Steyning Stinger Marathon

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24/02/2012 at 18:36
Too late!
Tried to enter, it's full!

Are you doing Three Forts Marathon as well, that has more of the SDW in it.
01/03/2012 at 14:21
Anybody local know what condition on the course are like?

First year I did it, it was very muddy and the wet chalk around the golf course section was like running on Teflon. Last year was ok but had standing water in some places.

Looked at 3 different weather reports and all of them have a different prediction from heavy rain to no rain at all.
02/03/2012 at 19:35

Just down the road from me, the rain makes it like running on grease - joy. Did the Hangover Five down at Findon earlier in the year and the going was pretty similar. Went too fast downhill (just the relief of actually finding a downhill stretch I think!!) and picked up an injury.

04/03/2012 at 17:07
Wow it was muddy out there today !
04/03/2012 at 20:08
Muddy Paws, lies, lies, lies it was VERY muddy.
05/03/2012 at 10:20
I usually do the Leith Hill Half as my first race of the year. This wasn't as hilly but CHRIST! THE MUD! Really made it hard. Thanks to Sandy for bringing me home over the last 1/4 mile to finish sub-2 hours. I had wanted a 1:50 but looking at the conditions at the start, quickly had to manage my own expectations.

Best bit of the race for me was doubling back after the 11 mile marker. Everyone found some extra energy and bounded down the muddy downhill like a pack of wild dogs. Really good fun.

Worst bits? Giving runners the choice to start when they like meant there was no way of pacing your self against other runners - makes it quite a lonely race. Also, the start/finish is just not suitable for spectators. My wife came along with my two young children and they were all soaked through and muddy by the time I got back.

Other than that, quite well organised and a really nice route, had it not been shrouded in cloud!
05/03/2012 at 11:49

From parking the car at the start through to 'inhaling' the full english breakfast at the end, this was fantastic.

What Simon says about the spectator friendliness of the start and finish is true (especially in bad weather); atlhough on a sunnier day, there are some great opportunities out on the course (especially on the marathon route) to see your runners coming through.

Personally I really like the staggered start that the Stinger uses; in common with many LDWA events it lets you set your own goals, set your own pace, and not get inappropriately dragged along or held back. I appreciate this might feel different on the half, but for me on the full, running my own race is all part of the challenge.

Needless to say I will be doing this again and trying to persaude some more running friends to come and give it a go.

 Cheers - Raymond

 p.s. If anybody else is doing the LDWA South Downs Marathon or Threeforts Challenge I'll see you there...might even give Beachy Head another go as it's probably about time.

05/03/2012 at 12:43

What a spectacular event. Very much my slowest, wettest, windiest and muddiest marathon to date and I loved every minute of it, except the 30 minutes of high exposure coming back across Round Hill into that wind and rain!! Finishing was sublime, but I had to keep running back to Race HQ to stay warm, then some swearing as I fought to get shoes off! The breakfast did the job though, shortly followed by 2x 1/4 pounders and a large Coke from the heavenly MacD's on the A24.

Thankyou Steyning for such a very professional event, and the Mars Bars.

Raymond - see you at South Downs, think I'm in Suffolk when 3 forts is on and Snowdonia instead of Beachy. Time now to get some real hills in my legs ready for the Picnic, hopefully on a nice summers day!!

05/03/2012 at 18:25
I made so many bad choices on Sunday... Weather didnt look that bad leaving home, so only had shorts on, and not enough layers to cope with the cold. Ended up dropping for the half as I couldnt stay warm even when running on the tops, and was walking the ups due to wearing road shoes... All my own doing, and I'm looking forward to trying again next year - better prepared next time.
05/03/2012 at 20:51

 Top tip if it's been raining; a pair of these.

Walsh PB's; they're light and very grippy.

Cheers - Raymond

06/03/2012 at 07:38

I've done this event nearly every year since it started - including in the infamous horizontal sleet in 2007 - but have never known conditions like they were on Sunday. It took a major effort just to keep upright and the downhills were absolutely treacherous. I have never been so cold and wet that I couldn't open my gels or re-tie my laces - many thanks to the kind marshals - heroes one and all - who did both for me!

Was very tempted to just do the half, but didn't want to wimp out and eventually finished in around 5 hours - much slower than usual, but feeling good at the end.

Raymond, should see you at both the 3 Forts and the South Downs - my favourite marathon - as they are my numbers 99 and 100. They will definitely be warmer - and hopefully drier!

06/03/2012 at 21:40
SDM, I went past you and said hello but it was so windy I don't think you heard!

Just over 4 hours for me but what a day! Totally enjoyed the hostile conditions. It made muscles ache a little more than usual with the slipping around. I can't believe some runners attempted that in road shoes!

I could do that all over again! Fab
01/03/2013 at 15:33

Anyone know how the Stinger compares to Beachy Head? Have done Beachy Head 12 times but never done the Stinger- which 1 is harder?

01/03/2013 at 18:39
Have a look at the other thread on this forum for course profiles. Found it very interesting. I personally found Beachy tougher as many of the climbs come later on. Steyning has a nice downhill and flat finish. By the time 22 odd mile marker comes up you're laughing. Should be decent conditions on Sunday too. Last year was tough going. Enjoy! Can't wait.

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