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08/12/2004 at 10:50
I'm looking for a new pair of offroad shoes and have never had much luck with purchases in this area before...

I normally wear Nike Air Structure Triax (or similar)...

I do a lot of mud / trails etc and am looking for a good pair of shoes providing the right kind of support...

Anyone help with suggestions / experiences

Thanks .. KJ
08/12/2004 at 12:21

From what I know you will find it very hard to find an offroad show with any kind off pronating support. Reason being that typically off-road is never flat, hence you cant support in that department. Ankle support yes etc

I personally run in Salomons XA pro's for xc and adventure racing... and use a Asics 2090 and Kayano for the rd with no problems...

08/12/2004 at 14:50
thats right, its almost impossible to find trail shoes with any overpronation support. The only ones I can remember off of the top of my head are the Nike Trail Pegasus, Asics Mesa Trail, and New Balance 781.

There might be one or two others as well - I think Brooks might do one but can't remember exactly.

The reason why these trainers aren't really designed by shoe manufacturers is that if your foot is sliding about in mud, its going to be rolling inwards and outwards all the time, and won't be very controllable, so any overpronation support won't be very effective.

But if you can get a pair of shoes that have a thin midsole, so that your foot feels quite close to the ground, that will keep your foot quite stable as well.
08/12/2004 at 15:29
Like the Inov-8 Flyroc or Terroc (or Mudroc, if you want something for pure off-road).
08/12/2004 at 15:36
Ken H

I've had the same problem finding a decent motion control shoe for off-road.

My podiatrist recommended the Brooks Trespass but it hasn't worked for me.

My searching found me the Mizuno Wave Redhawk 2, which I bought about an hour ago.

Trying it out on leg 5 of the Calderdale Way Relay on sunday so i'll let you know.

all the best
08/12/2004 at 17:08
cough cough AJ!

Grid Advance TR - Rearfoot support, full length cushioning.

Grid Omni TR - Rear and midfoot support (like the Omni 4 road shoe) plus full length cushioning.

Would agree with the reasoning for there not being many TR support shoes around tho.

More info on if needed.
08/12/2004 at 20:39
New Balance 771
New Balance 906

good for running on forest trails (though I found the 904 brick-like and haven't tried the latest

If it's *really* off road ie streams and bogs and the trackless wilderness overpronation becomes an irrelevance because each footfall is different. Then you need a fell shoe by Walsh, Innov-8 etc.

My injury rate has gone down dramatically since I've had the luck to do 95% of my running away from tarmac. Putting joints through the same movement thousands of times is not what they were designed to do.
09/12/2004 at 14:34
Brooks do an Addiction trail & have now made a GTS Off roader. Do agree with Greyhound and Annajo about the use of medial posts in OR shoes. Cynically, it sounds like a selling technique used by manufacturers. (Do like the ride of the NB 781 though but not as much as my Terrocs)
09/12/2004 at 16:20
Agree that stability features aren't important when running on very rough or muddy terrain. The difficulty though is where running on mixed terrain or off-road routes which are flat and dry but not quite suitable for road shoes. There's a lot of that on the South Downs in the summer and I have picked up several injuries running in neutral off-roaders in these conditions. I definitely look for some stability in off-roaders now.
09/12/2004 at 23:22
other trail shoes with medial support include the Puma Thiela (this also has a Gortex Upper) and the Puma Templier. Thiela is a trail version of the Tenos shoe and the Templier is a trail version of the Heras shoe, a racer trainer. Both with similar medial support in the style of the Nike Structure.
Also adidas Supernova Trail has medial support (but it is not clear to see because of the colour midsole)
As well as the other mentioned above.
good luck, Paul -
11/12/2004 at 09:15
I wear Nike Air Structure Triax normally and use Nike Storm Pegasus off-road.

I think my running style is a bit different off-road - I pronate less and heel-strike less, so the stability is less of an issue.
15/12/2004 at 14:34
(sorry jonny! )
22/11/2007 at 10:45
As a lady who slightly over-pronates, I have just bought NB 781's and noticed that Mizuno ladywave Ascend also cater for the overpronator, both from Sportshoes on offer at £20.

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