Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2

12TH JULY 2005

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18/07/2005 at 16:11
Bon Jour WP,sounds like a well nasty fall you had.You'll probably be sore for a few days i'd have thought but the running will probably help loosen up the joints if you jarred them when you fell.

I had my 4 week schedule off my coach yesterday.OMG it's the most ridiculous thing ever.I'm going up to 20 miles in 3 weeks time!!!I've got 18 this Sunday,18 the week after that then 20.

If anyone wants a good laugh i'll post it on here.

WP,18 miler up Afan Argoed on Sunday if you fancy coming up,probably going with another girl from club.That goes to anyone else as well.

Got a hill session tonight,can't wait,absolutely love hills.Got a lovely hill I do my sessions on,on Sketty Park Road.It's quite a pull and then it goes a bit steeper half way up so you have to dig in again!12 reps.

18/07/2005 at 17:29

Sorry doing Gloucester 1/2 on Sunday

I actually did my hill sessions on that very road in Marathon training.....12 reps...THUD have fun tonight!

Actually it sounds about right for LSR would love to take a look at your schedule(Poppy is safe in the knowledge she is not marathoning)

18/07/2005 at 17:59
Is that the hill from the Bush up to the mini roundabouts? That brings back memories!

18/07/2005 at 18:56
The other side,Bishop Gore school side,from the traffic lights where you can go either to Sketty Cross or Sketty Park and up that hill.

Ok,this is my schedule : -

This Week : -

Mon Hills 12reps run up for 1min

Tues 10miles

Wed Club

Th 10miles

Fri 6miles easy

Sat rest

Sun 18miles

Following 4 weeks starting 24th July : -


Sun 18

Mon 800's 6

Tues 10

Wed Club

Th 10

Fri 6 easy

Sat rest


Sun 18

Mon 6miles easy

Tues 10

Wed Club

Th 10

Fri 6 easy

Sat rest


Sun 20

Mon 6miles easy

Tues 10

Wed Club

Th 13 miles

Fri 6 easy

Sat rest


Sun 15

Mon 800's 6

Tues 10

Wed Club

Th 13

Fri 6

Sat rest

The "rest" on Saturday is either a total rest day or bike depending on how I feel.So far,i've been biking because i've felt ok but i'm sure that in a few weeks time they'll be total rest days.

Also been thinking about "doubling up" on a Tuesday,maybe doing an easy 4/5 in the morning and the 10 in the night.Tuesday is my only day off other than Sunday so it's an option.


18/07/2005 at 19:42

Jen, the fittest (but not the fastest) I have ever been was when I was training 2-3 times a day 6 days a week. I was a bit obsessed at the time although I wish I could find that fire once more.

1500m row, full resistance in under 5:30
20 mins hills (lev 14) on X trainer
2 x 1500m @ 15kph
Hour weights

2pm (2 out of 6 days)
2 x 1 mile hill

Run, either 5k fast, 6 miles steady or 8 miles steady.

Got down to a 42 minute 10k. This was in 2001/2.

Marathon time crap @ 4:52 though becuase I did no long runs whatsoever.

I would train in the morning, by 2pm I couuld feel my neck and shoulders tightening and almost bursting, needing to exert energy.

Your schedule looks great and I wish I could stick to something like that. Years ago I used to hate road running but love hills and intervals. Now I prefer road running.

Have you read BarnsleyRunners recent posts. he is running a 33 min 10k and a 2:45 mara o ut twice a day on 80 mpw> In 1999 he was a slob and runnig a 54 min (or was it 58 min)10k.

Poppy - have you looked at motionbased.com yet. I mailed you the details because I did not want to post my pw on the forums. Anyone else I know fancy a nose, mail me and you can have a look at it. Only got one run on there but it appears great. Speed, checkpoints, elevation, heartrate, maps etc.
18/07/2005 at 19:44

Oh, and SYTS
18/07/2005 at 21:04
Hey Alex,think i'm definately going to introduce doubling up over the next 6 months or so.

At the moment it's a bit difficult with working full time and everything but i'm off to university in September so hopefully should have a lot more time on my hands and will be able to train morning and evening.

I want to be running regularly at 40/50+ mpw before I introduce doubling and when i'm comfortably doing that i'll slowly introduce it.

My hills were good tonight,a very intense session but quite short so it was of good quality.

