Off-road shoe for overpronator?

Please help - I'm new to this game

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01/11/2003 at 18:45

I began running in April this year and, as an overpronator, I was advised to buy the Saucony Grid Omni by B'Ham Runner, and they suit me perfectly.

I'd like to do some XC/off-road running, but don't want to b*gger my legs up by wearing inappropriate footwear.

Can you get off-road shoes for overpronators, in the same way that you can get general running shoes?

I live quite a way from my nearest running shop, so am asking the question here first!

Thank you

01/11/2003 at 20:35
HF, I think Brooks do an off-road shoe for overpronators. RW reviewed it a few months ago. Can't remember anything more than that, but hopefully this will set you up for some further digging.
02/11/2003 at 16:53
HF - I also use omni's & for off road have used Jazz 5000's with & without orthotics, am currently breaking in a paid of Grid approaches though i have yet to race in them

You could try e mailing saucony direct - they are usually helpfull.
02/11/2003 at 19:22
Thanks both!

03/11/2003 at 12:08
Nike Air Trail Pegasus has a reasonable level of support built into them on the medial side.Not the Storm Pegasus tho!!
03/11/2003 at 12:33
Hetfinch - sounds like you're like me. I overpronate, started on the Omnis (which were good), but moved over to Brooks Adrenaline GTS almost on a whim cos I had an inkling that the fit of Saucony wasn't 100% right for me. The GTS's are fantastic, by the way. I was looking for an off-road shoe, saw an RW review (presumably the one that Muttley means) for the Brooks Trespass which suggested that the Trespass, as an off-roader with stability, was suited for GTS users (and, on another thread a while back, the Brooks person who posts here occasionally comfirmed that for me). Great news as I love the fit of Brooks. Having splashed out on Trespasses, I unfortunately got injured (unrelated!) and couldn't christen them until yesterday, at the Dovedale Dash. But all went fab, no aches and pains, felt just the job. And certainly very grippy in tough conditions.

So, to summarise in far fewer words, (a) yes, the Trespass ought to suit you, but (as ever) do try them at a proper running shop before buying, and (b) they seem very good so far. Have a look at the review on this site.
03/11/2003 at 13:31
Excellent - thanks Swerve.

And glad to hear that you've overcome the injuries.

Will ring and check if my nearest shop has some to try out!


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