Nike "Cesium" (ANNAJO)

Any one tried them yet?

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30/11/2005 at 11:36
Hi I am interested in trying the new Nike Air "Cesium" support running shoe.
However my local Sweatshop whom I've always been impressed with until now just can't or won't tell me when or if they will stock them!
I know they're out now (Early Nov actually) as they are being offered on other T'internet sites but I really would prefer to try them on before I buy and buy from a local shop.

Any one ?

30/11/2005 at 12:26
Good question Mac. I'm interested too.
30/11/2005 at 13:08
just looked at a certain run site, and they have advertised it as a neutral shoe!!

Please, I implore any neutral runners, ignore this!
30/11/2005 at 13:15
What chance do us mere mortal plebs stand when the so called "experts" can't be bothered to read up on their products???

Is it any wonder we're struggling?

30/11/2005 at 13:20
to be honest, the site i saw this on cant exactly be called a specialist running site. the cesium is a descendent (in a way) of the old Durham, which was basically a brick.

30/11/2005 at 13:54
LOL! How the heck can you confuse a brick with a neutral shoe?!
30/11/2005 at 13:56
RIP the old Durham, my favourite shoe. The Stasis was way too narrow and cut my feet open, hoping for something better this time.
30/11/2005 at 14:27
The Cesium is supposed to be only 11oz ? I think thats about 310g but correct me if I'm wrong.
So it looks like the brick is dead and we may be left with a MC shoe that actually feels like...well a shoe! Probably because it lacks the usually large & heavy medial post?

30/11/2005 at 15:06
they have got rid of the medial post and replaced with something else which basically reduced the weight drastically. (warptech involved, but cant remember the full gumph)
30/11/2005 at 15:44
It's something to do with heel/footstrike magagement but more so than the usual found in Asics etc...
It basically corrects the way the foot "lands" rather than simply attempting to stop it rolling once it HAS landed..I think!!!
All irrelevent if I can't get a soddin pair though eh? !!!

this new approach is why I want to try a pair on before buying which I think is sensible with any new previously untried shoe let alone a new concept shoe?

30/11/2005 at 16:25
you could try getting in touch with Nike, I have a sneaking suspicion they may have a PR dept or similar, and find out if anyone in your area is stocking them.
30/11/2005 at 16:38
dunno if you can get to kendal in cumbria but Pete Bland Sports seem to have them.
30/11/2005 at 16:48
Bit far from Derby!

I've spoken to Nike and they tell me it's available but Sweatshop themselves don't seem to know when or if they are getting them! None of my other local shops intend to stock them apparantly so SS is my only hope unless I buy blind off T'Internet!

30/11/2005 at 17:35
Hi Mac, It's difficult for the shop staff to know what new styles we are due to get in on a weekly basis - thats something thats decided by our buyers. It's not the case that "we can't be bothered to read up on our products" - there are a VAST amount of running shoes that we don't stock, as a company we have to choose the selection from that range that we think will sell the best in the shops. I'd say that most of our staff have the product knowledge of the shoes that we stock in the shops, but its just not possible to read up or be trained up on every shoe that we don't stock.

Let me email our footwear buyer and I'll try to find out if we're due to get the Cesium. I'll get back to you as soon as I know. Which is your local Sweatshop?
30/11/2005 at 17:55
Sorry, no offence intended but I have emailed SS (website customer services) 3 times! and not had a single relpy.
But I appreciate what you say and admit that I'm a little frustrated right now!
Nottingham is my nearest branch followed by Brierly Hill Nr Dudley

30/11/2005 at 18:05
Mac, I'm sorry to hear you'd not had a reply to your emails - so I can try and find out whats gone wrong, can you please tell me the dates and times you sent the emails - did you use the "Contact Us" form, or did you send direct emails to ""? What is your email address? Feel free to email me that info using the "Email Member" link.
30/11/2005 at 18:06
(btw, I've just sent that email to our buyer, so I'll be in touch when I know more)
30/11/2005 at 18:11
Cheers for that RRR, I await with baited breath.

01/12/2005 at 08:05
I too am awaiting reviews of this shoe with bated breath, it looks almost too good to be true! Interesting to see which UK outlets have the shoe, you'd have thought the big chains would have been all over this one ...... but no!

For what it's worth, I checked out Road Runner Sports (the world's biggest running shoe outlet) and they have the Cesium retailing at $120, so for those who can't locate a pair it might be worth the shipping costs. The forecast UK price is about 85 quid isn't it?\

I've just looked again and RRS seem to have very limited sizes, so perhaps supplies of this shoe are hard to come by. Look at

01/12/2005 at 08:57
Start Fitness are offering them as are sportshoes unlimited and pete bland, however none of them are close enough to be of any use to me in trying them on! SS unlimited seem to have most menizes in stock but not sure about SF or PB sports!

Trouble is because this shoe is a new concept it may not be right for me/us so trying it on is crucial I would think? That's the problem rather than simply getting a pair.

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