ASICS 2110

Has your upper worn through?

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07/08/2006 at 18:29
If only it was that easy Phil!
09/11/2006 at 15:27
09/11/2006 at 15:49
My last 3 pairs of 2100s have been the best shoes I have ever bought - my big toe nail made a hole in the upper - but does with most running shoes - must be the way my toes behave when running
09/11/2006 at 16:18
...done about 250 miles in them now and no probs whatsoever.

Anyone tried the 2120 yet? What brief marketing spiel I've read about them suggest that the new midsole supporty type stuff provides a bit more cushioning. Might be worth a comparison before I decide on my marathon shoes.
10/11/2006 at 09:46
Both mine went on my 2100's , but I've done a couple of hundred mile in the 2110's and nothing yet.

But if they do I'm going to Asics as this isn't acceptable
16/11/2006 at 11:26
I've had three pairs of asics DS trainers. Nice shoes in many ways, but each pair has gone in exactly the same way, namely, the fabric coming apart and splitting across the toebox, where the shoe flexes. In each case the rest of the shoe is in good condition. I don't do big mileages. Seems to me this is a weak point in an otherwise good shoe.
17/11/2006 at 11:36
I've had no problems with my 2110's yet. But my toe did wear a hole in my previous DS Tranier.
25/11/2006 at 18:54
I have used 2090's, 2100's and 2110's and all have worn through in the big toe area. The only Asics I have had that didn't do this were the Kayano's but I stopped wearing these as they never felt right.
06/12/2006 at 21:44
I've experienced same problem. 2100s went after 250 miles - and 2110s are going same way. Only in left foot. Thought it might be down to my running style - but seems to be a consistent problem with Asics trainers.
I started running in Mizunos and moved to Asics to correct leg problems. I have to say the quality of build on the Mizuno was far superior to the Asics - but I feel dependent on them now.
Am considering buying lighter 2120s - but going to go into my local runnign shop to see what the alternatives are.
Am writing to Asics about this anyway.
08/12/2006 at 10:38
On my second pair this year, both toes poking through on first pair within 250 miles. saved second pair for races only one toe breaking through within 100 miles. Will have to change to a different make of shoe.
09/12/2006 at 10:40
Hi PhilPub - my 2120's have started to go through on both shoes after about 80 miles - so it doesn't look like Asics have done anything about this problem!
09/12/2006 at 16:20

Ive got a piar of 2120's which I am trialing for runners world and the toes have gone through on both feet.
20/02/2007 at 14:54
I've given up on Asics for this very reason. Up until (I think) the 2080 the big toe area had cover, then they removed it and my last 3 pairs have all worn through within about 70-80 miles. The hole doesn't cause a problem as such, but if I'm paying 80 quid for something, whatever it is, I don't expect it to wear out in a few weeks. The fact that the cover was there to begin with suggests that Asics were aware of the (potential) problem but decided it wasn't worth worrying about. I've moved to Nike Triax this year which have been comfortable from the first mile and gave me no problems this weekend over 15 miles - and which have a reinforced strip over the big toe area to prevent this happening.
20/02/2007 at 16:55
Last 3 pairs of asics have all had my big toes poking through, the last pair of 2110 only lasting 200 miles. I've done the same as 4MS and moved to Triax.
21/02/2007 at 15:52
Gone through plenty of 20 and 21 series Asics and big toes always get an airing after a while. I've never really considered it a problem, the shoes still work fine. I'm happy for Asics to concentrate their efforts on other aspects of shoe design!
21/02/2007 at 15:58
Well I got through 450 miles in my 2110s without any sign of toe-wear... but found out they weren't giving me enough support so switched to Brooks Adrenaline anyway.

The 2110s are still providing useful service in spin classes, however. :)
21/02/2007 at 17:49
All my ascics 2100/2110 have worn through at the big toe on both sides after about 300 miles usually use this as an index of when to replace them but if you have very wide feet ( EE) like me they really are the most comfortable shoes and have never ever had a single blister in any the series
22/02/2007 at 10:53
Just bought a pair of 2110s and wish I'd read this first. This said I had no problems with 2090s and 2100s, both doing over 500 miles.

This pair do feel much tighter than the 2110 model. I probably should've looked for the 2E which I had on the 2100s. Not desperately easy to find when you have size 14 feet tho. I hated the saucony grid omni's I had a few yrs back - wore thru very easily on the heel and caused massive blisters. Have been in asics ever since.

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