Valencia marathon 2012

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20/11/2012 at 18:06
We may have been on the same flight Talos - took about an hour to get through at stansted around midday?!

On another note, I have just looked at my (ridiculously expensive) marathon photos, and the finish time they give for me on their site ties up with my Garmin time, but is around 3/4 minutes different to my 'official' time. Argh!
20/11/2012 at 18:19

It's good to read so many happy race reports

James, when you view your result via the email link (presuming you had one?). I was originally looking at the official time thinking 'bah humbug', then saw the 'real time' which is the one that appears on my marathon photos. I have always used the 'real time' not gun or official time from races thinking this was due to the delay in crossing the start line etc?

Previously had a moan about the stranglehold and high costs of but on this occasion I will be forking out, simply have to do for this race  

Wifey is trying to shoe horn me into doing the Madrid marathon late April next year (think she is trying to kill me orf!) ..loads a hills and will be warmish by then!

20/11/2012 at 18:28
I have only just seen that, had very sketchy Internet on my phone over there - phew!!! I feel pretty thick though, but so pleased! Officially improved 5 mins on my pb from Barcelona thanks for the pointer Jake.

I am hoping a few more pics appear yet, but might possibly invest too. I went for lunch In Valencia yesterday and kept seeing gel packets on the pavements, yet had no memory of having been there!
21/11/2012 at 18:01

Hi to all,  just to let you know J,M   i might of been on the same flight as you yesterday.

you might of seen me Valencia airport the guy who was not allowed to take his daughters hand luggage through where we had to board the plane, When they put the bag in the ryan air height restrictor, they then said it was to bloody high,  and i had to empty the whole case and cram it into my running bag i got from the expo, When we went out their the bag was fine then so ryan air just make up the rules as they go along, I was not going to pay them an exta 50 euros. i made sure i left them the case with my sweaty wet vest, dirt wet smelly socks, and all the other nice things after 4 days away,  The girls face was a picture  (send that to michael oleary  M.D )

21/11/2012 at 21:15
Talos - we were indeed! I could only have been a few in front of you in the rather long queue from V. Ryan Air are indeed gits, sorry to hear about your bag. Bit odd, but my girlfriend (who was on the flight) happens to teach the daughter of 'mr Ryan air' piano. They were trying to sting everyone for 'oversize' luggage! Anyway, hope you had a good race and it wasn't too marred by the flight ????
02/12/2012 at 10:04

All, not sure if you follow the official Valencia marathon on fb, but they posted this link to a short video clip of the musical tunnels, happy times

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161 to 166 of 166 messages
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