that Stewart has suggested that other members also try a fell-Race (or 2?) & should speak to you, or me about them??

 http://www.ackworthroadrunnersandac.co.uk/ (bottom left of text)

14/03/2011 at 12:30

I’ve been scanning round to see if there were any pictures. Figure I might stand a chance as I ran the majority of the course alongside a SpenAC runner, who was getting snapped regularly.

Great race. I nearly didn’t turn up, but glad I did.

I don’t know about another  water station. I hit it every time I passed, but just had a quick swill and the rest went over my head.

14/03/2011 at 12:50

Cracking race erally enjoyed it and what a fine day it was!

Pulled off a 2.51 9 minutes better than last year!

The cornish pasty after the race was amazing!

14/03/2011 at 13:17

Hmmm, yes. The hills were rather easier driving them in the car.  Thought I was gonna die by about 13m as it had seemed to be uphill for about 4 miles. But then it got easier again.

The Knowler Hill marshall was missing by the time I got there, and I had to call a lass back who was carrying on up the hill.  Then I spoke to another one who had done the same thing and lost quite a bit of time.

Great race though, cracking marathon training run. Well organised and marshalled (apart from the one missing at the vital turn). Fairly pleased with 3.13 for a Steady-away effort, and at least ran it all! 

14/03/2011 at 14:18
i thought the water situation was ok. (did a few miles on the track so one before 7miles would have been welcomed though!)

on a hot day it wouldnt be enough imo

the juicer, after about 5 miles i thought the flat section was imminent - it never arrived!

legs feel it today
absolute gem of a race. definitely on the calendar next year and will be dragging people along!
14/03/2011 at 17:52
Sorry about that Treadmill. If it's any consolation, I'd misled myself into thinking there was a flat bit too!

As I was cussing my way up that really steep bit, one of the marshalls shouted "I thought you was used to hills in Todmorden". Hmmm, yes, used to never finding them any easier!!
14/03/2011 at 19:23
just about recovered from the race did a 12 min run today and then went swimming it helped me ease my legs back to normal
14/03/2011 at 19:53

Hi Richard,

Sorry,no I didn`t get round to mentioning it.But yes I am looking at doing Heptonstall,the mileage and ascent will be an ideal trainer for `the peaks`. Do you fancy it yourself ?? No pre entry needed and chance of a car share.

Yes I have seen the section on the Ackworth site,its quite good how the site is expanding,although asking me about fell running might be a bit misleading.


Couple of days off for me,maybe have a run Tuesday night.Just starting to ease up,been scoffing all day.

14/03/2011 at 20:02
my legs where aching today but still went on short run and feel better for it I am going to try and beat 2h30 at Chester on the 27th

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