Dodgy Ashmei gear

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Today at 08:34


I can back Mike up 100% here, my husband bought a 180 quid running top from Ashmei, (yeah I know 180 quid - crazy fool) he asked me to wash it, I followed the instructions to the very last detail and the white jacket turned pink, the red stripe had leaked into the white, I sent it back, they told me I had washed it on a 40 degree wash instead of a 30 degree wash and it was all my fault.  They offered me a free pair of socks, Customer service are so rude and the guy that owns the company is a complete t***er! I want to let people know the kind of people that they are dealing with if they buy from Ashmei, proper horrible people.  I hope they go out of business and I will post as many bad reviews as I possibly can.  I might start on Facebook!!!! Has anyone else apart from Mike and I got any stories to tell?



Today at 08:59
What were the washing instructions on the top?
Today at 09:22
How strange mike creates an account to moan about an allegedly poor quality ash wi top and gets a but of stick as do most one thread wonders and as if by magic, Vanessa J turns up and her very first post agrees because it happened to her husband too. What a load of rubbish. Can't wait to see how many account are created just to agree with mike...oh and to big up the product that has solved his ashmei problem! Seems like a slow burning 'eventclips' thread to me. He is blaming a safety pin too !!!!!!!!! I wonder if he used an eventclip on it and that created the hole????
Today at 10:00
Threaten to take them to court and see what they say.

Also threaten to take your Husband to the doctor as I think he needs his brain looking at if he is going round spending 180 quid on a running top.

I have plenty of running kit from Aldi / Lidl / sports direct that has lasted thousands of miles and loads of 60 degree washes.
Today at 11:53

lidl running gear is in from tomorrow.

Today at 12:06

Can I start a dodgy Gore gear thread as I noticed last night when taking my expensive gore top off the line that there was the start of a hole appearing. Honestly this can't have anything to do with the safety pin I used at the weekend, must be the tops fault!

I want a full written apology from Gore my money back and a replacement top.

Today at 12:11
Cheers NTWC. I wonder how many running tops I can get for 180 quid.
Today at 13:27
I thought the ??80 the op mentioned was mental then Vanessa dwarfs that! I have loads of Awdis stuff from eBay that are priced at:; vests ??5, shorts ??8and t-shirts ??5.50, that all do the job perfectly well. ??80 is new shoe money territory and ??180 would replace all the running clothes I have. I think this thread belongs in try or ultra as those guys are better places to comment on overpriced kit.

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