Walt Disney World Marathon 2013

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18/04/2013 at 23:42

By the way did anybody notice the old guy in the orange who was knocked over by the bomb going off?  He was 78 and about to cross the finishing line in 4:09.  Pretty impressive I hear you say!!!!!!!

Well take 4 mins off for crossing the start line and another 20 minutes off to account for the fact he started in wave 2 20 mins behind the real flyers.  A 78 year old man ran Boston in 3:45!!!!!!

Along with the people of Boston  that just sums up the magic of Boston for me.  It is a gathering of people that are just amazing runners like that 78 year old and it was an absolute priveledge to be able to take a place on the starting line with blokes like him.  The people of Boston treat everybody that makes it to the marathon like superstars.  For me it really is the most magical place and race on earth and hopefully a few evil people will not destroy it or change it forever.

21/04/2013 at 23:25
Tokyo it will be next year then. Well I gave running 3:10 a bash and the wheels came off in a manner akin to mark webber's red bull in last week's grand prix. I started quite well, was at half way in 1:32 but starting to have what I hoped was a bad spell but it wasn't a tough couple of miles I was absolutely wasted. Ended up coming home in 3:28 which wasn't what I was looking for but it is the perils of chasing a time in a marathon. If you get it wrong in a half you can grit your teeth and tough it out for the last mile or two. In a marathon when it goes wrong you just haemorrhage time all the way to the finish. No regrets though I tried and just wasn't good enough today but better that than running a comfy 3:20 and spending the night thinking what if? It just makes me look like a complete fanny to folk that don't run that I can so spectacularly miss my target time on such a regular basis!!!
21/04/2013 at 23:29
As nice as it was today to get a congratulatory manly handshake from Richard Branson it wasnt nearly as good as the hug I got off minnie at disney!!!!
22/04/2013 at 12:38

Well done for the 3:28! These things happen for a reason - you were obviously meant to run Tokyo next year. And the fact that you finish so many marathons with such good times is better than most!

And wow! Richard Branson! Know what you mean though - I waited for about 10 seconds for someone to have their photo taken with Goofy at the finish of the Disney marathon so that I could high-five him before I crossed the finish line! I had to have a Goofy high-five for finishing the Goofy!

22/04/2013 at 14:57
Thanks dopey enough

I think its officially called a high 4 if you get it from goofy

I tell you that richard branson has a lot of teeth and an awfy funny hair colour lol

That is marathon number 20 completed and the 4th of the 6 majors ticked off the list. Not bad for the kid who was laughed at for being crap at sport when I was at school

Just been to Lords to try to be cured of all my aches and pains only to find when I got there that the place for miracle healing is Lords spelt with an extra 'u' and is somewhere is france. My disappointment didn't end there. I went to wembley for a tour and security wouldn't let me sit on top of the goal posts. You don't know how disappointing it is to scotsmen not being able to take the crossbar home as a souvenir anytime they go to the home of Ingurlish footie. I feel I've let my nation down lol
22/04/2013 at 15:48

You wont regret doing Tokyo Caniggia33. Great event, quick course, big enthusiastic crowds and some typical Japanese quirks (ie, official feeding stations handing out cherry tomatoes and spectators handing out sushi). Registration opens on 1st August and stays open for the whole month.

23/04/2013 at 08:18
C33 you do make me laugh. Do you write a blog ? You should !!
24/04/2013 at 16:27
Are you for real gazza the spectators hand out sushi. Do they not have jelly babies in Japan???

To be honest I think sushi and japanese cuisine could be quite nice. If only somebody could be arsed cooking it before they bring it to your table. I do like a fish finger buttie but wouldn't dream of just defrosting them and slapping them in a piece!!!!

No blog minnie. I waste enough time on here and facebook already and am not all that convinced anybody would be interested. Having said that the Edinburgh Marathoners Past and Present thread did turn into the Caniggia monolgues a good while back before the realism I was just posting to myself kicked in

Thank god I'm on holiday all week I'm absolutely jiggered
30/04/2013 at 23:23

5k, 10k and dopey sold out.

Still places in the half, full and goofy if anybody is still wanting to enter some races.

