Mens Compression Tights - what to wear?

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05/02/2013 at 12:13

Hello all.. Sorry this is a bit of a late post but came here through google after a search.. Anyway I am currently using Skins a200 compression tights and i think they are great. However I get the same problem mentioned above, that of the tights slipping down below my waist. At the moment I am using a rope to tie around the waist like a drawstring, but wondered if there are any other solutions or whether I need a smaller size. I am 6.1 and the sizing chart does not cater for males above 6 foot. However I wondered whether it may be the issue of the waist being to loose and not the height issue.

Any advise would be great?


23/02/2013 at 09:35

Hi Patrick.  I have just had the same problem wearing Skins a200 compression tights.  I have only worn and washed them twice (as per their instructions of washing at 30 degrees) but already they have stretched at the waist and now keep slipping down when I start out running.  I purchased the correct size based on their sizing chart.

It was my first experience running with Skins and the initial run was brilliant.  They fitted well and did not slip down. Less fatigue in the calfs and skins and quicker recovery afterwards.  However, I am now concerned about how long they last as I have only had them a month and been out with them twice and, as they have already stretched, that is now putting me off them.


23/02/2013 at 11:56
Hi there.. First of all apoligise in this message for any incorrert i am typing from my phone.. Out of interest how tall are you i am 6.1 and the sizing chart seems not to cater for this height.. My problem to be appears exactly the same as yours i decided to go for a smaller size and although they still shim down a bit they are better.. Between that anr the rope i think they are still worth it.. Although they do stretch.. I tried to contact skins about this and they wanted me to send them off.. As i have marathons coming up i couldnt do this.. But it might be worth talking to them and sending yours off.. Cheers
24/02/2013 at 11:12

I am also 6.1 and the sizing chart I have seen goes up to 6.5.  The problem I have is that my weight is on the upper end of the medium scale.  So it was either a large or a medium and I was told to get the smaller medium size so I get the full effect of the compression.

They started off fine but stretched after two uses which I don't think is normal.  I have read other posts complaining about bad stitching which could cause them to stretch quicker if they are not stitched properly.

Thankfully, the company where they were bought from has agreed to take them back but it has kinda put me off wearing them.  I don't want to risk buying the large size coz I think they will be too large for me.  Large goes up to 100kg and I am no way near that.  My scales put me on 80kg.

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