I'm sort of doubling tomorrow,going for a short run in the morning,meeting at the Grange at 10,going on the coastal path for a bit and then using our day passes (myself and Ingrid who you met Alex).Then i've got 10 tomorrow night.

19/07/2005 at 12:50

I can apprecite the work probs Jen. My work and loads of other things get in the way all the time.

I am only running 20-30 mpw at the moment with the odd bad week where I will only do 10. Hills used to be my fave of all. I did a lot of hill training last Jan/Feb. Was flying up and down dunvant hill. Various pedestrians obviously did not know what to make of it at all !

Great on the Uni thing. What are you studying ? Really enjoyed my time at uni albeit I stayed at home in Swansea due to financial constraints.

Just done 20mins hills on X trainer and 2km @ 16kmph on treadie. Dripping wet !

Do you use a Germin or other GPS Jen ?

Hope you had a great day. That costal path is excellent.

And poppy, how's things with you, injury et all ? And Jinx, are you away ? (Logical problem with that question I know !)
19/07/2005 at 13:15
Hiya,just got back from the Grange.My first day of "doubling" ever! Ingrid "speedy gonzales" Taylor and I went for a 40 minute run first of all and going at her pace I think we must of done between 5 and 6 miles,probably nearer 6.

We then went and used the sauna,steam room and jacuzzi as our reward.It was lush.

Got a 10 miler tonight.

I'm studying for a Business and Finance degree in uni,3 year course,can'twait to go.Only about 6 weeks till I finish work.I'm going to UWIC in Cardiff,awesome for sport.

I don't use GPS,i've got a Polar heart rate monitor and that's about as technical as I get.

19/07/2005 at 13:56
sorry after a week off my desk is groaning with all the paper work

I also enjoyed my time at Uni

12 miles@8.51 pace was to be 8.45 done this morning so it was quick shower and change and into work I have 30 mins to do the lot and eat breakfast.

shoulders sore but feeling better each day had a long soak in bath last night and it seemed to help.

I too trained up Dunvant hill although at a slower pace to Alex it is a tough one.

Also if prone to injury be careful doing doubles I did that last year just 3 times a week not gone back to it yet while things are going well dont want to do anything to Jinx it....Sorry Jinx;-)

But time is a hard with everything so not sure I would have the time anyway.
19/07/2005 at 13:58
PS I have my Tour T shirt on in work:-)
19/07/2005 at 14:01

"I have my Tour T shirt on in work" - I bet you are gettig a hell of a ribbing !
19/07/2005 at 14:06
Mmm let me see I work with all men they are all couch potatoes except one.......no one understands what it means except one;-)

I mean "I love the Tour de France" of course they have not got a clue;-)

So no ribbing at all:-)
19/07/2005 at 14:07

Jen - as far as technology goes I am notmally just a watch man. I had a forerunner 201 and used it in the car or on the odd run to work out the miles, then used my watch daily. I actually believe i run faster without starps and gadgets.

The other night however I came accross 'motionbased.com' which worked with my 301. Pretty nifty info inc elevations, heart rate and speed at any point etc etc.
19/07/2005 at 18:42
Jen great schedule looks good to me:-)

I am a wee bit tired today so think a nap is in order...jolly glad I have a rest day tomorrow.
19/07/2005 at 19:26
Hi,just come back from the 10,1 hr 17 and i'm bloody knackered.

So,a grand total of 15 miles in under 2 hours today,not bad going.

Club session tomorrow night,another 10 Thursday,6 Friday then rest day,woo hoooooo!

Need food and sleep now,so tired yet so hungry.

Saw the Harriers training tonight,round and round the field.
19/07/2005 at 21:51

Evening 8.22 miles for me, undulating (1071 feet of climbing) in 1:03. Av 7:42 miles, Av HR 155, Max HR 205 (How did that happen ?).

I am now GATGET-MAN !!! Next step a jet-pak. !
19/07/2005 at 21:57
205??????Good effort!!!

I remember when I first had my HRM and I was not very fit I was also a bit ill (slight throat infection) and my HR hit 225 on the flat!
20/07/2005 at 00:39

Next nearest was a brief 188. Hit 205 briefly at the top of a sharp incline. I do recall making an effort up it but do not recall being uncomfortable / eyes popping or anything !

Don't feel too fit at the moment gotta say.
20/07/2005 at 00:53

RHR is 53 BTW, and Jen, not surprised you are knackered ! Perhaps you should just sleep on Sat ?

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