Two Castles Run 10K

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14/06/2005 at 17:23
My official time was within a minute of my clocked time, so that's ok.

You couldn't really do a sprint finish, at least not where I was (890th) as there were too many other runners around.
14/06/2005 at 18:54
Could anybody put a link to the official results please i ran 51.46 on my watch probably about 54 mins officially !
14/06/2005 at 20:25
15/06/2005 at 10:04
I was just ahead of you Yugguy and I managed a sprint finish - but I did have to elbow a few people out of the way! (apologies to those affected).

I was absolutely knackered between 7 and 9 kms so I don't know where I found the energy to sprint from. Like Auntie Doris, I need to spread my effort more evenly across the race so that I finish without too much left. It's a bit frustrating really cos I did deliberately up the pace in the first half of the race only to be knackered in the second half.
15/06/2005 at 15:01
Where you racing with another chap right at the end?

I'm the opposite in running tho, I start slow and get faster.
15/06/2005 at 15:11

Has anyone managed to download the results?

If so could someone email them to me as it dont seem to be working for me.

How gutting
The only photo of me is running the other way to catch the bus! then i'm only a blur.

15/06/2005 at 16:00
can't email you results as your profile is set to private......
15/06/2005 at 16:05

Thanks Fastest Fat man, i've now changed it.

15/06/2005 at 19:14
Johnny B: laughed outloud at the idea that your only photo was of you running for the bus home!!
Thanks fot that uplifting moment (at your expense).
15/06/2005 at 20:16
Sorry no responses, but I have been away...

Thanks for the tip Fastest fat man, I can't see Feel The Need in that picture either, but I can see me (in blue, showing the pain!)

My official time differs from my watch by about 15 seconds, so I am happy with that. You should be really chuffed with that improvement anyway Banbert.

Yes FTN, a sub 42 run coming up any month now....

15/06/2005 at 21:43
Thanks for the link fastest fat man ! my official time was just under 54 mins, i have only done 3 other 10k's the first was Underwood which is more than a little hilly, then wakefield, then The Lung Run at sutton park each time on my watch i get a little quicker, the start for the Two castles was a little chaotic in my opinion but really enjoyed the atmosphere and scenic route, shame my official time is slower than the lung run ! just dream of sub 50 mins one day

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161 to 171 of 171 messages
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