St Albans Review Half-Marathon

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09/02/2006 at 19:19
Is this a good one for beginners? i'm thinking of doing it as my first half.
10/02/2006 at 07:51
I would say it is a very good one for beginners. I did it 2 years ago and would have done it last year but for an injury. It's a big field, and there are runners of all standards. It's on my list for this year.

It can get a bit hot in the middle of June, mind you.
10/02/2006 at 12:02
Yes I like this half. A big field usually which makes a mad dash across the field at the start to get position for where the course narrows through Verlanium park. The return home is along a straight stretch of road from Redbourn which can be a little off-putting but a great finish in the park again and is quite a fast course (my second fastest time here).

Only thing I wondered about though is that the course goes out along the Redbourn road and turns off and through country lanes to Hemel Hempstead or to be precise BUNCEFIELD DEPOT. I assume that the section past the depot and beack down Cherry Tree Lane is, or at least will be, all reopened ??
10/02/2006 at 13:08
That's a good point - I just tried to check the half marathon website to see if it had any info on there about whether the Buncefield incident and how it'd affect the course, but it's not been updated yet. Unless anyone has any other reliable sources of info?
10/02/2006 at 13:34
I did this last year and enjoyed it. They did say though that they were changing the course this year anyway (ie before Buncefield) so that it goes through the town. I also noticed that the information on the event page also says it's a new course. I don't know anything about the new course but as I live and train in St Albans they will struggle to get a 13.1 mile loop that just goes around the town! There are also some nasty hills scattered around (Hollywell Hill, Folly Lane) so let's hope they avoid them!
10/02/2006 at 14:56
Didn't see anything on the web-site which is still 2005 focused but did see the note on the events page about new course.

That may be due to Buncefield.

No idea where it might go though. Obviously could change the rqce significantly.
12/02/2006 at 02:14
I think this year it celebrates its 25th birthday - I seem to remember something about the course change in the local paper long before the Buncefield disaster. Maybe it's going to go round the town a bit more - maybe they'll make it a two lap half/full marathon!! I agree with Clare B about the hills though - Hollywell Hill is nasty!
13/02/2006 at 10:22
I live and train in St. A and am definitely up for this one. The website seems a little broken at present. Is this just me?

Hollywell Hill will seperate the men from the boys that's for sure!
17/02/2006 at 10:42
I read recently that the course will take in Redbourn and Harpenden, so we may end up running down Holywell Hill. Let's hope so! Not sure how they'll do it, but hope it isn't too much on busy straight roads.
17/02/2006 at 12:39
Claire - could be. Sounds like they might go out the Redbourn road to the bottom and then right and up through Harpenden and back. That could be a bit of a nightmare on the roads though.
19/02/2006 at 14:19
Any ideas on when the route will be decided? Is St. Albans reasonably flat anyway, so presumably the course will be a fast one irrespective of what route they choose?
20/02/2006 at 10:26
Multi. I wouldn't describe St. A as flat and I train there every day. There are parts of the town and surrounding area that are flat but to get to them and from them will involve some mild inclines at the very least.

The worst hill in town is Holywell Hill followed by Victoria Street (there's also the Private Road out to Gorhambury which is not the best of fun).
11/03/2006 at 23:22
Hi boys and girls,
Im considering this one for my second half, does anyone have a link to a map of the route?

Thanks Robin
13/03/2006 at 12:30

Afraid not. It has been said it is a new course this year but no indication of what it is yet and the web-site is still talking 2005.
13/03/2006 at 18:29
Thanks Brooks, ill wait and see when the web site sorts itself out, might as well enter though do you think, Ive run the Watford half in Feb is it any comparison??

13/03/2006 at 23:31
Fitbloke, the old St Albans course was relatively flat and fast, certainly easier (though not as scenic) than Watford. However it went up to the Buncefield depot and they have said they are changing the course anyway.

So to be honest until we know where the new course goes, it is difficult to give a view.
16/03/2006 at 15:31
I've e-mailed the organisers about the website and the route but haven't heard anything yet.

I'll be running it whatever the route as this is my 'home' event and I love the idea of using the travel to the event as a warm-up!

Hopefully the route will be scenic as there is some beautiful countryside around St A.
17/03/2006 at 11:32
Response from Leisure Connection:

Hi Jason,

Our web site is being revamped, not a great time to do I know but it was only time unfortunately. I am hoping it will be up in the next few weeks.
Alternatively if you visit after next Friday the course will be added to this until our web site is back up and running.

Kind regards

So there you have it!
17/03/2006 at 13:13
The Caped Plodder has been unmasked - his real identity is Jason !!

Good job and the mystery of the course will soon be unveiled - you'd have thought they would have revamped their site in September rather than March !! Although they may only recently have determined the course. Interesting they didn't give you a broad hint of where it would be going.
17/03/2006 at 21:22
Darn It! The evil beast has found me out! :)

As soon as the route is revealed I will probably run it a couple of times in training. So if anyone wants to join me for a (slow) run one Sunday then let me know!
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