The Sussex Beacon Half-Marathon

February 2009

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22/02/2009 at 22:29

My first Half Maraton so I was guaranted a PB - 1.39:36  So very happy

Nice touch on the txt message a couple of hours after I finished giving me my time, although disappointed with the goodie bag - no medal !!

22/02/2009 at 23:52

Such a good day out as ever. I managed to do 2:06:45, which I was happy with. Not a pb, but haven't done much training mile, colds , weather etc.

 Had a good old roast in a puBb. Then headed off to the Evening Star, which has got to be one of the best real ale pubs in the UK

23/02/2009 at 07:41
The Evening Star is a great place to finish up for a beer or two!
23/02/2009 at 07:48
Did anyone else find the mile markers a bit out of place?  One mile I would be 30 secs ahead of my target pace and then the next I would be a few seconds behind and then that kind of kept on the whole way.  My Garmin shows my pace was pretty stable the whole way round so I don't think my pace changed by 30 secs every mile or so.  Never mind, at least at the finish line I was 30 secs ahead of target and not a few seconds behind and I ended up with a 1:29... my first sub 1:30 half marathon so very pleased!
23/02/2009 at 08:15

I thought the mile markers were out, especially the first two where I clocked a 6.01 and a 6.38, no way did I slow by that much (if at all) that early in the race. And Garmin showed a total of 13.37!

Found it a little tougher than I expected, didn't like the zig zaging much and found a couple of the climbs tough I think mainly because I wasn't expecting them. Seemed to be running consistently though as only 2 people overtook me throughtout the race after the opening couple of miles and did enjoy over all, good crowd support, great baggage, decent goody bag and after starting with a target range of 1.23.00 to 1.22.30 finished in a satisfying 1.22.45.

23/02/2009 at 09:11

I really enjoyed myself in Brighton yesterday, the race was quite good as well. Was aiming for a time around 2 hours as part of marathon training. Somehow managed 1.46 which i was chuffed with. My garmin was a bit out as well but i just put that down to the old garmin not being totally accurate. I was surprised by the amount of marshalls/ volunteers were there, which is much appreciated on a Sunday morning.

It was also nice to discover that i can eat a full english before running. Although i did give the beans a miss just in case. Shall definately be back to Brighton and hopefully for this race next year.

23/02/2009 at 09:16

I thought the first two thirds were pretty good and quick, but I really didn't like the zig-zaging, the short steep hills or the fact that the turning point at the marina couldn't be seen until you got really close; it was like everyone was running over the horizon!

 Anyway, only my second half and I shaved a minute off my previous, coming home in 1.55.19, and that includes nipping to the loo on 8 miles.

23/02/2009 at 09:59

2.12.29 - am quite pleased with that overall...

i did find the long slog up and down the seafront hard mentally - the pier always seemed sooo far away! but i did run up both hills (was actually waiting for the killer at 11 when we turned to go down that sharp slope and i realsed that i had already done it!!

on mile markers, the one at the beginning of the marina (11 or 12) - seemed a bit out to me? or were my legs just not working by then?!!

23/02/2009 at 10:02

A great day as always despite the fact I realised my knees wasn't better after all only a couple of miles in which made for a bit of a painful run.  Because of this I was 10 mins slower than last year at 1.51 but just pleased to get round in one piece.  Weird thing was it was the downhills and not the ups that killed me because of the knee.

Back next year for another go!  Well done everybody.

23/02/2009 at 10:03

and did anyone else see the idiot dressed in a costume - big pin striped suit with padded shoulders and mask?

ran past him at 4 miles (he was wlking - looking like he had already overheated) and then ran past him again on top of the hill at about 10 miles.... hmm...  - i did manage to mutter 'cheat' in his general direction but honestly - why bother if you're not going to complete the whole thing?

23/02/2009 at 10:09

hi gang

this was only my second ever official run and my time is 1:34:27, however my chip time is 1:33:57.

please could someone explain the difference between the two and which of the two is the one that is relevant.

one thing that i wouldn't mind is if they had 'kilometre markers' as not everyone works in miles.

i was also quite surprised to find out that they only had water, rather than sports drinks. and how is anyone supposed to drink from a cup while running - i think a small bottle would have been far more suitable.

