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24/05/2009 at 16:09

Euph - I've decided against doing the 3 rings of Shap (same day as your Skipton - Leeds canal run if thats the 13th?) - Not sure i have the legs and/or will for another long long day out at the mo. Frees me up though for your planned jaunt. Let me know the plan and I'll come along (will be driving from Ripon to start (if anybody requires a lift). I'll do the 28.

Not been long back from Ilkley & the trail race. Cracking day & a really good race too (great route). Not sure where i finished or even what time i did (around 50-52mins i think). Garmin only had 5% battery life this morn & i left charger @ work! Finished quite strongly on the downhill section picking up 6-7 places on the descent so a good day all in all.

 see you soon....


24/05/2009 at 20:34
Hi Mark, Cracking time over the Ilkley Trail race course so your speed can't be suffering. I looked at 3 rings of Shap earlier in year and decided a bit too long for me at this stage - one for next year. Plan still going ahead on 13th, probably various people will join us for part of the course but only three of us commited to the full thing so far I think. You can kind of drop in and out of course as canal follows through same towns as railway. I'll advise of plan later but it will probably involve getting to Leeds station about 8'ish - theres a car park down the road thats 3 quid all day, cheaper than station parking. Skipton train is roughly 8.25 so enough time to get tickets and a coffee. So we'll get to Skipton and starting about 9. reckon its about 28m, usually on reasonable trail or solid footpath.
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01/06/2009 at 20:38

Hi all,

Am making progress, 10m on the road round Otley (with a bit of hill) last weekend and nothing fell off, though couldn't have done much more than 10 min mile pace - still I felt really good to have got that far.  Feel I need a bit more strength in the ankle before I go onto the moors again, though am running a bit round a park to get something a little rougher than pavements and gain confidence. 

Euph - let me know schedule for canal, what pace are you looking at ?  Not far from me so may join for a bit if fits schedule and can keep up.  Have often thought it would be a good charity event to run Leeds Liverpool over 3 or 4 days (think circa 127 miles) if I get fit enough.  My brother canoed it with Scouts for charity many years ago.

Mark - well done at Ilkley, hope I may do that one next year.

Good running everyone else and nice to see you all still on here

02/06/2009 at 12:55

Hi Wharfy, moor the merrier

Canal run will be a pretty slow affair, probably 9-10 min/miling, numerous stops. All footpaths of varying quality so road shoes are best option. As I said above we'll probably park up at Leeds before 8 and get on 8.25 train to Skipton. I'm not sure but I think others are joining us and only doing a shorter leg of route as numerous train stations near to route along way - Steeton/Silsden (22m run to Leeds), Keighley (19m run to Leeds), Crossflats, Shipley (about 17m from Skipton, 13 from Steeton/Silsden, or 11 to Leeds). We've done parts of this route numerous times but Skipton-Leeds will be furthest. I would also love to try Liverpool Leeds, bet its fun over the pennines!

05/06/2009 at 19:27


Particular hello to Wharfy - Good to see you back wearing out those running shoes - Hope u can make it next week on the Skipton-Leeds run.

Don't know if anybody would be up for this one but I'm doing a 10K over in Doncaster a week on Weds (17th June) - start time 19:10

In all probability I'll have a spare FOC place going begging. I had a work colleague who was going to do it (only reason i was doing it really - coupled with a crazy idea about beating my best 10k time - (now a distant 3yrs ago!) 

but he's pulled up lame unfortunately - Not 100% sure he won't be doing it but he's says it's most unlikely he'll be attendance.

Anyway if anyone fancies stepping into his shoes let me know OR if you fancy it anyway.



05/06/2009 at 19:43
Wife may be working Sunday so this weekends jaunt could be Saturday - see how it goes, but have a good one anyway.  Think there will be plenty of puddles to go round or splash through looking outside at the moment !
10/06/2009 at 22:57

Hi all. Canal run still going ahead on Saturday, just e-mailed Mark about it, did you still fancy part of route Wharfy?

mark - Sounds good but I think I;m busy that wednesday, theres some good fast events in that part of the world. Do you reckon your in 10k PB form?

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12/06/2009 at 13:12
anyone fancy the moors the merrier on the 18th July?
12/06/2009 at 14:11

Clairster - I looked in my diary & i had this one marked but it's now crossed out....Can't think why.....Had something else that was in for that day too ( a non running event - which is no longer on - so maybe that's why - What the hell do i know it's only my own diary after all!

that being the case...then yes - I'm up for this one. What were you thinking - I see It's a 21 or 26 miler. I'm happy to do the 26.



12/06/2009 at 14:27

Hi clairster!

I am still umming and ahing between MTM and Rhayader Mountain Trail...

ooh! and it's also Kentmere (fell race) on the 19th...

decision, decisions...

Edited: 12/06/2009 at 15:28
12/06/2009 at 19:55

How did I miss Moors the Merrier, will check diary.

Good luck tomorrow Clairster.

15/06/2009 at 12:45

lol, thanks Euph

Daz come to MTM

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