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12/07/2005 at 11:43
I'm thinking of getting a new pair of off-road shoes-am currently wearing Inov8 Terrocs which are great, nice and light, but they aren't too good on occasional forays onto roads and harder paths.
I saw a pair of Teva 'fell running' shoes, cant remember the name, but they got a good review from some Irish magazine. They seemed to be pretty light and well cushioned too. Teva isnt a name I associate with running shoes-has anyone any thoughts?
I run about 40 miles per week, maximum distance off-road about 16 miles or so.
Any advice would be welcome
12/07/2005 at 22:08
Come on you shower of shites
12/07/2005 at 22:09
In your own time
16/07/2005 at 14:17
I have just bought New Balance 781's - felt like slippers from day 1

Lots of toe room as my toes chew their way through the toe caps, very low ride. Excellent in the dry on/off road but haven't tried in the wet/snow yet. I reckon I could do a 10k in them too.
16/07/2005 at 15:46
I'll second the NB 781s. I'm onto my second pair. I've also got a pair each of Terrocs, Flyrocs and Mudrocs (!) and find the NBs are best for hardpack forest trails and a bit of Tarmac. In fact, I'm seriously thinking of wearing them in my next (road) marathon!

I've never heard of Teva in connection with running shoes.
18/07/2005 at 22:52
Thanks very much for replying. I've always liked NB's for road shoes but was unsure what they were like for off road.
I'm a bit sick of road running, find it really dull and do most of my running on trails, beaches and hills. In the summer I find the ground really hard and could do with a bit of cushioning.
I was up in the Cairngorms this weekend and did a couple of runs in the forests around Glenmore, absolutely superb.
19/07/2005 at 07:37
I agree I hate roads and traffic. Luckily I live on the edge of a city with open countryside only 20 minutes run away so most of my training is on trails.Our club is based in the local country park

If you want extra cushioning, you can't really do any better than Asics Nimbus
26/07/2005 at 21:28
My physio recommended Asics Trabuco (womens) - I run a mix of off and on road and am a mild/mod over-pronator. Will use my orthotics in them. I use Asics 2100 at present - am waiting for the Trabucos - will update you on what I think of them if you like.
30/07/2005 at 22:51
My physio recommended Asics Trabuco (womens) - I use them with my orthotics (mild/mod pronator) - without the orthotics ?-I'm not sure how much but they have some medial support for mild pronation.

I love them - have used them in dry and wet (summer slippery mud not winter slush yet!)

I use Asics 2100 on road ( and used them off road til I bought the Trabucos) and am very happy with those as well - but find the Trabucos better on field/woods and okay on-road as I have to get to the 'trail' runs.

Duck Girl    pirate
31/07/2005 at 00:27
for fell/sand dunes/claggy offroad mud/beaches = MUDROCS.
Bit of cushioning, good compromise between classic Walshes (which are only really useful for fells, and then aren't as good for crossing solid rock) and trail shoes.
Longest I've done in them is a 15-miler with no big problems, would use for longer. They are also OK for my maybe 2 miles of road to get to the off-road (bottoms are flat but thick tread, so they don't blunt like Walshes do).
Off-road you don't need to worry about pronation (I'm usually in motion control shoes on-road) because your foot lands in a different position all the time, not one continuous surface.
Fell shoes tend to be narrower so good for women's fit (though still not narrow enough for me - grrrr, thick hiking socks required).

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