I've got up for the last few days without sore legs for the 1st time in months.  This running break is great.  It wont last long after 2 days back at work I can feel my stress levels rising and will need to run soon.  Sore legs are less inconvenient to my life than a life sentence for murdering someone getting on my thruppeny bits lol

I've just entered a couple of 10ks and a couple of halfs for over the summer.  Think I will just try to have a bit of fun and do a couple of races I've not done before just to add a bit of variety.  Feels like ages since I ran a few 10k's as I've just stumbled from marathon to marathon for the last 15 months.  London was my 5th since april last year and was at least one too many.  Time to have a bit of fun.

01/05/2013 at 18:47

Its just as well I ran London while I had the chance the qualifying time for men under 40 has come down again.  Not quite as severe as it was before but 3:05 is 5 minutes quicker than it was for this year and faster than I've ever gone in my life.  At least in years to come I can say I qualified for London I just won't mention the times were "soft" when I got in.


Bizarrely everybody under 40 (blokes not unexpected) and women aged 55 and over (completely bewildering) have been hammered by the powers that be while everybody else's times stayed the same.  The women aged 55-59 have to run 15 minutes faster and women over 65 have to be 30 mins quicker than they were for this years race. Does anybody think HRT should be banned as a performance enhancing drug.  If they know what these HRT tablets are please let me know as I will be bumping some and trying them myself.  Being a pharmacist has to have some perks lol

The organisers must have let too many runners and not enough feckwits into this years race and won't want to make the same mistake again lol

Edited: 01/05/2013 at 19:24
03/05/2013 at 13:59

Don't really know what age HRT is required, but a local lady runner aged 45-49 has qualified to run with the elites in London 2 years running now - so there may be something in your theory....

Know what you mean about the shorter races - just ran a half marathon for a bit of fun at the weekend with very little training - but really enjoyed it and equalled my PB!

Mind you, I went there to be anonymous (as I was expecting to be embarrassingly slow) - until my competitive running partner saw someone they knew (but are not particularly fond of) and demanded that I beat them! Ruined the start for me as I'm not particularly competitive (only with my own times) and I sulked big-style that I wasn't going to be able to just relax and plod round, using it as a bit of training. Anyway, it all worked out ok and I really enjoyed the run - not much wind (for a change!) and flat.

But for the first time in a few years my focus has moved away from Disney - to Rome! Really excited about going now - another 20th anniversary medal!

I dare say that immediately after Rome I will be dreaming about the 10th anniversary Goofy.....

13/05/2013 at 23:45

The bullet for next year has been bit.  Look where I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!!


  Well I couldn't not go and see my Minnie anywhere next year


Edited: 13/05/2013 at 23:47
14/05/2013 at 08:08


And to continue the theme of Disney 2013, I will be targeting another 20th anniversary medal - in Rome.

But back to Florida in 2015 if all goes well.


30/12/2013 at 20:12

OK then who knows the form and has any good tips for rundisney newbies.  My wife and I are going in one week and are getting a tad excited.  We are both doing the marathon and I am taking on the goofy challenge too. We have been to disney before and are staying at Boardwalk inn as 50Th bday treat.

31/12/2013 at 09:46

You will love it! We did Goofy 3 times and they were by far the best races we have done.

Tip - take clothes for all weathers - the first year we ran it was freezing and last year it was 80 degrees!

If you are a serious runner, you may get a little frustrated with walkers in the middle of the course (which can be quite narrow at times) - hopefully you are in a front corral. The half is the worst for over-crowding.

I would have thought you can walk to the start from Boardwalk, so no worries re transport.

Take a camera for the marathon - great memories.

In summary, you can't fail to enjoy it - entertainment every half mile, running through all the parks - you will have the time of your lives.

31/12/2013 at 09:55

P.S. Both the half and the marathon are quite flat but a flyover at mile 12 on the half always catches me out and in the marathon the flyovers are somewhere around miles 18 and 23.

01/01/2014 at 12:12

If it is going to be hot run as much of the race as you can in darkness.  By the time the sun came up in the half I was back at Epcot and by the time the sun came up and the mist burned off I was coming out of the animal kingdom.  I would have hated to still be out there at lunchtime!!!!

Other advice don't pick up, spin round and manhandle the love of my life Minnie mouse at the finish line.  Do as I say not as I did!!!!

Last piece of advice is try not to overdo it in the parks the day before the big races.  I know you are at Disney and it is a real waste to sit about the hotel for hours but the Goofy challenge was bad enough never mind the Dopey.  I gave myself a cut off on the Friday to stop exploring animal kingdom by 3pm and did all the sitty down safari, lion king etc stuff on the Friday and went and did ride-a-long nascar at the Richard petty oval on the Saturday afternoon.  I didn't waste the days but didn't kill myself either.  I've been oversightseeing in the past and it is not good for the legs on race day.

