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22/11/2002 at 12:48

I've been running for 6 months now (upto 30 miles a week) and now find that i fancy a HRM? Are they worth it? Which one? Is the belt restrictive around your chest? Any info would be much appreciated!

G-Sport    pirate
24/11/2002 at 12:34
hi , i had the same problem, but opted for a polar m71ti, which has been v good so far, chest strap is no problem, only problem with mine has been at night as it's doifficult to see readout light function is crap!
found mine a good training tool in conjunction with sally edwards hrm book, which i got from amazon.
helps motivate a bit too which is always a problem for lazy me!
best of luck
24/11/2002 at 18:01
I find that a HRM is a fantastic training tool. Can really make the most of your training sessions by doing the right amount of work.

I've got the Timex one - have had no problems with it.

25/11/2002 at 09:56
This subject keeps on cropping up in these forums. Try doing a search on 'HRM', there is plenty of good advice to be found. I have a Polar M51 and have had no problems so far apart from the odd erractic reading, which is also a separate thread (search for 'erratic').
25/11/2002 at 10:09
I would generally recommend Polar HRM's as they seem well liked by their owners. I've got a M71ti which I wouldn't recommend. Although it looks nice it lacks basic features like average HR and peak HR. If you opt for one of the titanium models spend the extra and get the M91 ti instead.
25/11/2002 at 20:42
Thanks for the responses, have gone with a polar 51, after reading through some old threads.

28/11/2002 at 09:23
nope just about to buy it from sportshoes? whats URWFRC? how much will it cost me?
28/11/2002 at 10:09
thanks for that!
06/01/2003 at 16:28
I've just replaced my old Polar Edge (Excellent but basic) with a new Sigma 61 for the same price as a chest strap for the Polar. It promised lots - equivalent to M51/2, but I regret it already, with weedy bleep and small display, complicated to use. At least it is a cheap waste of money!
06/01/2003 at 23:01
Recently bought a Polar S410 - excellent! Love it to bits. Definitely well worth the extra, since you can download all date to PC and check out how you've been improving... or not... hmm..! :)
07/01/2003 at 13:59
I bought a Ciclosport HRM & I'm very impressed. Even the most basic model, which I have, shows max HR, which I couldn't find on any other cheap HRM.
07/01/2003 at 23:03
Santa brought me the M52, easy to use and the belts not restrictive. The own zone function and fitness test work a treat, although i think it is more geared up to weight loss. So far very happy, just looking to buy a book from sally whats her face!
07/01/2003 at 23:13
I'll back LaaLaa,

The Polar S410 (though a bit pricey at around £140) is the cheapest model in the range from which you can download data onto your PC. It comes with its own software, and probably has enough features to keep you entertained for quite a while if you're technologically minded. You'll need a good book on heart rate training though since, as you'll gather from various threads, it can get a little complicated. I guess you're at that stage where you will really benefit from heart rate training...
09/01/2003 at 20:17
OOh... know of any decent books, Nick?
Bought the S410 purely because I'm a techno-freak and visit the gym 5-6 times per week. If it's not there, then it's treading the streets, so to speak.. :)
Really wanted to be sure I wasn't overdoing it and keeping to my suggested percentages and so on.
09/01/2003 at 21:38
I reckon the Cardiosport range knocks spots of anything else. I have had the Excel for 7 years and it's never let me down and hardly ever needs batteries
09/01/2003 at 22:06

Yes, "Precision Heart Rate Training", Edmund R. Burke Editor; published by Human Kinetics is fairly decent. The advise is clear and easy to follow. It's also the 'unofficial' Polar manual.
Good luck with the training.

P.S. Don't you just love downloading your HR data onto your computer, and printing those graphs... I give them as presents to my wife... It's just like that scene in The Big Blue.
09/01/2003 at 22:19
For a simpler but cheaper version try:
10/01/2003 at 20:22
Nick... are you sure you're alright???!
Tried showing the other half my charts first time I used it... he wasn't all that excited, I have to say. Are you SURE she likes them?? ;-)
p.s Thanks for advice about the book. Also been to that like you suggested, which is all very good advice. Ta much!
10/01/2003 at 22:00
Nick's wife here!: Yes! I like them all right! OK. The graph in itself is not much to get high about; but with a little imagination... I wouldn't enjoy any other present half as much!
10/01/2003 at 23:36
Hmmm... methinks...
Nah! :)
Personally, I'm just ever so pleased that you're both so much into figures... ;-)
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