Fat Forefoot striker needs help

HELP! shoes needed for very wide forefoot striker

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20/01/2013 at 01:07
Sarah jarman 5 wrote (see)

Are you thinking in cm Lardarse?? its not actually that much, seeing as though I fit my feet comfortably into normal lady shoes, I think youre talking out of your arse! 

Ok its actually 250...



Millsy1977 wrote (see)
I can see why he was confused

250 is the circumference not the width.

thank you millsy, but I wasn't confused about anything. I took what she wrote at face value. My failure was to not realise that there are actually adults capable of typing and posting on a forum who don't know the difference between width and circumference. So yes, my sincerest apologies Sarah for giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not in fact a comlpete retard.



29/01/2013 at 15:55
I'm another skechers fan!!
I have the gorun ride, gorun and gorun 2

The gorun ride and gorun ultra are the same just a different upper. They are the same weight as my fast twitches so are light but not minimal. They have something in them to encourage a forefoot landing. I find them very comfortable and they feel they have more cushioning than my fast twitches even though they are the same weight.

The gorun2 is the newer version of the gorun. I like the gorun 2 better, they feel more normal as the technology which helps you forefoot strike means the shoe is not flat you get a bit of a rocker effect so standing around in them they feel odd to begin with. There are a Few other tweaks which I think makes the gorun2 better.

The gorun are lighter by quite a lot and have given me calf ache getting used to them. I am still trying to bed them in gradually. I am a heel striker so suppose it will take longer. I really love the gorun 2 though they are very comfy and they seem to help me land forefoot more than the gorun ride.

I have done ultras in the gorun ride but so far only short distances with the goruns

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41 to 42 of 42 messages
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