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27/11/2002 at 11:15
hi all,

i'm aware there are quite a few threads on HRT monitors which have been useful when i bought mine recently (polar 'wireless').

there are a couple of things i'd like your advice on though - very simple but i'm new to all this!

1) am i wearing it in the right place? (yes it is round my chest!). what i mean is being a girlie and having boobs, i can't put it across my chest like my male friend wears his. instead i have to fit it around my ribcage under my boobs. i mean this is really the only place for it - but is fact that it is not going across my heart make a difference to the reading? what do other female forumites do?

2) it says you have to wet the contact pads - i'm quite fair and don't sweat very much even when i'm running at my hardest (just turn a lovely shade of beetroot!). do the contact pads dry out over time? is there a gel or something that may be more effective than just tap water.

3) am i correct in thinking that as i get fitter my resting heart rate will decrease slightly too?

4) the HRM came with a chart to work out what HR you should be aiming for. for my age (25), it said i should be aiming for 130 - 160 to be working in the 'increase your fitness' range. i haven't a clue - so does this sound right?

sorry of all these questions, but i hope you can help.


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1 message
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