More importantly have loads of fun, be a big kid for a few days and run great.  Disney is the place where dreams (especially running dreams) come true.

p.s.  Hope you are fit and well Dopey Enough.  Happy new year.  I think I've got 8 marathons left on my must do list and then one final marathon as part of the Dopey challenge to bring me up to 30 before hanging up the marathon trainers.  January 2017 looks like the date with destiny (or should that be dopey I don't think destiny was a dwarf).  I'm working on the principle that A Disney is magic and B because the Dopey would be a unique challenge the final marathon cant really be compared with any other run.  If I blow and run 3:50 instead of last years 3:19 its because it was the 4th of 4 races not the 2nd of 2.  I really don't want to end on a downer and a poor run anywhere else will end up being a "you can't end like that run" and I will never stop.  Next stop Tokyo next month (eeek its next month now) and a wee trip to Tokyo Disney while I'm there.  I couldn't resist Disney altogether this year as hard as I tried.   Enjoy the rest of your Christmas/new year holiday and good luck in Rome if you are still going.

p.p.s. big tip for Rome run where the cars drive they have smoothed the corners off the cobbles a bit for you  

01/01/2014 at 13:39

Great to hear from you and your humour C33. Happy New Year and good luck for Tokyo.

Due to injury Rome may not be a possibility - if not, I will do either the Manchester or Liverpool marathon - I fancy Liverpool as it is a Rock'n'Roll race and my eldest supports Liverpool so he can go explore Anfield for the weekend whilst I run!

I somehow managed a 5 min PB in the Yorkshire marathon in October whilst battling a painful quad injury so I want to see what I can do now when fully fit. I'm doing Yorkshire again in October - I want to be 'Perfectly Yorky'.

I was hoping to do Dopey in 2015 but I can't bring myself to take my boys out of high school for it.  Trouble is, I don't think I ever will be able to now as then the GSCE years start. 

Let us know how you get on at Tokyo (and the subsequent 8 marathons).

01/01/2014 at 14:39

Thanks Dopey,

Could you not just encourage your kids to leave school at 16 so you can go back to Disneyworld?!??!?

That's a shame about Rome.  Not sure how its the 20th anniversary race I've just checked my medal from 2010 to say it was the 50th anniversary.  It either went missing for a few years or that Italian car Michael J. Fox used to drive really can go back and forward in time!!!

Well done on the big PB.  I bet there were a lot of blokes in that race the Yorkie is not for girls!!!!!!

I did Manchester the 1st year in the monsoon when it got absolutely slated but loved it.  I was maybe one of the lucky ones as I took my parents on holiday with me and had the race crew with a towel and a change of clothes waiting for me at the finish.  If it could have gone wrong it went wrong that 1st year and the rain showed up everything that would have taken years to go wrong all on that one day.  The course now finishes at Old Trafford (may upset your son lol) but it looks a fab course.  I couldn't believe the size and enthusiasm of the crowds in the 1st half of the race especially in Altringham where there was an unlikely wall of sound from folk huddled under scaffolding in the main st (driest place).  Compared to Edinburgh where you get so lonely you think of getting yourself a penpal at the 16th mile marker Manchester was brilliant.  I also ran like a dream I can do wet and windy!!!!!!

I took my mum and dad with me as a belated Christmas present.  Mum had been battering on for years about going to the Lowry exhibition and dad wasn't taking her up on it at all.   I booked a Hoseasans flat in Salford Quays which was in walking distance of Old Trafford (now the start/finish), Imperial War museum, Lowry and loads of places to eat.  We also had a day trip to Blackpool (Pleasure Beach mainly) to redistribute the lactic acid on the big rides at the pleasure beach (the race crew were handy again to hold my specs lol) and a day trip to Liverpool where we even got tickets for a riveting 0-0 draw against Fulham at your sons beloved Anfield.  I've never done Liverpool but would certainly recommend Manchester.

Hope you stay fit and healthy in 2014 and don't suffer too much pre and post exam stress 

01/01/2014 at 15:34

Really looking forward to Goofy now - DOC H I am also doing this as a 50th birthday treat.

For the rest of the year have Rome, Liverpool and Lisbon to look forward to so far!

Good Luck to everyone heading to Disney and Happy New Year

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