Gps Watch...Which?

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17/01/2012 at 12:12

Sticky... having the hrm option available is very handy. You don't have to use it all the time, or ever.

With the other models without, you can't add the feature in after.

so 205 (without) /305/405 or 405cx would be good for you. 210 as well.. though its more expensive than these models.

as I said above, 405cx is cheaper than 405 and has everything you need. or go for a 305.

PSC    pirate
17/01/2012 at 12:36

I'm still a fan of the 305.  Some great deals around.  You don't have to wear the HR strap, but it's there if you want the data.  There is more data recorded than most mortals can comprehend and the display is clear even for a going-blind-through-age-middle-aged-fart like me!  and the battery life is great (8 hours +) so there is no need to rush your runs.   You can also use it on a bike if you fancy dipping your toe into multisport.

I know it's not the latest bling, but there are plenty of us still sporting them at running events.  

and as for the "chunky" label.  i don't notice it and I've got pretty skinny wrists....

17/01/2012 at 12:46
If youre thinking 305, go 310xt instead. Waterproof and better battery life for if you get into doing ultras
17/01/2012 at 21:38
Im really swaying towards the Garmin 110 now i think too many people are putting me off the nike one.... I do run trail quite a bit so i dont want the gps lost if im in a woodland area....

Cant believe i missed the offer at sweatshop last week £74.99 for a Garmin one
17/01/2012 at 22:21
Knowing your pace is really useful Darrell, missing on the 110. Intervals, training, all sorts.

Its fantastically useful to have a pace alert to speed up / slow down in a race. Sticking to that 1-2 min range around your pace aim.

My old 201 from 5 years ago had it.
17/01/2012 at 22:31
Garmin is the way to go. Good value and works with every website...just about. I love my 305 and if you look hard there are good deals on the 110 or the 305 at times.

17/01/2012 at 22:53
<a href="" title="Visit Fit-Running-Cat member profile">Fit-Running-Cat</a> yeah i think your right actually... knowing your pace is actually what i have aswell as av pace on my phone app......

Ive actually just spoken to a good friend of mine who has a 110 and partner has a Nike+ and her opinion is the nike is better than the 110.....  Esp since Nike did some updates... the gps is apparently tons better now and it gives more stats tan the 110......
17/01/2012 at 23:14
I got my first GPS watch this Christmas, and, after loads of research, I got a Garmin 210. It cost 200 quid with a HR monitor, and I spent another 40 quid on a footpod (not needed really, but I liked having another statistic on my runs and also the ability to record treadmill runs on my watch).

In the few weeks I have had it, it seems to be ideal for my purposes. The GPS information plots very accurately on the map compared to the data I used to get from my Samsung Galaxy s2 and runkeeper. The downside is my performance has comparatively got worse as the SGS2 was overestimating my distance! The only potential problem I have noticed is that there was once a tiny bit of condensation on the inside of the watch face when I had gone out in sub-zero temperatures, but it soon vanished and has not reappeared.

I also was interested in the Nike GPS Sportswatch, but it was removed from sale from Sweatshop when I tried to buy it. Further investigation showed that there had been lots of problems with the watch uploading the information to the Nike+ website. The only way of using the data is on the Nike site, unlike the Garmin where you can export the data into other applications such as Runkeeper. I also looked at the more expensive Motoactv, but the battery life looked a bit crap

If you do not need current pace or speed or intervals on your watch, the Garmin 110 would be more than fine for you, but for the extra 70 quid I think the 210 is the business for me.
17/01/2012 at 23:24
205/ 305 have been sub 100 quid at times though, and newer model 405cx 125-140 pounds.. Lot cheaper than the 210.

I've done lots of gym work with 405cx, played football like here, to see HRM details. Pretty good.

It's not perfect, but what is ?
17/01/2012 at 23:51
I have a Garmin 305, it's a bit chunky but it's my favourite bit of equipment! I have had it just over a year now and it has accompanied me on all my runs ever since!! It does splits, average time, distance, heart rate, you can plan training schedules, follow routes, create routes on line and then upload them to the watch, race against a virtual runner and probably loads more that I have yet to discover!! Oh, you can use it for biking too, but I've never had the need!!

I'm not sure what other garmin watches offer but I'd never be without mine!!

I did research other GPS watches but I'd say Garmin all the way!! You won't be sorry!!
18/01/2012 at 01:07
I use the Garmin Forerunner 610. good piece of kit. Garmin seem to be the most reliable by all accounts.

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