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03/10/2012 at 00:32
Sounds great thanks!
04/10/2012 at 23:52

According to BBC weather website, it looks as if the elements might just be kind to competitors, organisers and spectators alike!!

Forecast for Carlisle for this Sunday is for a cool start to the day. 10:00hrs - white cloud - 7 degrees - wind 7mph (ESE). 13:00 - white cloud - 11 degrees - wind 7mph (ESE). Locals will have to advise whether an ESE wind will be favourable or in your face? Wind is supposed to get stronger late afternoon and rain coming in during the evening - so with a bit of luck, the race might take place in fairly decent conditions and everyone get home before the rubbish weather rears itself!! One can only hope....

Likelihood of me making the journey north is touch and go at best I'm afraid! Or to put it another way...greetings from the sick house!  The lurgy is doing the rounds at the moment - my daughter was poorly and off from school last week, my son has been poorly and off from school this week, my wife has been under the weather for the past couple of days, and I'm currently feeling "a bit peculiar" if I'm trying to fend something off!!

For once, being a "spontaneous" person is working to my advantage - because I can hedge my bets for a while longer before deciding whether or not it'll be a go-er. I'd really like to take part, particularly in view of having missed the GCR for the past 3 years and especially with this being the 30th anniversary of the race, but I shall just have to wait and see how things pan out!

05/10/2012 at 00:13

BTW - meant to say Millster - there's nowt much wrong with your memory is there?

It was all the way back in 2008 when I overslept  on the morning of the race and had to get a taxi from my b&b to as close as possible - then I had to run like hell to the Sheepmount and then run back to the Castle - just in time to take my place at the back of the field as everyone exited the castle - a position in which I proceeded to remain for the rest of the race!! After all my pre-race dashing about, I was k.n.ackered before I began!! Probably not one of my proudest days

And this is the exact flip side of being a "spontaneous" person - it actually gets you into more scrapes than is good for you - but at least life is rarely dull

Trust you to remember that Millster.......

05/10/2012 at 09:10

Boycs - thanks for forecast - at 7mph don't think it really matters which direction it is in - just relieved its going to be dry and not blowwing a gale.

I've been battling a sore throat last couple of days too but this morning after a couple of glasses of red last night it has miraculously disappeared - worth a try even if it doesn't work!

I've always thought that entering on day for a 10am start not in your own town/city is well dodgy timescale wise - you've just confirmed it!

Hope you make it and good luck to everyone running on Sunday.

Cheers, Skinny

05/10/2012 at 19:24

Thank you for the advice on the main question really was do I defo need it and although it seems not as you say I might as well and also to get the accurate time etc.

Good Luck to you all running, looks like the weather will be on our side


07/10/2012 at 01:29

Skinny - the fortunate part of my oversleeping tale was that this was when I used to be relatively better organised - so I had pre-entered the race and I was staying at a Premier Inn only about a mile from the start - which was just as well really! I later found out that where I had stayed the night was actually on the course of the run -as I passed the scene of my oversleeping on the way back into town before we got to Carlisle Utd FC.

The latest on my participation in 2012 is that sadly - and I do mean sadly - I'm a non-participant!  I'm afraid that Mrs Boycs isn't feeling so clever so I'm in charge of the Boycs Jr's this weekend. In all honesty, it's probably no bad thing because I've been consuming copious amounts of vitamin c and popping lem sip max capsules for the past few days in an attempt to fend off the lurgy! Whilst this appears to have had some success in that to date I've not succumbed to it, in reality I'm probably a few degrees below par and not in the kind of rude health that you would ideally like to be in for such a stern test as running 13.1 miles presents!

So it is with more than a tinge of sadness and envy that I bid you all bon chance as you take your places for the 30th running of the GCR - I wish I was there with you but I'm afraid it's family first!!

Skinny - the strange thing is that the thing I did before I sat down to compose this message was to pour a large glass of red, which I'm about half way through! I'll know by morning whether or not it brings about miracle cures!!

I seem to recall that at the 25th running of the GCR, instead of receiving another medal at the end of the race, we received a rather nice engraved glass paper weight instead - it'd be nice to know if they do similar again for the 30th running.

I wish all of you a good run in fair conditions and hope there are plenty of PB's and positive anecdotes to peruse in the post race aftermath!

Millster - don't worry - I think there's a few oxygen tents at strategic places on route!


