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29/09/2009 at 10:13

Hi All,

Been reading through the forum sugestions on what to wear for running in the winter & found a few items that I will be ordering soon to get me going.

Before i do I would like your comments on the items before I part with my hard earned cash just to be sure that I'm doing the right thing.

so far this is what's in my basket.

Running Gloves

2 in 1 Jacket

lycra shorts (to wear underneath tracksters)

High Viz Vest

Trackster running Pants

Running Hat 

I have never worn lycra shorts before but plan on using them underneath my running pants - Is this OK do to & will it help prevent chafing?

 I have some ski thermal clothing that I'm thinking of using to run with, would this do or should I purhcase something else? - I would rather not waste money if I can reuse my ski thermal gear

I plan on wearing my thermals as my first layer then a normal running top & then my 2 in 1 jacket if it's really cold, windy/wet.

The same goes for my legs, themals then tracksters or Lycra then tracksters. Don't think I can get all three layers on my

Am I getting carried away or is this a normal thing to do?


29/09/2009 at 10:24
Groundrush wrote (see)

Am I getting carried away or is this a normal thing to do?

Yeah, maybe a little.

Pair of tights and a t-shirt, with a pair of gloves and a hat for really cold days is enough for me.

29/09/2009 at 10:38

Yeah I think perhaps you are anticipating a colder winter than is likely.    A helly hansen, shorts and running gloves will do you - woolly hat and a running vest over the helly if it's really cold.   Tracksters or tights optional depending on how nesh you are.   

29/09/2009 at 10:41

Depends on how fast you run & how hot you get.

I hate things on my legs, so pretty much always run in shorts, but I'd be amazed if you needed more than one layer on your bottom half.

I find a LS top & gilet plenty, along with gloves on top, so I'd experiment with using the jacket as a gilet first, and only putting on the sleeves if you think it's really necessary.

General rule of thumb is to feel a little chilly when you set off, then you'll be just right after a mile or two.

The gear itself looks fine, I just don't think you'll need all of it at once.

When I have run in tights, I've either just put them over my normal flappy shorts, or a pair of briefs. I wonder if 2 layers of lycra type stuff will move over each other properly. Might be better getting a pair of wicking briefs.

cougie    pirate
29/09/2009 at 10:44
I never bother with gloves - its always too hot for me. If cold - put hands up your sleeves. And cant remember the last time I needed a hat.

Never really wear tracksters either - my legs dont get cold running.

A nice gilet is good, and some long sleeve hellys or similar. Hi viz vest is good.

Dont go overboard - Aldi sell running kit every now and then and you can stock up on that and get a few tops for the price of a branded one.

29/09/2009 at 11:21

"Empties shopping cart & walks out of shop"

Thanks, will have a rethink

LIVERBIRD    pirate
29/09/2009 at 11:24

I end up carrying the gloves and ripping off the hat half way round too....

Those jackets with thumbholes in are quite good because once your hands are warm you can pull them out of the end of your sleeves!

29/09/2009 at 11:28

I have fairly bad circulation, so gloves are v important to me, as are tights, otherwise my poor little legs get cold.

Went out Sunday morning, and it was 8C, was pretty much freezing all the way round my 10 mile route, untill the sun started to make a difference, which was about a 1mile from home!

29/09/2009 at 11:55

I have poor circulation as well and find snug fitting "running" gloves only make matters worse so I have a nice loose-ish pair of fleece gloves. (plus they ae easy to get on and off on the move)

Long sleeve top and  hi-viz gilet (I've got  a cheap JJB one but I'm not sure if they still do them) as opposed to a top, a jacket and hi-viz vest.

A hi-viz buff instead of a hat, my head is always the first thing to get too hot and you can just wrap the buff around your wrist for easy carrying/stowage.

My legs overheat in leggings so I'm a shorts only person.

