Suicide Six (ish) 10K

Go on you know you want to!!

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20/09/2005 at 07:47
For soon No.1 read :- Son No.1
20/09/2005 at 09:18
Always fancied doing this race but somehow never managed to be available on the day. I'll make sure I'm there this year.

Charlie 4472
Evil Pixie
Running Duck
Matt the Brum
20/09/2005 at 10:00
need a form, spose universal will do. Will print some off at work and rope a load of the NLRISP crew into it too :-)

20/09/2005 at 10:05

am I being thick? (as usual)
20/09/2005 at 10:08
Still keeping my name on the list in the vain hope that I'll be able to run, struggling to do 2miles at the mo thanks to various injuries.
20/09/2005 at 10:19
RMG - Hello stranger :-) Hope to see you there, I need someone to help me keep my balance in that water crossing again :-)

SB - no, your not!! Just a group of us who run together (Nice Little Runs in Sutton Park aka Beanies). Sad really!!!
20/09/2005 at 10:22
Hiya RC
Yep, it'll be good to see you there, I'm trying to make this my come back race, still struggling with a few injuries.
Hopefully the water won't be any deeper... we'll disappear!!!
20/09/2005 at 10:38
We live in hope.
20/09/2005 at 10:45
ooooohhhhhh Waylander... saucer of milk for you!
20/09/2005 at 10:49
What's the course like for spectating?

Is Mrs 'kk' going to be doubled up watching us idiots doing this??
20/09/2005 at 10:57
Yep, she sure will kk. Tell her to wait by the water & at the steps... oh dear the steps!
The beginning is quite amusing aswell, everyone running down a slippy wet hill, oh what memories.
20/09/2005 at 12:54
Radio Worcestershire will of course be bringing a round up of this event nearer the time!.

Please keep the list up to date.
20/09/2005 at 13:43
running caz: entry in post - another Beanie representative!
20/09/2005 at 13:55
I notice that my name is on the list for this, despite the fact I've never previously posted on this thread. That Pixie is really going to suffer...
20/09/2005 at 18:28
Slow boy
I'm sad to admit it but that Highlander has a point
21/09/2005 at 09:07
Above posting now printed framed and on my office wall.
21/09/2005 at 15:08
thought it only fair after all the compliments you send my way in training your suet puddingness
21/09/2005 at 19:12
nibbs: I'm sad to admit it but that Highlander has a point

w'lander:Above posting now printed framed and on my office wall

nibbs:thought it only fair after all the compliments you send my way in training your suet puddingness

p***** myself reading this!

22/09/2005 at 08:20
Be careful Anthony. I think this may be going legal and you could get called as a witness to Nibbs insistent degrading of people who just try to point out his short comings of which there are many.
22/09/2005 at 09:23
Hi all - This is like a big reunion from last year (aside from there isn't any mention of COBRAs). Will send off my entry form later!

Am hoping to do better than last years poor attempt.
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