23/02/2009 at 10:13

I saw the same idiot at about the same stages as you. I know that he didn't overtake me at any stage as it would have been memorable if he had done so.

 I've got a feeling he might've been running to advertise the Superheros race at the end of May but that's no excuse for cheating!  The rest of us worked damned hard to finish the race and he belittles the whole thing by cheating...

 Anybody hear how the guy that collapsed along the seafront was?

23/02/2009 at 13:31

Only my 2nd half marathon and finished in 1:37:27 which I was amazed by - felt great the whole way around and actually enjoyed the climbs, was merrily springing up them! Am training for the Paris marathon and it's nice to see all the hours work producing results. Also wore new, expensive, trainers for the first time and am sure they helped a bit too.

Wolfgang - the official time is from when the clock starts at the start of the race to when you finish - chip time is when you actually cross the line..that's the one for your record books. Shame they don't show you your position by chip time on the results - had to hack the data into a spreadsheet to find out my 'real' position!

Distance was definitely out too I though - I measured 13:35 or so on the Garmin and also thought it was caused by the 1st first mile marker being further out.

Really well organised race. 

23/02/2009 at 17:14
enjoyed the race ,best time i have run in four years BUT the course was long and this has robbed a lot of people of a pb. my garmin was reading 13.23 i stopped in the finish area and stopped 4 other garmin wearers all the distances were between 13.16 to 13.25 can they all be wrong ????. i have been running ten years so i think i run a ok race line. last week done bramley and it was spot on. the goodie bag was rubbish,the marshalls were great. weather was ideal for a decent time. sorry for 22 quid i just expect the course to be the right distance
23/02/2009 at 17:30
My Garmin read 13.27 miles.
23/02/2009 at 18:32

My Garmin read 13.20

Did anyone run from the front of the pack - and then run in clear space for most of the race? It might be interesting to compare a front runner's reading with a pack runner's. I started from the middle of the field and did a lot of weaving to find clear space, I could have easily added on that extra .1 of a mile myself - especially as I ran very wide at points, up onto the pavement etc, to aviod the bottle-neck corners. As Garmins become more accurate I imagine they'll produce figures that vary to official lengths - and the more indiviudal runners will produce differing distances, perhaps?

Running at the front, in clear space, taking a 'true line' around the course may produce a Garmin reading closer to 13.1? 

Although I will add that the early mile-markers were out by my Garmin and I doubt I could have added the extra distance that quickly. So perhaps a combination of the two - me not taking the shortest route and a slight over-measurment? 

Either way - anyone run it all in clear space with a Garmin reading to share?

23/02/2009 at 18:57

      I had a great day despite the inconsiderate runners who start well forward of their expected time.

      The edible contents of the goody bag were much appreciated at the finish along with the bananas

      on offer.

      As for Garmins, if you compare the wide difference between Garmin users on the same course

      the variance can be amazing.

      I think due to the that fact that a reading is only taken every 100m there must be some clever 

      estimation going on to take into account running straight versus weaving through crowds!








23/02/2009 at 19:05
No bananas when I finished in 2.12.18. They either didn't have enough like the medals last year or some people too more than one.
23/02/2009 at 19:37


    mmm bananas....

    i was so hungry that i even ate the muesli straight from the sachet, it was rather dry!


23/02/2009 at 19:54
My garmin read 13.28, but it definitely lost signal quite a bit during the first 3 miles between the buildings.

I was so determined to make it up the first hill (and I did) that I kind of died after 10.5 miles! Still, I enjoyed it way more than last year (I was right at the back then), and got a 4 min PB as well. 2.45 - still slow, but better than 3.07 last year!

There was a girl being taken away by ambulance at the top of the cliffs when I went past - hope she was OK.

As for people cheating - my brother noticed quite a few cheats last year - it's really quite easy on that course. But what's the point? I could have quite easily cut a few miles off last year as I was by myself, but who are you cheating?

Anyway, thinking of doing Hastings now as part of FLM training. At least that has decent downhill bits!

Oh, and I'm a bit miffed about not getting a medal this year. My collection has a gap now!
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