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17/12/2007 at 17:52
OK how many of you are running the Windermere Marathon 2008? OK how many are going to try and run all 10 to crack the Female Guinness World record? If you see me on the last Marathon please give me some words of support as I know I will be crawling by the tenth one - if I get that far. Never even run two marathons back-to-back but doing this to raise funds for Brathay Hall. Please visit my website page I would be very greatful for ANY sponsorship as I have to raise £2,000 by thr 1st May this could be harder than running the 262 miles. Even if it's just a £1 - every penny counts. If you do give please let yourself be known at the finish of the Marathon as we would love to have photos of the supporters and they will end up on our websites and could even make the Running magazines.
17/12/2007 at 18:03

Hi LBNL - I'm also doing the 10 in 10, so that's 3 of us (women) that are going to have a go at the record for the Guinness Book of Records, although I will be happy just to complete all 10.   I don't think I know you but I guess we'll know each other well by the end of the Challenge

Are you planning to do any doubles before the event?

I too, am feeling the pressure of the sponsorship but it's the least we can do for  the Brathay Trust as they're going to look after us so well.

2 of the guys that did it this year are running again, so it can't be that bad, can it?   At least that's what I keep telling myself.

18/12/2007 at 17:40

Hi Shades, Susan said you were the other female doing it (I think you know Sue and Paul?). No you don't know me a marathon virgin with just 22 under my belt but i've given this some careful thought and feel I can do it - well hope, run, jog, walk and crawl.

I'm not the fastest marathon runner but this is a chance of a lifetime and could be the only chance to do something like this. As you well know! not sure how to train for something like this but we will all have our own way I guess.

The only other Marathon I have planned AT the moment is London but I intend in doing a few 26 milers in between if I cannot find any other Marathons.

i guess we don't know how we will feel until we are doing it. Lets hope Health and good weather conditions are on our side - not too hot, no wind, don't mind some rain but not too early in the challenge as we don't want a cold......'O' boy...we can do it! Its the year for the ladies. Do you know if they have 10 yet? I was the 8th one.

19/12/2007 at 13:38

Yes, I know Sue & Paul - in fact Sue and I discussed this when running a marathon together at Enfield, I guess she had a little bit to do with you doing this too.

I don't think it's possible to specifically train for an event like this, we just have to be as healthy and injury free as possible with a good winter's training behind us.   Completing this will be just as much a mental challenge as physical, if not more.    I will be whacking up the training mileage over Xmas as I have a long break from work, but I rarely run over 22 miles in training and prefer to race for longer distances so have a few marathons and a couple of ultras planned before Windermere, but I am a marathon junkie so that's normal for me.   

Not sure if they have all 10 now, when Scott emailed me they had 8 then (I think) but that didn't include you and I know there were a couple of guys that did it this year that want to do it again.

I'm really looking forward to doing this challenge

28/01/2008 at 17:30

Hi Shades,

Thought I'd just drop a line to see how youe are?  Would be better to have an email address as others might not be the least bit interested in our web forum. Mine is

I did a 21 mile training run on Boxing Day while feeling a little unwell, then ended up the next day with the real flu for two weeks, thought I was over it so pushed another long run and ended up with the flu returning a little worse. It'sleft me tired and a lung infection, so training is not going that well. I'm OK while running but really tired after. just gone on some Vitamin tabs to try and push it on it's way.

I see we have 11 runners doing the Challenge! My only other Marathon is London before Windermere, I would do more if I could find one more local to York. I've got a couple of Halfs and 10 milers so will just have to add on more after them.

Hope you are okay? 

28/01/2008 at 18:21

I've just lost a week's training, had that awful Norovirus, but am back training today.   Sorry to hear you've had the flu, but better to get it over with now rather than later nearer the event.

I guess Scott has take  on 11 runners as it's possible one may be injured come May.   I saw on the justgiving website a name I didn't recognise and he's put a sponsorship total of £500, I'm a bit confused about that.

All my longer runs will be races, Draycote 35, Duchy marathon, Dumfries marathon, Crawley 12 hour and a 2 marathons in 2 days at Connemara, then Lochaber marathon.  Sue & Paul may be able to help with any events local to you, I live in Devon so don't travel up your way very often.   I guess Dumfries wouldn't be too far for you?

I'd rather not post my email address but you can email me via the link if you click on my name.

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