Garmin Forerunner 201 power supply

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27/12/2005 at 09:57
I'm confused. I was dead pleased to get a Garmin Forerunner 201 for Christmas but it was bought off ebay from the States and I was told that we needed to get an AC converter for it.

So, rather than wait, I just blundered in with a travel adaptor and blew up the power supply....luckily the 201 wasn't plugged in at the can anyone tell me what I need to get to make it work. Can I just get a UK power supply? If you know what I need (besides brain donation), can you point me in the direction of a website with really clear pictures. As you can probably tell, I'm not very bright when it comes to stuff like this...I just want it to work and be fab.

Thanks in advance.

27/12/2005 at 10:29
Hi Sahra,I received a forerunner 301 (u.k.edition)and it comes with a two prong plug.It also comes with a u.k.adapter which is just a cover with the three prong plug for our u.k. sockets.

I guess you could pick one up from Currys or Comet,just take the with you to check.
I hope this is of some help.

27/12/2005 at 12:54
If you've got a dual-voltage shaver socket, you could use that.
27/12/2005 at 13:02

The 201 US version runs on a completely different level of voltage. UK voltage even in shaver lights is 240v. The Garmin 201 US version works on 230v. It may only sound liuke 10v but it will damage your 201 and possibly your electrics if they're not protected properly with a decent trip board. You need a US power adapter with a UK/USA converter which has a 3 pin plug.

The adapter you should be able to get off eBay.

The converter (2 ROUND pins - not flat) you should be able to get here...
27/12/2005 at 16:05
I had the same problem with a new mp3 the adaptor thingy is crap and I can only charge up through pc. Have ordered a garmin 201 and hope the adaptor works this time
27/12/2005 at 16:52
Cath has the idea right just the figures that are a bit awry

The UK operates on 220/240V - there is an ongoing process of harmonising with the rest of Europe @ 220V (~230V is more likely in the UK these days)

North America on the other hand uses 110/120V

You'd have needed somthing like this, if you hadn't have blown the PSU up.

27/12/2005 at 16:56
What he said!!!

....and that's why I'm a nurse not an electrician ..!!!

28/12/2005 at 08:32
Thank you for that! Either I'm going to have a great time, or I'm going to blow it up! Watch this space.

28/12/2005 at 08:53
You can get a convertor from Maplin for a fiver

28/12/2005 at 10:02
But there's one thing I've forgotten..... It's all very well getting a converter but what if I've killed the power supply....which I'm fairly sure I have. Can I just get a UK power supply and forget about the converter???
28/12/2005 at 10:15
Hail Hail

sazaroo - I had this problem too when I did the same thing. A pal gave me his spare. Which now has become my spare. Email me direct with your address and I'll send it to you. No charge. (no puns either!)
30/12/2005 at 11:49
I had a similar problem with my Garmin. I lost the small plastic thingy which was attached to the Watch unit. So when I went to US I brought a new adapter and found to my surprise that the small plastic bit is hardwired into the adapter. So I now have a UK power adapter which I cannot use because I dont have the plastic bit and a new US adapter which I cannot use due to the difference in power input. Can I buy the converter from Maplin and use the US adapter?

05/01/2006 at 18:48

just about the only place in the uk to supply garmin spares.

power supply
07/01/2006 at 16:54
Got the converter from best stuff today :-)

Back to running with the Garmin now.
08/01/2006 at 15:43
I bought a US Garmin and just used a £3 multi voltage power supply bought in Asda. You can alter the output and they have lots of different plugs for differentequipment. Works fine with the Garmin and lots of other stuff.


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