The Cabbage Patch 10 - Twickenham

10.00am Sunday 20 October 2002

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No Way Out (M.)    pirate
20/10/2002 at 14:13
Great Race & well done everyone. I have an unofficial time of 1'30. So i'm well pleased. Would like to thank the lady who dragged me round for the last 2 miles.
20/10/2002 at 19:16
Better race then Kingston....... for me. Finished in 1hr 24min, my estimate time was 1hr 25min. I now know I could have gone faster at Kingston .
Saw a couple of you guys going past, but couldn't keep up to introduce myself. Was expecting to see the bunny crossing the finishing line but couldn't see her.
21/10/2002 at 09:08
Morning all!! Well it was a PB bonanza!! Well done everyone. You all should try the Great South Run at Portsmouth
next year, that one is completely flat and you'll smash these times.

I struggled between miles 4 to 8 with stomach ache, but I finished better than I thought I would under the circumstances, I thought I would miss a PB totally, but beat it by 3 minutes, hurrah!!

The results so far are

Alfie (4481) (1:07:30)…. 1:05:25….PB
venom (4538) (1:06:00)…. 1:07:07….PB
4x4xFinch ()…. 1:09:59….PB
Spans (4525) (1:15:00)…. 1:12:59….PB
Superdaz (5100) (1:30:00)…. 1:19:09….PB
Romford Runner (4969) (1:26:47)…. 1:20:20….PB
Tiger (1:22:00)…. 1:22:27….Gun time
Caz (4471) (1:24:00)…. 1:22:20….PB
Womble (1:30:00)…. 1:22:40….PB
triathlon boy (1:25:00)…. 1:24:00….PB
Bandit (4599) (1:45:00)…. 1:30:00….PB
Annajo (1:40:00)…. 1:34:00….PB
Murf (4630) (1:30:00)…. 1:35:45….PB

Mark H 1:08:00
Jonathon (5132) 1:10:00
Neil Ingle 1:10:00
MC (5008) 1:12:00
Paul W (4304) 1:15:00
Gavo (4656) 1:18:00
Henny 1:18:42
David Stoddard (4966) 1:19:59
Bootie 1:20:00
Pig Pen (4646) 1:20:00
Jason L 1:28:00 (URWFRC)
Walker (4947) 1:29:59
Jo W 1:30:00
ratcatcher 1:30:00
Ruth 1:30:00
Gordon Reay
21/10/2002 at 09:10
Oops, forgot to say, the top half are with the results in and with their target times in brackets. If the bottom half could post their time and whether it was a PB or not then I'll update it.


21/10/2002 at 11:41
Hi Caz - Sorry I missed al of you yesterday - arrived (still drunk - as went out with my best mate on sat night / sunday morning!) at the start line with 2 mins to go!

Mangaed to get PB too though (perhaps the alcohol helped numb the pain)!


21/10/2002 at 11:45
...By the way - what's the next race for everyone??
21/10/2002 at 11:56
Hi DavidS

There a load on forumites running the Brighton 10k , have'nt decided yet , but its filling up fast
21/10/2002 at 12:01
Hi David, yes I wondered where you were ans others!

My next race is the Deal 5 miler on the 3rd November. I expect a very cold windy wet seafront run. Then I have the Brighton 10K and as RR says, it's filling up fast with over 60 of us running it so far, although I haven't checked the thread today.

Well done on everyone's PB!
21/10/2002 at 12:01
Oops I meant and others (not ans!)
21/10/2002 at 12:11
Thanks for that - do you have a link to the Brighton 10km site?

Also - are there any 1/2 marathons over the next couple of months?

I am still very new to this road race thing - so still trying to find my feet (quite literally)!


Ps Spans - well done with the time! Still fancy meeting for a training run sometime? My legs are quite knacked so will prob leve it to next Sunday if you're around!
21/10/2002 at 12:13
My next race ? I'm thinking of doing Help a London Child 10k on Oct 27 at Wimbledon as I'm in Wimbledon for the weekend, Then my next event is an Orinteering event near Guildford
21/10/2002 at 13:12
By the way - I thought it was an excellent run yesterday - very picturesque course and well supported / marshalled - and above all else, started well on time.

Thanks to all at Stragglers / Cabbage Patch 10 for a great race!

21/10/2002 at 13:44
David, if you check out the Brighton Reebok 10K thread there are links on there. However it is a massive thread and you can enter online at activeeurope.

I hope this link works

21/10/2002 at 13:45

23/10/2002 at 16:52
Did this race. It was mostly flat. The people I met in the race helped me to achieve a really good time (for me) amd I would like to thank them.

They were even more friendly than anyone at the GNR (and I'm a Geordie!) - hope I got your names right - thanks John (Tortoise Racers) and Cath from the Cabinet Office.
23/10/2002 at 16:57
Michelle, check out the Cabbage Patch results thread somewhere on the events forum, and well done.

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