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06/07/2013 at 14:29

Hi all,

My Motorola Motoactiv has always been a little flakey as I believe many of them are.  I love the fact it combines MP3 playback and GPS functionality into one small pack, but the time has come to face facts and move on, as the unit is getting worse and worse.  To what?

There is nothing else on the market like it, so I guess I will need a Garmin type GPS unit on one wrist and some kind of wrist mounted MP3 player on the other.  I would really appreciate suggestions as I am having a lot of difficulty locating a suitable MP3 player that is wrist wearable.


GPS - must be wrist mounted and hardy.  I only run with it, nothing else.  I do need it to be able to last 5 hrs, but all I care about is total distance, speed, splits and timing.  Money is not a massive issue, I just want something really reliable and not too heavy,

MP3 - must be wrist mounted. Clip at a push?  I really want a touch screen display so I can see the tracks and navigate through them.  Bluetooth headphones OK, cable port OK as well.  Ideally something from someone well known - not some nameless thing off of Ebay.  Must be sweatproof!  8Gb or  more storage ideally.  Once again, money not a major issue, wnat good sounf quality and reliability of my sweaty wrist.

I already looked at the ipod shuffle thingy, but I am worried about reliabilty in a sweaty environment.  I also looked at a few MP3 plyers mounted in headphones, but they seem to be hard to chnage tracks.  I listen to a lot of comedy and spoken word, so it is important to be able to see which playlist I am getting to.

Many thanks for any suggestions/experiences anyone can give.

06/07/2013 at 15:14

For the GPS, sounds like a basic Garmin like the FR10 or FR110 could fit the bill. They're about a tenner either side of £100 if you shop around.

Sweatshop are doing an offer on the Soleus GPS watch at the mo, for £50. One of the attractions of the Garmins is the Garmin Connect website, maybe the Soleus has something similar.

For the mp3 player - leave it at home and retain an awareness of your surroundings

10/07/2013 at 11:47

that's a great price for a GPS watch Muttley. 

Has anyone used these?  I personally have a Garmin FR410 but am looking for a cheap one for a friend

10/07/2013 at 14:28

TBH I would avoid a touch screen anything when running - buttons are far more controlable whilst on the hoof.

I like my sansa clip+ for running - small, neat, reliable. Just don't stand on it and break the clip (I did and glued one from a security badge on instead).

12/07/2013 at 18:49

You can get watch straps for an iPod nano although why you wouldn't just press play on a playlist or shuffle and clip it on before running is beyond me.

12/07/2013 at 19:49
stujones wrote (see)

that's a great price for a GPS watch Muttley. 

Has anyone used these?  I personally have a Garmin FR410 but am looking for a cheap one for a friend

I've got the FR10 after my 305 died, basic but spot on for a plodder like me. Bargain price makes up for shortened features list. Good gps reception and lightweight.

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