bike seat or trailer for 7-month-old?

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03/04/2005 at 18:05
We had a bike seat for our children. The only trouble is it would not fit on my bike, something to do with my frame being too small. I only problem I can see with a trailer is how wide it is and how narrow the canal path etc. We have now process to a tow bar for my son and it is hard work if your not fit enough, but that would not be a problem for you.
03/04/2005 at 20:35

I've just been testing some strollers and trailers for the magazine, also with a 7-month-old.

So far we've loved the Chariot Cougar 1, which converts between a bike trailer and running stroller very quickly. It's a smooth bike trailer (not that I've tried many), and for running it's better than many of the pure strollers we've tested. Lots of nice touches, particularly ease of folding, ease of converting between bike and run, easy sun/bug mesh and rain cover, nifty harness and, um, tinted windows... Also looks very cool. For running it's really smooth, as it has 20inch wheels, though on the down side it has no hand brake, and it doesn't fold as small as most pure running strollers

We'll publish a full review in summer in Runner's World. Meanwhile this is the UK distributor, and this is a US page with more detail. I don't have the exact UK retail price yet, but it's not cheap - around £300. (A good price if you were already planning to spend £200+ on a pure running stroller, but it sounds as if you have one already)

Good luck!

Sean, RW
04/04/2005 at 09:41
Sean-how about seats for the back of bikes and helmets for little ones? Do you know where I can go to get one so I know it will be the right size (the seat and the helmet)? I was going to bring this one up at some point.
04/04/2005 at 09:42
forgot to say - baby tweety is 18 months with an extraordinarily large head.
04/04/2005 at 13:21
I have a Co-Pilot Taxi for my 3 YO son -

He has used it since he was 2 and he loves it. I wouldn't hesitate to put a smaller child in there. We are expecting another any day now and I expect to have her in there before she's 1.

My son is over 17kg and is a very significant weight to haul up Wimbledon hill now ("Daddy? Why are you sweating? :-) but it's still manageable. I think that you probably need to be a pretty confident cyclist to begin with because the extra weight does seriously affect the handling of the bike. It's probably worth going to a good bike shop and discussing it with them.

04/04/2005 at 14:23
thanks millipede

babytweety is a serious significant weight as well (15kg @ 18 months!) so starting out round my local area might be a bad idea. do you have any recommendations on good bike shops in the essex (romford) area or a website where i can get that info?

congrats on the impending arrival.
04/04/2005 at 14:23
My daughter was 9 months old when she went on her first bike ride, on one of those circular bike routes. Helmet is very important, as my husband has fallen twice with our daughter on back of his bike. When they are young they also fall asleep and their head fall to one side.

For last years holiday we brought tow bars, to pull them along on their own bikes. It was very interesting pulling a 4 and half year old up some hill in the South of France.

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