07/10/2012 at 13:56
Well, the weather was good. A bit cool to start with but not surprisingly it seemed to get warmer the further I ran. No pb for me. I think that those days are gone and as I found out today you cannot hide from Achilles Tendonitis over the full 13 miles. I thought it would hit me at some point but six miles in was a bit early. The look on my face as I limped over the line in 1.54 probably told its own story. A sensible person would not have started but having failed last year I wasn't keen to do the same again. No worries, plenty nurofen and no running will have me sorted soon. Despite my own issues I think the event was a great success again. Good course, plenty support. I know I'm biased because I live here but I would be interested in others views.
07/10/2012 at 20:17
Well i was walking from the sands centre looking a bit confused after exiting the subway and someone kindly pointed me in the right direction, not particularly unusual except out of 1200 + runners it happened to be skinny fetish now that is spooky! I thought it was a fantastic event especially starting from the castle the course was great all round, lovely places although i don't share the enthusiasm for passing the football stadium it was the worst part and that boggy bit afterwards approaching the bridge and the climb up to the main road was a strength sapper. Finishing on the track was a nice feeling. Anyway knocked three and a half minutes of my pb finished 1:24:28 so all smiles from me will definitely come back
07/10/2012 at 21:26
Delighted that you enjoyed the experience Seamus. The recent heavy rain made the path from the golf club a bit difficult. Good job that was the extent of the 'off-road'. The hill out of the park and the short one soon afterwards can catch out those who haven't been here before but at least you'll know what to expect next year. And if you do come back I'll tell you a better route from the Sands to the Castle. Even without my injury I wouldn't have got anywhere near your 1.24. Excellent effort on a course which isn't exactly flat. Thanks for coming to Carlisle. Here's to next year.
08/10/2012 at 10:00

Seamus - just come on to post our ridiculous coincidental meeting but see you've already beaten me to it!

Great time - you were looking for sub 1:30 so you smashed it - I'd just looked at results and spotted your Club so guessed that was you. Did you ever find your mate? I think I ran past him in the second mile and he was asking someone if you were ahead of him.

I beat my time too with a 1:29 so as I was looking for sub 1:35 similarly well chuffed!

Still think you're all making a lot of the 200 yards of path - sure there were al ot of puddles this year but out of 13 miles it wasn't very significant.

Finally I ran the 25th too and the glass paperweight is the only one of all my running mementoes that is displayed in the house - was hoping for something similar but just a grotty medal!

Cheers all and look forward to next year!!

08/10/2012 at 13:51

To answer Skinny's question. 1993 race started at Black Lion, Durdar (by Peter Beardsley) went out round Calthwaite & finished at Race Course.

Since then start/finish reverted to Sheepmount/Bitt's Park area

08/10/2012 at 13:56

Thanks Haven - I thought it had - surprised only one year - obviously didn't work!


10/10/2012 at 01:52

Post-race greetings to you all - sounds like GCR 2012 was a good 'un!!

Hearty congratulations to Seamus and Skinny for both posting sub 1:30 times and both beating your target times by some distance! Knowing that the course can prove to be challenging in parts, those are some impressive achievements!

And to Millster - running for 7 miles with pain from achilles tendonitis is no joke - what a great effort mate! I know that you will be disappointed with a time of 1:54 -but given that you ran for more than half the race in pain you certainly shouldn't beat yourself up over it! Or to put it another way - you ran 13.1 miles at an average pace of approx 8.75 min miles whilst carrying a significant injury for the majority of the course - and yet your time was still only 2 mins more than my lifetime best!! Puts a slightly different slant on it, don't you think? OK, so the halcyon days of you pegging round in 1:35 may not be so easily regained but it's still a good showing in my book mate!!

For my part, I've learned that a large glass of red is not the cure all panacea that I was hoping for and despite my best efforts, I've felt progressively worse over the past 3 days - not to the extent of staying off work poorly - but feeling tired, feverish & shivery and generally a bit crap! Probably a good job in the end that my circumstances did not permit me to make the journey north.

So this makes my tally 4 consecutive GCR's followed by 4 fallow years. Think it's about time I re-started the cycle, especially as 2013 sees me celebrate a "significant" birthday, it would be a nice way to mark a landmark year by coming back to the GCR!

On the plus side, at least I'm running again now for the first time in a few years and I've notched up my first HM in 4 years, so I'm in a much better place than I have been for some time. My goal should now be to maintain my momentum, to keep on running and to lose a bit more weight, and to ensure that my "significant milestone" year will see me able to pass many more milestones!

Happy running everyone - looking forward to next year!!

13/10/2012 at 02:32
Nice one skinny yeh i don't run with a watch so it's always a surprise of some description when i get to the finish!

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