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Question on shoe selection

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07/06/2012 at 14:36

I have been running in Kayanos for the past 2 years and since I have been getting injury after injury (plantar fasciitis, knee pain, pulled quad all in the same leg) I decided to change.


Went to a New Balance store and they said I had a high arch but when foot lands I am overpronating badly. They recommended the NB 940 which feels ok but maybe not quite as comfortable as the kayano. I havent worn on a run yet, a little hesitant as the guy in the shop wasnt all that convincing. Do you reckon this is a decent option for me?  I run around 20-30 miles a week and weight 13 Stones! 



07/06/2012 at 15:06

Running shoes are probably the most debated thing for runners. Some believe less is more when it comes to cushioning and it can be a nightmare finding the perfect shoe.

I would go for a short run to test the waters.

If it sill gives you problems I think it might be worth your while getting checked out by a sports therapist/physio to check there are no underlying problems. I'd assume they might give you more advice on which shoes as well.

10/06/2012 at 13:52

Maybe you should go to a running shop that sells a variety of shoes rather than just a new balance shop, because then they will give you a few ideas and a more unbiased view. Sweatshop do the 30 day exchange guarantee too so you can wear them for a month before you decide if you like them or not!

Also, I've heard that comfortable isn't necessarily the best thing anyway because this may mean that they are too soft

11/06/2012 at 10:15

If you have access to a gym, try your new shoes out on a treadmill. That should give you a better idea if they feel okay, and if you don't like them, they'll still be clean enough that you can take them back for a refund.

11/06/2012 at 13:49

There's nothing worse than walking away with a purchase you're not completely convinced by, and half the time it answers itself. But I think runs-with-dogs' idea is brilliant, so it gives you the option of taking them back without hassle. If you overpronate A LOT it may be better to see an orthopaedic specialist for an opinion because they may give you insoles to help.

11/06/2012 at 20:36

I feel for you John, I got plantar faciitis from Asics Kayanos and switched to Brooks Arenaline, I've had Brooks Arenalines now for the past couple of years and never looked back. I run 30-35 per week and am 14 stone and 51 years old, so still quite a bit on the heavy side. Hope this helps

p.s The only reason I switched to Brooks Adrenalines was due to a review on wiggle where the reveiwer also got a heel spur by running in Kayano's (I think there too soft if your a bit in the heavy side)

12/06/2012 at 10:35

Hi Norman,

What makes you think you got the PF from the shoes, simply the fact that they were too soft? I read on another forum someone saying the same thing that they fact they were so "squishy" they were actually not very good for long distance running.  

I have quite a high arch AND i overpronate, not sure if this is normal but I dont think its common.  I am currently living in the UAE and there is literally nobody in any shop / physio / podiatrist with any decent advice so I am trying figure this all out myself at the moment and finding it a bit overwhelming.

I intend to run my first marathon in January and if my next trainers screw me up then I dont fancy my chances in completing the marathon training which starts in September as I am currently out injured with something else at the moment.





12/06/2012 at 13:17

Don't start the marathon training in September, start well before. Seriously, if it's a 16-week schedule, start 20 weeks before. That way if you need a week or two off for injury or illness (e.g. a bad cold) along the way you're not worrying about getting behind. If all goes well you don't need the time off, you can simply repeat a week here and there and get more long runs under your belt, which is always good.

Can't help with the shoes - I have flat feet, weigh under 8 stone and am presently training 50+ miles per week in VivoBarefoot Neos!

12/06/2012 at 13:35

Hi Debra,

Thanks I intend to start as soon as my pulled thigh is better (hopedully a week or so) and then a proper structured 16 week plan in September.  Just whilst I am it, any tips on good marathon training plans ?

12/06/2012 at 13:38

More info I have ran a half in under 2 hrs 12 weeks ago (My 3rd attempt) a 10 k in 49 minutes and ran a 20 mile LSR about 8 weeks ago (then injury struck!)

Would I still follow a beginners plan?

24/06/2012 at 21:25
Interesting comment about the Brooks Adrenline. I have been using these for the past 18 months. When I went to replace a couple of weeks ago I discovered that they are now the 'new and improved' version. I cant get on with them, sore toes etc which I never had with the others, so I guess I am back to stage 1. A rather expensive way to find out that the upgrade is a disaster for me
25/06/2012 at 13:48

Having literally just read the chapter in 'Born to Run' by Christopher McDougall, I wouldn't bother with any expensive running shoes. I rarely get injured (maybe just lucky) and I've never spent more than £30 on a pair of running shoes or even been in a specialist running store.

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