Do I need special shoes for off road?

But not proper xc - yet!

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07/03/2003 at 21:33
Wends, this is simply not on. You can't start a thread about shoes and then start talking about thongs; what sort of chance does that give me? Anyway if you girls want to talk about underwear without the lads lurking you need to embed it in a thread called "monthly misery" or something, keep up the blobby talk for a few pages and then you're safe to talk about whatever you want.
08/03/2003 at 07:36
DB, did I say no lads?
Anything on which you can offer expert advice is v welcome! Seems you are probably more of an expert on the thong subject than me...
14/03/2003 at 20:52
dear Wends

I've recently got a pair of New Balance Trail shoes and stuck a pair of Spenco insoles in them and it is a good combination, reasonable traction and rel cushioned if you do have to do some of the run on harder surfaces./

I do have a pair of Walshes but since buying these I rarely wear them despite running in the Peak Districit a fair bit.

Anyway I'll let you get back to baiting the boys with thong talk.

15/03/2003 at 08:47
Thank you for the advice - need to find the time to go to running shop to get this sorted. Now the evenings are lighter and I have an occasional running partner, I will feel a lot safer going off road.

The general message seems to be get some trail shoes - but as you point out the insoles would be useful because of the hard run to get to the offroad part in the first place! Although I am not very big, I have the feeling that I hit the ground fairly hard, so would worry about not having not much cushioning, with knee damage etc..

Anyway thanks

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21 to 24 of 24 messages
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