Suicide Six(ish)

Gotta Be Done!!

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The Evil Pixie    pirate
27/08/2006 at 14:52
Great muddy, wet slimmy, slippery run with woods, hills, river crossing, track, trail and a few steps at the end!!


So who is up for it???

I know I am, and Running Duck and I believe Glenn mentioned something about racing me (hahaha) ... then there is v-rap and Leon ....

hmm getting carried away me finks!!!

Who else?
27/08/2006 at 22:16
I am on for this.
28/08/2006 at 11:40
Alas I am already booked that day - loved this last time I did it!

note to all - if it's wet, bring your own tea-tray for the mudslide.
The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/08/2006 at 11:47
no heebie! That's not fair.

Yes FULL change of clothes required, plus blanket and thermos of something hot for after!

But great fun!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/08/2006 at 11:47
BTW I have a copy of the application if anyone needs it!
29/08/2006 at 12:00
A cautious "maybe" from me depending on sprog-duty rotas and other such practicalities.
29/08/2006 at 12:01
(Bed, board and showers available at the Cavern, of course, whether or not I'm running.)
The Evil Pixie    pirate
29/08/2006 at 12:06
<sticks reserve sign on spare cavern bed>
29/08/2006 at 12:26
>Sticks heavy-duty grit-extracting lever in Cavern shower<
29/08/2006 at 13:17
Hmm, day after the Brampton to Carlisle 10... many spare beds available down there??
29/08/2006 at 13:20
How many do you need, Slowboy? I haven't had to resort to sleeping-bags and Thermarests for a long time!
29/08/2006 at 13:22
will be there its traditional - sodbury slog then suicide six two weeks later. I still find ittougher than sodbury but thats probably cos I tried keeping up with Crash Hamster last year!!

Accomodation not required cos I only have to travel from Worcester!
05/09/2006 at 09:23
Definitely doing this :o) There's going to be a good furum presence!
The Evil Pixie    pirate
05/09/2006 at 09:25
09/09/2006 at 09:50
Oh this looks Fab!

Gonna sort out the application form this weekend :-)
09/09/2006 at 16:12
I'm signed up for this one. Did it 2 years ago, great fun. Knees went numb at the start in the cold, but soon warmed up.
09/09/2006 at 17:20

Form in the post

Oh.... that'll be forms
10/09/2006 at 18:55
Any tips us first timers should know ?

This sounds great fun, looking forward to it.
Did not know about the river crossing, my so-called MATE kept that to himself.
How deep ?

10/09/2006 at 20:45
Lunchtime party at the Cavern afterwards :o)

(Someone has a Significant Birthday very soon after this race!)
11/09/2006 at 11:31
Well I have sent for a number (even though I have several unused ones this year)

Need to do this for my yearly bath.

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