Wicksteed Recovery Run Half-Marathon

Anyone else?

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04/01/2011 at 21:22


He has posted a race review titled 'response from Ultramarathon' (only rated it at 60% overall, and 40% VFM and Organisation) but worth a read.

05/01/2011 at 23:07
phil miles 4 wrote (see)

One final point -

Lloyd posted:

 ""......Recruit marshals who are willing to give up not only a significant bank holiday but who refrain from going out partying the night before in order to allow others to run and then let them read the negative and in many cases inaccurate feedback being given and then consider why they bother."

I, like a good many others here have posted positively about the contribution these guys make, and understand how important they are to the running of ANY race.

I just feel that the comment made was out of context, and certainly not reflective of the points I/others were making.

Completely agree. The point is that the marshalls volunteer to work for the organiser free of charge so to cast the runners as ungrateful is completely unfair. In fact the organiser stuffing up the race is doing a disservice to the volunteers who gave up their time in good faith, thinking they'd be helping with a successful and well-received event.

Volunteer marshalls do a stunning job for the running community, helping keep entry prices down and fostering a positive community feeling, but poor race organisers who don't give them a chance to be part of a good event and then try to hide behind them when their race is criticised might make them think twice about volunteering again.

06/01/2011 at 20:31

Can I just add that I ve spoken to Lloyd and Shirley at other events and I know the marshals ARE paid,as ARE the Red Cross, Wicksteed Park, permits , licences and medals.

It all adds up

Happy 2011 Running

06/01/2011 at 23:12

Well I'd expect payments for permits, licences, of course the medals, water etc.  Maybe the Red Cross need a donation made.  Not sure about the park itself but payments to marshals ARE UNUSUAL!

07/01/2011 at 09:37
Well it's all been a sorry show and no mistake - whether it be the race itself and dodgy organisation , the race organiser reviewing HIS OWN RACE which RW should stop really, the various runners like Michael Mayes saying we all wanted fry ups and should re consider ourselves as runners - tell you what pal I've done marathons and Ultras , plenty of them, so are you calling me a runner or not? come back when you have a clue. To MK lakeside who thinks this shambolic organiser should put a race on where they live - WTF?? - I realise the organiser runs his own running club you can join online ( whats that lark all about then?) and various people may not want to speak up but to inflict this crap on others?

No it was a shambles regardless of what a few inexperienced people think - wait till they've done some superb races for half the cost and then they'll see.

Onwards and upwards though - Blymhill 10K in shropshire on Sunday, a new race from the Dudley and Kingswinford runners , they do a mid week DK in the summer that sees 1000's turn out - it's a tenner! T shirt and everything too!

God luck to all the brilliant folk I met there and on here - see you all around and about!

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