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4th January 2004

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01/01/2004 at 20:16
Should be fun getting up that hill then Tiger
02/01/2004 at 09:07
Ebbisham Lane suddenly looms large - Gulp!
Trogs    pirate
03/01/2004 at 00:52
Ran down Ebbisham Lane yesterday. It was lovely!
03/01/2004 at 12:07
Hi Guys,
Need to do a bit of a run to burn off all though calories.... did this run last year cann't remember any hill though.
03/01/2004 at 12:46
Believe me, you could never forget Ebbisham Lane!
03/01/2004 at 15:59
chatting to a runner in the gym this afternoon and he said it was a mile and half uphill ? !
03/01/2004 at 17:29
You'll certainly use up a lot of calories doing this one!
03/01/2004 at 17:50
As Steady would say, 'It's gonna be interesting'.
03/01/2004 at 17:53
I've got a few more words to describe it and you'll probably hear them tomorrow :-)
03/01/2004 at 18:01
not "additional clotted cream on that do-nut please waiter", is it?
03/01/2004 at 18:04
How's the New Year weight loss programme going? Stop fantasising about donuts!
03/01/2004 at 18:14
hoping to lose another half pound by 11.50 a.m. tomorrow - sub zero temps + Ebbisham Lane x 2 (must remember to take crampons)should be good for c. 20,000 calories.

03/01/2004 at 18:47
No. No. Snoop Dogg. The weather is not going to be bad at all, cold but dry. Enjoy the run everybody. Let me have some follow up, on any subject. See you on the start. J.B.Sec.
03/01/2004 at 19:49
temperature tomorrow could be a whole 4 degrees see you at the start tomorrow
03/01/2004 at 21:26
I didn't do this last year but my time two years ago was 1:36:25, I will not be pleased unless I get at least 10 minutes off that even in my current slobby state!
03/01/2004 at 21:31
hoping for sub 70 even allowing for hill
03/01/2004 at 21:32
I will enjoy watching you lot run this tomorrow. I ran it last year but have not prepared this for it this year. I hear the bacon butties are good from the snack hut!
03/01/2004 at 21:34
Tiger where is the best place for parking
03/01/2004 at 21:45
Sub 70! Hope you're successful Angelis.

I shall park in the car park at Tattenham Corner, aiming to get there around 10am. And the snack hut Louise refers to is very nearby!
03/01/2004 at 22:47
see you there
61 to 80 of 91 messages
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