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11/09/2008 at 15:04

Just after some advice re shoes.

 Five or six years ago I was doing quite a bit of running - just for fitness not racing or anything.

 I bought some Mizuno Wave Creation shoes from a real running shop and got on very well with them.  (At 110 kg something that would deal with the weight was the priority).  I had a second pair the following year which continued to suit me well.  After that I had some Ascics which although recommended by the same shop I didn't get on with so well.

Anyway, I'm just starting running again and the old pairs are well past it having been on gardening duty for the last few years.  I'm not in a position to travel to anywhere with a decent running shop so the internet is my only realistic option for a new pair.

Before I play safe and get another pair of Wave Creations, I was wondering how the Wave Rider or Wave Fortis might compare.  Mizuno's chart suggests they have moderate cushioning compared to the Wave Creation having maximum cushioning. The price of the Wave Creations is so high though, even last years are still a lot.  I'm not inclined to try any different brands because the Mizuno's fitted me very well before.



11/09/2008 at 16:36
I think the main area of concern with Mizuno's new version of Wave Creation is the dynamotion fit - ie the outside of the shoe has an elasticated panel.  While this may help the heel retain its shape it causes all kinds of other problems - to my mind the side of the shoe should not give in the way it now does; caused me such foot discomfort I had to change to Wave Riders, which haven't gone over to the dynamotion fit yet.  I found cushioning in Wave Riders was fine. However, only a matter of time before it moves to dynamotion fit too (they're on offer just now suggesting an upgrade is imminent) and I note the new version of Wave Precisions has the infamous elasticated panel  - I anticipate having to switch to another manufacturer after next year, which for me is a nuisance as I've worn Mizuno shoes for years now.
11/09/2008 at 17:36

Agree with RMcD - wore the Creation successfully until version 9. This introduced the Dynamotion fit which is appalling - I had to stop wearing them as well. If you can get version 8 in your size it's the same midsole and outsole as the 9 but with a 'normal' upper. The 9s have been out for a while though so may be hard to find.

Never worn the Rider, but I understand them to be for the same type of runner but with not quite so much cushioning (i.e. neutral but probably lighter than the Creation target audience).

I've worn a couple of shoes since changing - Nimbus 10 from Asics is a fantastically comfortable shoe but cushioning (although durable) is much softer than the Creations and they don't have so much support. I'm now wearing the Nike Moto 6 which are great. They fit well and have a ride similar to the Creation - they have a Polyurethane heel which gives a 'ping' in the heel rather than the dead feeling you often get with EVA. Designed for neutral runners with a touch of support, they're also alot cheaper at £75 if you pay full price. See internet for cheaper deals.

Saw on an American site that a new Creation is due Dec/Jan that changes the fit and softens the heel slightly (another criticism of the 8/9s was that they were very firm). We'll have to see how they look, but if price is an issue I'm sure they'll be at least as expensive as the current ones.

14/09/2008 at 10:41
If you go for the Creation, check out the price on www.dorunning.com we should all advise each other on cheap offers because shoe prices are becoming silly.

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