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a thread for those of us who live and run here to keep up to date

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15/06/2009 at 18:36

that do??

shall i start?
our club 10k is 4th october - it's run on some of the course the rowheath 5k is on - plus a bit more obviously
it's more off road than you would expect as there is a river and a few parks round there
i will be putting the link up for entry tomorrow probably as the meeting is tonight to discuss it

15/06/2009 at 20:52
birmingham and black country half marathon on the 4th july.  i'll be coming down from glasgow to run it with my brother who's a bit more local in sutton coldfield.  hopefully it'll be a good one. 
15/06/2009 at 20:54
yeah BBC half for me too, if I get a pass out may do shifnal the next day
15/06/2009 at 21:42


hippo - do you know it has a tunnel?? woooooooooo
and hence i will not be there

15/06/2009 at 21:52
Birmingham Half - 11th October
15/06/2009 at 21:54
the meeting about the BvH leafy 10k was postponed
i suspect we are negotiating with the met office - it p*ssed down lst year
15/06/2009 at 21:55
hippo - are you doing the brum half???
we will be doing training runs from our club nearer the time if you or anyone else is interested - i will let you know
the route goes almost past our club house
16/06/2009 at 11:06
we're also doing the coventry half on 25th october.  it was a good run last year, although i think they've changed the finish this year so possibly not that lovely downhill speedy end to it! 
Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
16/06/2009 at 20:27
Hello - just logging in as another West Mids bod - I'm doing the Brum Half as well. *waves to Vixx*
16/06/2009 at 20:36

*waves back to Basil*

I'm trying to decide whether I am stupid enough to do the Wolverhampton Marathon as well.....

10/07/2009 at 08:11

Hi folks, just found your thread, Lurks. How did you do last night? Didn't see you finish this time.

Any idea when results (Rowheath 5k) will be posted? I managed to start and stop my watch in one movement, so I apparently finished in 1 second!

Well done Chris M, if you're lurking - good to have a little 'race within a race' - had a feeling you were gong to get me on the run in, as I knew I had very little sprint in me!

W Mids races coming up for me: Race4Life this Sunday in Sutton Park, Rowheath 5k race 3, 13th Aug, probably Lichfield 10k 6th Sep (actually, that's not WMids, is it? never mind), B'ham half 11th Oct, probably Cov half 25th Oct, possibly Shakespeare Raceway 10k 21st Nov. Sneyd 10M if it's on, though from what I've heard it won't be.

I'll have a think about the Leafy 10k, but it's a week before B'ham Half. Then again, if I decide I can do Lichfield 10k a week before Robin Hood mara...

10/07/2009 at 16:03

Just a thought, but if like me you are a relative newbie, you may be interested in something a little less formal than those races mentioned above. On October 11th the On Your Marks for Little Hearts 10K is being held at Shugborough Hall (Stafford). I'm certainly going to have a crack at it - so if you see an 'ole timer plodding along at the back, wave and cheerp me on


10/07/2009 at 16:33

Still places available at the Wyre Forest Half on Sunday.

West Bromwich Harriers 5k on Wednesday 22nd July details on club website

Edited: 10/07/2009 at 16:35
10/07/2009 at 17:21
can I throw in the strawberries & cream 10k on August 26th in Worcester. 7pm evening race with a bowl of juicy strawberries for each finisher (cream is optional, but waht the heck!!)
10/07/2009 at 17:28

ooh ooh and another....same location (yes I live there by the way !!) St Richards Hospice silver half marathon 6th September. Multi terrain 2 lap course. Entry through camba events or st Richards hospice website.

I'll go now !!

10/07/2009 at 19:10

R-K, i had to rush off at the end as my husband is away so i had to be a mummy
i was 10 seconds slower - i say that although i have not checked the official stats - last time they added another 30 seconds onto my est time so i don't want to look

JB - the strawberries and cream one sounds fab - but i am on holiday

10/07/2009 at 19:12
results not up yet
10/07/2009 at 19:23

Swine flu party?

10/07/2009 at 19:24


this is just a snifffle

11/07/2009 at 08:59
does anyone know of any relatively local halfs planned for Nov?


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