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09/12/2002 at 14:50

I own a pair of RC240s and they are pretty minimalist. I bought them as part of the ongoing forefoot striking experiment but haven't gone over 40 minutes in them yet due to having a couple of half marathons in the last month - I didn't want to take too many risks.

Christmas may be an opportunity to give them more of a run out but I think I may end up sticking with a slightly more substantial shoe for most of my running in the forseeable future.

Isn't a Nike Zoom Waffle a garish XC spike - if so my partner has a pair - they don't look much different to a standard spike to my eyes - in fact possible more substantial than some.
09/12/2002 at 15:23
Careful, popsider, we wouldn't want to get 'that' argument started up again now would we......
09/12/2002 at 17:28
Those RC150's look magic, I can't find them on any UK running shop websites. Where did you get your RC240's from Popsider ?

How are you finding them ?

I opted for some Saucony Team Taya and I've not been that pleased with them. They're quite low but a bit too stiff under the toes. I've done some long runs upto an hour and a half and not come to any grief. In fact since August I've used nothing but them and no injuries yet.
09/12/2002 at 18:06
The 240s are very minimalist. Compared to a pair of Nike Ekiden (Paulas race shoes) which I wore for a 7 miler the other week - the Nike van visited our club - there is definitely less to the 240s.

Compared to my normal shoes (now Skylons) running in the 240s you notice that your foot is doing more work (or it appears so) and they have left me with slight soreness in the calf area (what would at one time have been put down to lactic acid at one time - nothing more - but so did running in the Ekidens).

I've got to say that the Ekidens were less of a difference in feel to my normal shoes (but then they are both Nike so that may be expected). I will be trying the 240s in some shorter competitive runs - a 5k and our 3.75 mile club handicaps - in the next month or two and will be able to give more feedback then.

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21 to 24 of 24 messages
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