New shoes for marathon or stick with old failing ones?

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10/05/2011 at 20:13

I am running the edinburgh marathon which is only just week and a half away.  I had been thinking for a while that my old trainers which I've done all my training in were starting to need replaced.  However, always read never run marathon in new trainers - so decided to hold out and get new ones after the race.  However, on my last 2 runs I have had pain in the 3 middle toes on my left foot - like pressure underneath.  When I look at the sole of the shoe this area is very worn - no tread left.  So now I am in a dilemma, do I stick with them for the race - better the devil you know.  Or should I buy a new pair - but won't really have enough time to break them in and only 20-25 miles planned left to run before the day.

 Opinions, help and advice appreciated
10/05/2011 at 20:41
Im doing the edinburgh aswell. I got new trainers recently as mine were shot. I went from brooks vapour 9 to brooks trance 10's. i wore them around the house and did a few short runs in the before doing a 15 miler with no problems whatsoever (and i get serious blisters). if you run in knackered shoes youll probably injure yourself and you dont want that on the big day.
10/05/2011 at 21:35
Thats comforting to hear.  Yeah I know, I put off getting new trainers cause didn't want to change anything but i can feel my old injuries and shin pain might be starting to come back with these old ones.  I don't want to waste all my hard work by making the wrong decision and ruining my race.  Good luck to you for your marathon!
cougie    pirate
10/05/2011 at 21:50
Its a bit silly what youve done. In future you'd be better off with two pairs of shoes and alternate them.

But all is not lost - I'd go get another pair of shoes - same model and make. If you're lucky they won't have changed or discontinued them.

You have enough time to break them in - modern shoes don't need lots of running in. My Edinburgh shoes only have about 50 miles on them.
12/05/2011 at 12:14

I went to the running shop and apart from them saying the shoes I have are too small they said they aren't in bad shape.

 Is there a possibility that I am just feeling all these pains as part of taper panic?  I did buy new shoes in a half size bigger, but a bit worried about them as even though they are just an updated model of the ones I had they don't feel the same.

cougie    pirate
12/05/2011 at 12:19
I'd wear the new ones in then - round the house and then out on a run. To me half a size bigger doesn't make much difference.

And yes it could just be taper panic. I ran on Monday and was running like a er, a not very good at running thing.

13/05/2011 at 20:28

Thanks... I wore them out, they do feel bouncier but a bit hard.  Will try wear them in.  Toe pain was still there unfortunately, hopefully it will go once I get going in the new shoes.

22/05/2011 at 17:01
I'd follow Cougie's advice. Additionally, if the shoes serve you well in the race, I'd put tthem back in the box and reserve them for future races (assuming Edinburgh is not a one-off), and so avoid your dilemma in the future.  (You could keep a running total of the mileage you do in them on the lid, to give you an idea of when to replace thhem.)
24/10/2013 at 12:33

Just landed myself in this situation too, just prior to a season ending half marathon... poor planning. Realised knees complaining about 600+ mile runners, so have new ones (shoes that is). Have managed approx 10 miles in them and calf muscles feel like popping out my legs. Race is 3 days away and I think for sake of knees I should go with new rather than old... or maybe could use my 150mile off road shoes... but also aiming to break 96min PB so in a quandary whether quickest option is the new ones. Anyone with advice from prior experience?

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