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12/03/2003 at 14:22
Thanks for the positive feedback on the website, I spend quite a lot of time working on this so good to get some nice comments about its function and ease of use.

Sounds like you're a classic pronator....its perfectly normal to strike on the outside edge of the heel and then roll inwards to the inside of the forefoot...problems only occur when this becomes too pronounced and heavy wear patterns in these areas maybe suggests you pronate quite a bit.

Maybe therefore worth looking at some support shoes with your next purchase (Pegasus is neutral and not really for over-pronators) shoes that have a medial post on the inside of the midsole to control the inward motion as you transition from heel to forefoot.

Best NB bets in this category...764, 854, 1220. If you like off-road shoes, the 904 is a cracker with a bit more support than the 870.

12/03/2003 at 14:43
Thanks, I did know the Pegs were neutral but after having used the 2030's, 50's & DS's I found the Pegs more comfy, as well as the fact I knocked 22 seconds off my 5k time when I tried them out! The wear looks fairly even on both so I guess no problems there. Really overall my experience of different shoes is fairly limited (found a type that fitted and stuck with them), I run over half my miles off road so for the two pairs of road shoes I have four pairs of off road which include two pairs of Adidas swoops which I really love.

Anyway, thanks and I will have a look at your suggested models.
12/03/2003 at 14:51
While we're on the subject.

I've recently discovered the 730's which I wear with orthotics, they fit like a glove and it's as if they become part of me as I run. So the ideal shoe for me?

I weigh 80k and am hoping to wear the 730's for my third FLM in April. I'm not a "fast" runner but I'll be looking for a time of about 3.05.

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21 to 23 of 23 messages
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