Do you use IPods?

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04/07/2006 at 23:19
Bambina, So sorry for late reply, didn't get an email to say there was a post, was just random reading.

Is that what you are looking for by any chance? If so, will have them in stock soon! We have the Tunebelt Open vieww armbands and ELano etc but fitting wrist would depend on size of wrist as with fitting bicep depends on your arm size really.

Hope this helps and you had a good weekend.
07/07/2006 at 11:49
Hey, I run with my ipod but at low volume if near traffic. I also Freedive so I occasionally bring it to the pool for my practice sessions although I would never dream of actually diving with it. For the practice sessions or when running I found this case really useful it is made by <a href="">H2o Audio</a>

The over ear earphones are very comfortable and its waterproof to 3m so more than enough to protect if from showers.
07/07/2006 at 11:51
Sorry about the link I assumed the forum excepted Html.. H20 Audio
07/07/2006 at 14:59
Samm, glad you like the H2O audio cases, we think they are superb, they look incredible and outperform other waterproof cases plus come with headphones no point in a waterproof case without waterproof headphones!

Bambina, did you get your Alfa Brera testdrive sorted in the end, how was it?!?!
19/07/2006 at 17:09
We have had a few orders for sports bands that may have been from Runner's World and didn't use the discount code, please remember we offer a discount to Runner's World readers, just type in RW1 at the checkout!
19/07/2006 at 23:46
Hi UK2004: yes that kind of thing looks good. Let me know when you have it in stock :-) Thanx
25/07/2006 at 10:29
UK2004..What headphones would you recommend? Mine keep poppin out my ears so looking for something that will withstand me jiggling around!
25/07/2006 at 12:50
I use the Nano Ipod, use it with the new sports kit and it's working really well! The only problem I have is the excess cord from the headphones comes untucked from the armband after a mile or two and I have to struggle to tuck it back in while running!
25/07/2006 at 13:56
Hi Booboo,

There are a few that work well for peopl ewho find them falling out, the Logitech Sports Headphones have a superb fit and are also sweat proof which helps runners. The Koss Spark Plugs mould into your ear for a nice tight fit and the hook over ear cordless also work well for staying on, my pick of the bunch is the Logitech Sport's Headphones they are superb!
25/07/2006 at 14:38
I use the sennheiser px10's which work brilliantly for me which are about £18
25/07/2006 at 15:01
I use the older Koss in ear plugs, but i've customized them by taking the foam moulding off and using swimmers silicon putty. They don't budge a bit.
25/07/2006 at 15:09
And I bet with that silicon putty you don't get sweat running in your ears in hot weather either!!
27/07/2006 at 13:33
I have just got a nano. Replaced my old mp3 player and love the ipod....
I hope to get the Nike+ soon but extra gear is crazy prices. We need someone to put Nike to shame on price.
Who needs the Nike logo anyway.
27/07/2006 at 14:09
UK2004, I had a look at the Logitech headphones on your website, and wondered if they really would stay in place. isn't the over-the-ear bit uncomfortable? I like the idea as I find the plugs either don't stay in or are uncomfortable, but I sweat like a horse and could envisage them slipping around.
28/07/2006 at 09:17
I have always had trouble with headphones - the "in-ear" type you always got with mini-disc, CD players or mobile handsfree headsets would always fall out.

I did find some Phillips (I think) ones which hooked over the ears, but the hook did tend to dig in and become painful after a while whether I was running or just sitting on my arse listening to my iPod.

I took the plunge last weekend and bought some new headphones - Sennheiser MX75 Sport. They have a kind of little stalk on the ear piece which levers the ear piece into place as you twist it in your ear - a bit innovative but they seemed to work well for me on a 6-mile run. The only drawback I can see is that the cable is a very bright green, but then again I'm less likely to lose them that way!

The only thing was that I couldn't get them on mp3additions to take advantage of the generous discount.

Might need to get a skin or something for the 4G 20gb iPod I run with as it just seemed to freeze on my run - twice! The first time I stopped and reset the iPod and I left it the second time as I was nearly home. I was storing the iPod in the arm pocket on my Sugopi Wired t-shirt so am guessing it was more due to sweat? Any thoughts???
03/08/2006 at 13:12
Sorry for late reply, Slow Sho the Logitech ones are designed to be moisture and sweat proof and have acomfortable fit so are excellent for runners.

Rhys we have some bargans at present on 4G Skins, take a look at:
03/08/2006 at 16:23
Seems to be a lot of you out there with ipod nanos. What is most recommended mp3/ipod for runners from personal experience?
04/08/2006 at 13:23
I have actually been looking at those iSkin eVo2 and the only thing holding me back was not knowing which names were which colours!!!

I had fancied the black or the blue skin but didn't know which ones these were - any help please?
07/08/2006 at 14:20
I have been reading the posts regarding ear phones, cant decide which will stay on the best looking at the Koss V Logitech over the ear style/behind the neck. Dont really want to pay a fortune as my mp3 player was only £45, can anyone advise me of ones that stay on whilst running.

07/08/2006 at 18:02
Hi Rhys,

Black is Ebony and Blue is Sonic.

Carbon is sort of a dark grey stroke black.

Jane Logitech Sports Headphones for definite!

Best Wishes,

Nick at MP3 Additions
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