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LIVERBIRD    pirate
30/09/2009 at 11:52
You look gawjuss in both Cougie.....
30/09/2009 at 11:52
Hmmm I can see that that would be right. Paying for an expensive tick on the collar sorta thing? I know it's the same sorta thing with thermals I use for snowboarding, you pay £20 more for a brand name like Burton.

Do you use the tops by themselves? Then maybe a shell or waterproof over the top if it's raining/windy?
01/10/2009 at 23:15

Like danowat and others, I really need gloves when it gets cold.
Even tonight I had problems. An hr and half out in the evening chill and my wrists were aching. I have broken both of them twice and I have raynauds syndrome, this is probably why I also need an ear muff, something lightweight to keep my ears warm. I have a couple of shrugs and some armies (cycling stuff) for my arms. I really suffer in the cold, esp as I get really hot and sweaty then chill quickly. I wasn't made for the great outdoors.

Apart from gloves (I have used socks in the past - mits are warmer) and ear muff, I just run in the usual kit.

Avoid long trousers unless there's snow on the ground. Maybe 3/4 to keep your knees warm.

ShleyBey wrote (see)
Anyone use things like Nike Pro Core base layer? or Under Armour styley things?

I wear under armour and canterbury - the heat gear works very well. I find it very different to cheaper kit as it helps me not get too hot - better than not wearing anything - also sun factor 1,000 or something - as I run in the mid day sun. The cold gear really is for when its like Baffin out doors. Avoid if it's only cool.

meface    pirate
02/10/2009 at 22:43

Definitley agree with don't overdress.

However this depends on where and how far you run. If you run 3-miles round the block then don't worry. If you run trails in the dark 2-miles from the nearest road and therefore quite some time to get support even if your GPS enabled blackberry can summon help then maybe be better prepared.

For me tights will come out in December and v.lightweight jacket probably slightly earlier.

 I do have a v.light Nike Hat that I stuff in a pocket. Popping it on if I get cold soon warms me up. If really cold I may wear it to start but remove before you overheat and get it sweaty. Useful if you have a running issue. DoI don't use gloves but suggest you again go v.lightweight.

 So agree with the don't buy anything/everything until you need it. Unless you live in Northern Scotland and 2-weeks travel from a running shop.

Thin hat, maybe thin gloves (Nike do a gift pack). They are easy to stuff in a pocket or waist band. Add extra bits as you get chilly. The proper runners kit doesn't match and hasn't been planned, it has evolved.


05/10/2009 at 18:09

The thin stuff in the Nike gift pack is adequate, unless it's scraping the car windows cold even on a gentle four miler early in the morning my gloves are usually off by 2 miles and the hat shortly after. I've lost them so I've some hi vis Ron HIll gloves and Ron HIll beanie now and they're the same, unless it's proper cold ok for the first mile or two then in the pocket. 

Where I do find a decent jacket useful is if it rains. I got caught out in my JJB jacket last year when it started to rain and then sleet. I started off in sunshine and about 6 miles away from home the wind picked up and the rain and sleet came. I thought I was going to die I was so cold, I couldn't run properly and my hands were frozen because the gloves were wet. I've a goretex jacket now, not perfect but a lot better.

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