Iron Pingu    pirate
29/09/2009 at 11:56
I tend to start off wrapped up like I'm about to go skiing and end up with most of it wrapped around my waist
29/09/2009 at 12:38

Buffs are great. Unless it's bitingly cold I wear mine with the top bit open, so my ears don't hurt with the cold but the top of my head is free.

All running tops should by law have a zipped pocket in the back to stuff gloves etc. Once I wore gloves and was too hot, so I shoved them down the back of my capris... 'Picasso bum' - not a good look!

29/09/2009 at 12:45

Whilst I don't feel the cold on my legs, I find gloves essential. If I don't, my whole arm seizes up. Sometimes it's been 20 minutes before I can get my top off once I get back, but no probs if I wear gloves. Quite often I'll wear shorts & short sleeved T-shirt with gloves. Have a light knitted nike pair, that I can just take off & ball up to carry if i do get too hot.

29/09/2009 at 13:27

I've got the nathan vest and its really good.  Shines like a beacon.

29/09/2009 at 13:29

The runs that I'm going to be doing will be during the evenings after work, it will soon be getting dark & colder

I can't imagine going out in only a pair of running shorts & shirt, surely it will be too cold with the wind chill etc

Mind you I once couldn’t imagine running out in the rain & when I did brave it I found quite alot of runners out aswell.

I think I'll get the 3 in 1 jacket, a few Lycra shorts, perhaps a pair of Tracksters to try out, and a hat 

I have a pair of old gloves that I could use instead if buying another.

29/09/2009 at 13:41

I never wear a hat - get too hot very quickly.  I use a buff, or a fleecy earwarmer band, to keep the wind off my ears.

I wear light fleece gloves too, but they usually end up stuffed down the front of my tights after a few miles.

That and a long-sleeved top, and maybe a light wind-proof jacket if it's bitter, is all I need.

I'd suggest you continue running in what you're currently wearing until you start to feel you need more on.  Then add a bit at a time, rather than buying a load of stuff at once.

Having said that, if you find something you really like, buy several - they never have any more if you go back for another one later!

29/09/2009 at 15:33

I just picked up a couple of long sleeve tech t-shirts and a couple of pairs of long tights...should do me for winter. Far too warm to put them on yet though, I just like being prepared.

Once the real cold sets in, I'll probably pick up a pair of gloves but probably not for a while.

 Try to get away with the minimum you can to start off with and see how you go. That way you don't have to buy all your gear at once and you may decide you're warm enough anyway.

30/09/2009 at 11:26

I usually don't run too much outside in winter.  I haven't previously picked out winter or early spring races to train for, so I more often go inside to the gym and use the treadmill.

That said I have a pair of running gloves, which I've never kept on all the way round a run, even 5k easy ones.  I never wear a hat in winter - have never felt the need.  I did buy an end-of-line reduced pair of really form fitting leggings for winter running, then found them so supportive for the muscles on long runs that I used them in the middle of summer too (not that we had a summer, but that's another forum).  I can't run in public with them on though.  I sweat, sorry, perspire too much for a long sleeved tight top, so have a loose one that keeps the wind off and I can push the sleeves up when I get too hot.

I do have a hi-viz gilet thing, from JJB like marshallini.  Think it was a fiver.  They're badly made and a poor fit, but cars can see you, and they've got pockets for putting the gloves in.

Maybe don't buy it all at once, Groundrush.  As the evenings cool, discover what you need.

I can remember my school years, and cross country runs on wet ground in the freezing cold, wearing cotton t-shirt, shorts and y-fronts, socks and those dunlop daps.  Ah, the good old days.  Made me the runner I am today...

cougie    pirate
30/09/2009 at 11:44
I have the JJB one - the one with the black stripes on ? Its excellent value - they were selling them with a different make on in the running shop for about £25. Fit seems OK to me.

Its amazing how warm you get when running.
30/09/2009 at 11:49
Anyone use things like Nike Pro Core base layer? or Under Armour styley things?
cougie    pirate
30/09/2009 at 11:50
They're ok - but very expensive. Personally I cant tell the difference between them and any of my cheaper kit.
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