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21/09/2003 at 18:27
54.02 on the tail end of the worst cold in the history of mankind. Felt Ok for the first 3 k and then struggled to get above an 80% performance. Thought the congestion at the start was bad, there were so many people who had lined up too far forward, my first k was a case of sprint/shuffle/barge/sprint/push/rudeness.

Didn't see any of you but saw loads of others that I know.

Next year I'm going to enter in a wheelchair cos I reckon that there were 2 prizes begging today.

Shampoo and Conditioner much appreciated!!!!!!!!

thanks to the organisers for the water stations, thanks to the public for the hosepipes.

Hope the guy that collapsed in the last k is ok.
21/09/2003 at 18:32
Well done Sue, Welsh Poppy + everyone else (who survived today !)

Based on recent experiences Swansea (and everywhere else I try and do a race) is very, very, hot

I hung around at the car park entr oppo the rugby ground ~ 12.30 and kept smiling at people in the hope that they were forumites before retreating, concerned that I might get arrested...

Could not make the pub after though as this son-of-a-gun really did give me a pain in the diodes today. Part just knack'd (which I still am..), part guilty (family at home) and part crocked.....

Picked-up a lower back niggle, a novelty this one. My niggles just like the game on the pier where, armed with a giant sponge mallet-thing, you try and brain/smash little creatures which jump out at you - as soon as you sort one of the blighters out (knees v.well behaved today), another pops out least where you least expect it.

Yet again I had a tricky run ; Cardiff next week so took it easy for the first 5k (21.30) but struggled back in 22.15 (terrible..). This even though NO HEADWIND - big thanks to those nice locals with the hose pipe.

Beat my age and got a pb in the process, 43.45. OK-ish but ~42 mins remains my target (EPO/nandralone ?!!). As Jesus is reported to have said to the leapor in the Life of Brian "there's no pleasing some people....."

21/09/2003 at 19:07
Damn hot!
Woke up at 3 this morning with a really bad sore throat and thought - no way will I do this race today! But at 8, and a cup of tea and a bowl of Cheerios later, I didn't feel bad enough not to race. It's a bit like the disappointment you get when you're not quite sick enough to miss school and your mum makes you go... BUT, I was glad I did it in the end and can't blame my time (53.30)on the cold - a complete lack of training effort probably didn't help!!
Nice to meet you Sue (pb by 7 mins!! - brill!), nice to see you again WP- well done on your pb! Plus appology - sorry I didn't mean to ignore you by the van after, I got side tracked by some people from work!
oft - we'll meet one day! Keep smiling (nice time btw!)

George!! My wife spotted you at one point (going the opposite way to the cp rendez vous!) but I couldn't find you - hope you had a good run anyway.

Sorry to hear about that Db - hope you get better soon - so you were that b*stard that pushed past me!!

Better training for Greeny from now on... Reindeer Run, sub 50, I can feel it now!
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
21/09/2003 at 19:43
Is the Reindeer run on again this year? I had to miss it last year due to injury (shin splints which I think I've cracked now).
Could you let me have details when available, cos I'd really like to do that one. I've ridden in Margam on horseback, beautiful, would love to run it.
21/09/2003 at 20:21
Well done everyone!

oft-I just love your report!
21/09/2003 at 20:23
I think it's on, early / mid December, a little hilly apparently, and not the most well organised, BUT you do get mulled wine at the end of it!
Nice place Margam - had my wedding reception there ions ago!!
When I see details, I'll let you know.
21/09/2003 at 20:24
Despite the hotel in the Mumbles that I was staying at hosting a disco until 1am, which meant that my three year old did not settle until 2am. I managed to have a reasonably good run, recording 39:18.

I must say though that for a supposedly flat course there were a few testing little climbs enroute.
21/09/2003 at 21:11
I got my application form through for the Reindeer Run yesterday. Great venue (if they dont forget to put marshalls at all important places like they did last year.)I ended up doing 11k, as I followed the first 20 or so, over a gate in the wall. A Marshall did show up eventually so i'm told.

Did the Swansea 10k today. Not as fast as I was led to believe. Tried to break the 40 minute barrier but no such luck. Did a pb in Cardiff last week of 40.20 so I think my legs were still tired. Good atmosphere though and it was great building sandcastles on the beach with my wife and 3 kids. It was like a summers day. Didn't realise that the beach was so clean. They really have done a job up there.

21/09/2003 at 21:31
Diff, the beach is always that clean !!!!

Apologies to all who I missed !!!!
I did meet Welsh poppy briefly but circumstances meant that I couldn't hang around. Sorry.

Well done Caren and Oft (niggles and all ). - P.B. for me too !!!!!!
52.05 - 2.40 quicker than last year and a whole FIVE seconds quicker than Welsh Poppy. WHAT DID WE AGREE ABOUT THE FORFEIT ????????.
I'm sorry now that I did the 10 mile bike race this morning ... wonder what time I would have done ??

I'm going to go to Cardiff on Saturday myself to stop myself going out on the Saturday bike ride with my club mates. What time are you planning to go ?
21/09/2003 at 21:37

Reindeer Run. December 7th.
10.30 start.
£6.50 affiliated ,£7.50 unattatched. £8.00 on the day.
Applications from
( and sent to, - with 10x7 inch s.a.e.)
Running Imp,
Welby House,
31 High St.
Market Deeping
01778 342947

21/09/2003 at 21:57

10 mile bike race in the morning + THEN a 10k pb midday ??? Amazing.....

Too afraid to ask what you did in the afternoon !!

21/09/2003 at 22:31
I SLEPT !!!!!!!!!!
22/09/2003 at 06:00
Well done Sue/OFT/Greeny etc on PB's

It was hot out there!!!

OFT sorry too have missed you i was there at CP at 12.30 next time will have too give race numbers and what wearing too help us identify fellow forumites....see you in Cardiff on Sunday!!!

Yes a PB for me too at 52.10 but not good enough too beat you George!!! never mind watch out next time!!!

Thanks for info on Reindeer run duly noted and will be sending off today!!!
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
22/09/2003 at 08:06
Hi George
Congrats on your run yesterday, I'm going to Cardiff as early as I can. I'm going to catch the shuttle bus, it's actually cheaper than parking!! I'm not sure of the times of the buses, but the registration office will be open at 11 am, so I will in all probability be on the 9ish bus so that I can get a bit of retail therapy in and straight back home. Thanks for the info on the Reindeer Run, I'm hoping to be there this year.
WP, many congrats on your run, I know you weren't feeling that well either, so just what are you capable of girl!! What happened after the race? missed you, We saw John who was very positive and encouraging, I'm glad he rang you. See you Tuesday?
All the best to everone else who ran, it was very hot and the chaos at the finish didn't help.
Perhaps we can be more organised about Cardiff and make a note of everyone's number! I too did not want to just go up to people and ask if they were Old Father Time or Dragon Breath!!!
See you all at Cardiff!
22/09/2003 at 09:11
sorry I missed you...was hanging round vaguely where I thought you'd be, but didn't see George or Greeny. Did bump into someone from my running club tho.
Took it very steadily and got round in 42:47...felt great at the end. Then I though "this isn't even a quarter of what I need to do in Cardiff!"
oh well...
22/09/2003 at 17:43
The results now on-line care of the excellent Les Croupier's RC web site...

22/09/2003 at 17:56
Interesting to compare with the Cardiff 10k times...

Just done a random spot check for names I recognise - with one exception, they were all slower for Swansea. Significant ?
23/09/2003 at 08:38
Thanks for those oft!
23/09/2003 at 11:06
oh! I got 41:57...!

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