Swansea Harriers Seaside 5K Series - Race 2

12TH JULY 2005

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09/07/2005 at 11:51
Way too nice to be in work,that's for sure.
Oh well,only another 2 and a half hours to go...................
09/07/2005 at 14:55
Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday dear Jen and Poppy
Happy birthday to us!

Thanks Alex it is roasting here

Looks like Jen has just finished work just go and Party girl;-)

09/07/2005 at 15:52

It's hammering down in Gowerton.
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
09/07/2005 at 16:02
I'm living three miles from Gowerton and it's beautiful sunshine - keep the rain to yourself Alex! Could do with it a little cooler though 28C in my back garden!!!

Unless it is much cooler I am giving this one a miss as well, I have decided that hot is definitely not me - cool rain and no wind is my ideal!
09/07/2005 at 16:24

CDK - I might be one hell of a bare faced liar mind you.
09/07/2005 at 17:40

You cheeky devil no way do I believe you and the rain;-)
09/07/2005 at 17:42

sorry you are going to miss it......why is it every time I have a week off work the hot hummid stuff comes out I must be a lucky mascot for those that like to worship the Sun!!

34C in my room and that is in the shade this time of day!
Ye Olde Dragon    pirate
09/07/2005 at 21:49

I'll fall for any old line me!!!!

and my brother lives in Gowerton - so I should have guessed you were telling porkies Alex ;0)))
10/07/2005 at 09:03

Jen did you stay off the alcohol yesterday???

Not a drop past my lips:-) and in bed early to run this morning;-)

Good luck with the 1/2 today it is going to be hot hot hot

14 miles all done and dusted and it was so hot out there and this was at 5.50 longest run since FLM
10/07/2005 at 19:13

Hi poppy,

It was bloody hot and I am not the best in the heat. A PW of 1:59 but only really lost time from about mile 10 as I walked a few times. Had not planned to over exert myself in any case.

Well done on the 14 miles; if you thought it was hot at 5:50, you should have tried it after 11 am !!! I think I am even tanning through my Factor 50.

I reckon Jen may well have a hangover seeing as she has not posted and it was her birthday.
10/07/2005 at 19:25
Awww Alex I am sorry did think it was going to be hard today with the heat but well done it the heat.

I have madly entered a half in 2 weeks but may not do it but a 10am start and a lot of public transport travelling ( also not very good at finding places)to do not sure if it is going to be worth it as I will be pants in the heat.
10/07/2005 at 19:29

I had actually decided that I was going to jog round in 2 hours. Felt better than expected in the heat so did miles 1-9 quickly. Ended up with 2 hours but not by design. I hate the heat.

Where is the half you have entered ?

10/07/2005 at 22:38

Is it the Glos Half ? - It is the closest one i can find for that day.
11/07/2005 at 02:22
Nope not Glos half but Milton Keynes 1/2
11/07/2005 at 09:34

Any other reasons for going to Milton Keynes ?
11/07/2005 at 13:48
Hello everyone,how's it going?
Well done Alex on your run,must've been sheer hell in that heat.
I was the opposite to you WP,I went out for my 12.5 miles at gone 8 last night and was out for 1 hr 50,just nice and easy and it wasn't too bad at that time.Still quite warm but bearable.

On Saturday night I was informed that after my meal with my family the girls had planned a bit of a b'day sesh for me.Two of the girls I hadn't seen for ages because they live in London and they'd come home for my b'day so it did turn a little bit messy......Let's just say that I ended up in my mate's garden at 4am drinking tequila!

But I am quite a hardened drinker (when I do drink) so I was fine on Sunday and was up like a button at 9.30am.

I am undecided as to whether to do the 5K or not as yet,if the weather is going to be like this tomorrow then I may opt out and stick to my mara schedule and do a steady 8.Will decide tomorrow.I'm definately going to be there supporting though if I don't do the race.

I really hate 5Ks and 5Ks in the heat are even less appealing!
11/07/2005 at 14:32
Nope no other reason at all to go to Mk never been there before!


Drinking till 4am you bad girl;-) but very impressed you were able to train and up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 9.30!!!

I don't drink or shall I put it another way it takes 2 glasses of wine and I am well...I can't hold my drink at all last time I had a drink was after FLM as I was upset and needed something to dull the pain I believe I slept all the way home on the train!

I hate the heat as does Alex but as a club race will give it my best shot....hopefully

starts praying it turns out freezing cold and wet tomorrow at 7pm:-)
11/07/2005 at 14:43
Yeah,defo,if it's freezing cold and wet I might be on for another PB!

My partying this weekend was my last sesh for quite a while,which is why I made the most of it.Now that the serious training has begun it's time to start making sacrifices and my social life is the first to go!!! No more late night and excessive alcohol for me.

I've actually done nearer 50 miles this week,not 40 as originally estimated.My legs are feeling great though,even after my longish one last night.

Not sure what the schedule is for this week.Tonight i'm doing 6X800m but don't know the plan for the rest of the week.
What are you doing folks?

11/07/2005 at 15:05
Well my schedule is
Monday 4 mile recovery run all done
Tuesday 2 mile warm up 5k race and 2 mile cool down
Wednesday 2easy 2 hard 2 easy 2 hard 2 easy
Thursday 12 @ steady 8;45
Friday 10 middle 4 hard
Saturday rest Day

11/07/2005 at 15:07
Looks good,nice few miles there again.
What time are you going for in the 5K?
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