Stockholm Marathon 2012

Who's going, who's been before, anyone for beer?

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04/04/2012 at 22:36

I'm all booked, arriving on Friday 1st June, leaving Monday 4th. Second marathon for me, target time 3.45 or under - although I've heard that some years it's really hot, so we'll see. 

 So, who else is going? And does anyone have any advice - about the run or about the city?

04/04/2012 at 23:10
i havent done that race specifically but i have raced in sweden, i (perhaps naively)expected sweden, famous for snow. to be cool in the spring, (may race) but it was 91F, hottest race ive ever done,

took me and the event organisers by surprise. water stations were not at all ready for it, still, i enjoyed the race and the country, take plenty of money, sweden is far from cheap. especially food and drink, its like £10+ a drink in most bars/restaurants.

Good luck with your race.
18/04/2012 at 12:34
I have entered the Stockholm Marathon. I'm looking forward to it and the training is going OK - injury-free at least but I am lacking motivation somewhat. This is my 3rd Marathon after completing Prague in 2010 and Berlin in 2011. I am looking forward to seeing what I hear is a great city.
19/04/2012 at 22:16

Ran it last year 

Great event well organised friendly people with good crowds round most of the course  lots of drink stations with some really nice views of the city as you run. Part of the course goes through the Royal gardens The only thing that I found strange was the pickled gerkin at about 18 miles (Not for me ) Also the Swedes have a thing for hot dogs after the race.  The race is sponsored by ASICs so cam away with a few freebies socks, gel holder and wallet

There is a nasty hill about 12 and 20 miles which is a bit of an energy sapper the weather was reasonable

Stayed for a couple days after and really enjoyed the City on my go back to list

29/05/2012 at 15:09

So.... is everyone ready and motivated for this one? I fly out on Thursday and I am getting the pre-race excitement now!

06/06/2012 at 12:54

that was horrific. 3 degrees, wind and rain, had to stop for the loo twice, and spent the next two days not really doing that much sightseeing as it all hurt too much. I've learnt my lesson about going to something this big and hard completely on my own, I really needed someone to help me after the race, was just such torture getting changed and walking to the metro etc. AND they made us walk down some stairs to get our chips taken off. But I came in at 3:58, by absolutely killing myself for hte last two miles, so while i hated every minute of the race, the experience overall was actually good. I certainly won't be buying any of the photos though!

11/07/2012 at 11:53

I agree grimrunner.... really horrific. Wet, windy and, at 3C, bitterly cold for those (like me) running over 4 hours. The shops were out of waterproof all-weather gear and a lot of people (like me) ran in bin bags. Those expecting to follow the 4:45 pacemaker (like me) found the pacemaker balloon tied to a tree after 5 km, later energy stations had nothing left by the time we got there, the medical staff were overwhelmed by cases of near hypothermia, and those that didnt finish (like me) did not have the joy of crossing the finishing line in the Olympic stadium.... A tough, tough event after 6 months of training....

12/07/2012 at 08:08

 AND they made us walk down some stairs to get our chips taken off. But I came in at 3:58, by absolutely killing myself for hte last two miles, so while i hated every minute of the race,


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