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Advice wanted about training with Ipods

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03/04/2012 at 09:16

I don't know how stringent race bans are, but I imagine it's for your own good and also common sense. 10,000 people all running along unable to hear directions from marshals and/or people coming up behind them would just be a nightmare. For those who feel they have to run to music, either turn it down low enough to hear the outside world, or only wear one earphone.

I wear my iPod during most races and have no idea if I'm breaking a rule. I always hit pause when approaching water stations/checkpoints/road crossings so I can hear the marshals and I think it would be extreme bad manners to do otherwise.

Until I read here that it wasn't allowed I was planning on running Edinburgh with mine. I'll probably take it along anyway and wait for someone to tell me I can't wear it rather than leave it at home.

09/04/2012 at 22:17
Hi I got an ipod shuffle (just the little £40 ish) one and I run with it all the time. It just clips on to my waist band and (fingers crossed) I haven't had any problems with it. I know some races have problems with people using MP3s for safety reasons. I am doing the Great North Run in September but I have been told that there is a fair bit of music by bands along the way so mayne that will be the case for the Edinburgh marathon? I must  admit I do like the music on a run. I get bored with my own company!!!
27/10/2012 at 17:13

This seems like just the thread I need since I would like to get an ipod and need advice!

I don't want to listen to music when I run but I want to know my speed when I run, I'd like to know this as I run ideally. Also I'd like to download these newfangled podcasts. And I'd like to be able to plug it into the interweb and not have to plot my run on 'mapmyrun' (which sometimes takes just as long as the run itself).

I asked in apple store and they said I could get a new smaller ipod touch (nano?) and I wouldn't need a nike+chip. Sounds great but no-one in the shop knew if you could see/hear your speed. It maps the time and distance so I guess it must know your speed? They told me to ask in Nike store, who said 'no idea, ask apple'. Helpful.

I don't want to spend a lot, £100-200, and I don't want to have to wear nike shoes. I want to know how fast I am going, and I want to be able to upload the data to my computer. I'd like to hear podcasts too.

Is there such a device in the world????

Yours in hope,


27/10/2012 at 17:37

Yes, it's called a Garmin wristwatch.

27/10/2012 at 17:50

Charley- I think the nearest thing to your needs is the ipod nano 6th gen, but not the brand new one that came out in the last couple of weeks.

The 6th gen is about 1" square and has a clip to fasten to the top of your shorts. It has a built in accelorometer which works as a pedometer (that's why its best at the top of your shorts).

The reason I specify the 6th gen model is that older versions need the footpod and the brand new model is larger and has no clip. There are plenty of 6th gen ones around and with the new one now being out, prices should be dropping.

The installed nike+ software can be used to record your run and you can either set a run time or distance (KM is better as it will let you know your time for each KM, but not if you select miles). Once you have finished your run you can download the data to the Nike+ website via itunes and get lots of information on the run.

This is not a SatNav it's a sophisticated pedometer and as such is not as accurate on distance covered as it depends upon a consistent stride length, which is unlikely on hills or trails. Ideally find a measured kilometre and once you have completed the distance you can calibrate the unit. When I compared the distance to a proper GPS I found that what it was recording as 5km was actually about 4.85km (Bit of a blow as this meant I was not as fast as I thought). However this was more accurate than trying to use mapmyrun.

To know the times and countdowns it gives you you would of course need to use it with headphones. It fades the music to give you your splits. If you install itunes on your computer there are stacks of podcasts that can be setup to automatically download every time a new one comes out and you can then sync them to your ipod. It is actually quite simple. The 8GB model is probably fine and you can get them for about £110. I would also factor in some sport headphones as the supplied ones fall out of your ears easily when running. The Ipod is not waterproof but on your shorts with a waterproof covering it, it should be fine for light rain.

27/10/2012 at 18:00
Garmin won't play podcasts, but you can get a garmin watch and ipod shuffle well within your budget.

I have't used nike + but you should be able to google for answer

If you have a smartphone there are lots of apps for activity tracking
27/10/2012 at 20:47

Thanks Mxb16, Goji and Half runner half biscuit, great advice!

Great to hear from another HMHB fan as well. Was listening to the Peel Sessions just the other day.

Thanks again,


28/10/2012 at 00:07

Charley - A man of impeccable taste. Does this mean you are a runner with restless legs. Just as long as your'e not on the roids.

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