Aldi running gear back soon

sorry if this has already been done!

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28/02/2004 at 15:50
tried the trousers and lycra shorts in medium,to tight on the pouch man,and they had no large left....aslo got the lot for mrs slainte to get her off her arsy-ender and run,shell go spare when she gets home later and finds them all laid out on the bed ready to wear...actually she might get other ideas...mmmmmm.
oh and aslo tried there crayfish tails,bosin fittle!
28/02/2004 at 16:07
bostin fittle even....
28/02/2004 at 19:15
Nate - only just saw your post. The Aldi on Greystoke Avenue, Westbury-on-Trym/Southmead had quite a bit of stuff left on Friday, but it would depend on what you wanted. They had shorts, tops, jackets, socks, armbands, tights, etc. Also had some HRMs from a ew weeks ago. Not sure if they're open on Sundays, though, but I might be able to call in on Monday.
29/02/2004 at 12:54
I have to agree that the sizing is not quite right. I brought the capri pants M (14-16) size and it was a snug fit, daughter tried them on who is a 12 and even she was not keen on the fit so I ended up taking them back. They did not have much left so gave up and hope that when May comes I will get some gear for Birthday! My other aldi gear has always been the Medium and fits well so not sure why these do not.

I do not know about the food at aldi but the cleaning stuff for floors etc I was impressed with, and the shower gel is really nice. We have also tried out the packets of fruit gum sweets with vitamins and like them, they have a nice taste but problably full of colourings.
cougie    pirate
29/02/2004 at 12:56
Did my 20 miler yesterday in the doible skin running socks and my feet were just fine, so that's good.

Alos v cold ans still a bit snowy round here so ran with the £9.99 jacket on. Worked very well, I was v comfy.
29/02/2004 at 13:18
Got some flashing armbands for £3 !
Going to wear them nightclubbing ( only kidding dont worry )
01/03/2004 at 07:24
The jacket is better (iho) than the fluo one I bought from Aldi last year... moer breathable and lighter. In fact, started a run in the fluo one on Sat (how cold can it be??) and was irritated by the flapping / sweating so came back and changed to the new red one and it was fine.

More than fine - it bears a striking similarity to one I bought last year for £50!! Now I have a spare one to keep in a spare kit at work.

The leggings I bought last year have 'relaxed' over time with constant washing, so I'm hoping the tight fitting ones this year will do so also??

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81 to 87 of 87 messages
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