Running tights etiquette

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21/08/2011 at 23:17

Amazing how much running fashion has changed over the years when this forum started.

White colour compression wear/ tights is becoming more acceptable in mainstream sports. Take this video for example:
31/10/2011 at 01:59
3/4 tights have benefits, while long tights i have difficulty to understand the benefits of the zip up leg is old fashion of sorts.

For one thing 3/4 or capri tights give compression at your knees joints and don't bunch up loosely like long tights at ankles.
What is the deal with the ankle zipper for long tights. I understand people wore long tube socks and needed to unzip there tights to put them on or to adjust, but today who the hell wears long socks? We all now see men wear short ankle socks don't we? Only see dorks or geeks wear long socks or baseball, basketball, football players etc..which they need to have no choice of there uniform.

As calling males who wear 3/4 running tight style for men gay or girly is unbelievable...
It is that type of ignorant thinking that gays have a proclivity in wearing running tights more so then other males sounds so absurd. Anyone who speaks of this or writes about it is, dare i say, redneck or very immature person.
This would be hurtful to gay people to hear even though they have no interest in wearing clothing like 3/4 tights or be associated with people wearing something they feel looks odd or ugly to there sense of manly style.
If you ever notice gay men wear clothing much more masculine then a heterosexual male. I'm not into the gay scene or populous but what i observed from gay males time to time on there attire, it is more conservative refined and to the liking of many mainstream people.

The insane thinking that clothes have something to do with your sexual preference is preposterous. These hatting group opinions are very foolish, in clothing make or say, something about sexual predisposition.

As if you called every black man N**er because it suited your view. Saying every N**er either plays sports, sings, deals drugs and abandons there children or is in prison. What does it say about you when you agree or say these things to black people in general?

The same goes to when you slander or label falsely men who are pleasant, decent, respectful heterosexual working out in adequate 3/4 running tight attire or leggings how's that make them feel?

For those who judge men who are not suppose to wear 3/4 capri tights only that women look good in. Last time i checked men have legs and haven't grown a tail in the back of there ass.
Most men who are fit have tapered legs, ankles, to calves, to knees, to thighs and narrow hips. While many today's women get away having no shape to there lower body only to be described as elephant leg syndrome, don't need to say, or describe, what i mean, it does not look very attractive. While women routinely go out wearing tights, as if they got nothing to wear buying bread. Men finishing or in route do the same as women buying bread it is frowned upon as incorrect same standard should be kept for the gals.
I know when i complete my workouts in the gym i change into street clothing when doing errands afterwords or walking to my car. Same consideration should be dawned onto women's clothing when they walk around civilization, stop from being lazy and change out of your smelly sweaty clothes, please..

Let's not judge people on what they wear or how they look accept people that are different not in a bad way but respectful.
By changing peoples opinions on accepting men wearing capri tights as normal mainstream workout clothes for both genders. Only then we all can get rid of hatting, mockery and foolish childish behavior some people generally feel they need to write about or spew out of there mouth like snake venom. Even those who say nothing and don't accept the clothing of choice men can pickup mocking looks or ill will feeling from others without hearing a word.
31/10/2011 at 14:32
"Only see dorks or geeks wear long socks" ... "Let's not judge people on what they wear or how they look"  About time you look for consistency in your opinions. I wear long socks thanks very much, they help transition to winter from shorts season and can be used to regulate heat if the weather is uncertain when starting out, in much the same way that arm-warmers can be used with T-shirts.
31/10/2011 at 14:38

"Only then we all can get rid of hatting, mockery and foolish childish behavior..."

Don't get me started on hats

31/10/2011 at 15:26

In summer... short shorts.
In winter... long tights.

The middle ground, or autumn as it insists on being called, has no business in my running. It is either cold enough for tights or it isn't!

31/10/2011 at 15:59
The zip on tights is really useful for me because after a really long run in the cold I'm tired and find my coordination slips enough to make getting my feet out of long tights difficult (might be a low blood sugar thing i get), the same for a 100km + bike ride, those zips mean it's quikcker to get changed and then can have that life saver sandwich.
01/11/2011 at 03:27
I apologize if I offended geeks or retards wearing tube socks. Just find people who wear them must have socks older then me. Only reason why someone may wear tube socks is they are layering and have the wrong shoes for colder weather.
There are more modern designs of fabric that wick moisture away from feet and still keep you warm. Also you can wear sleeves for ankles, calves, elbows that are much better and designed for a purpose.
Only my observation seeing guys wearing wool work socks over there running tights and nylon running shorts on top. To me it's like going to Halloween party dressed in a costume very odd.
To me doesn't make sense seeing women wearing skorts or jacket tied around the hips. Wear tights properly only reason people who hide there bodies in tights feeling akward is because of low self esteem. Who cares how you look. I find trendy clothes annoying people wear like yoga boot pants but most women buy it for style purposes not for practical reasons.

As for getting into out of tights easier with zip ankles I find it more annoying. Most times I forget to unzip and try to get out of the tights finding the zipper caught not undoing. So I'm left my tights between my legs not being able to get out only to pull them back up and unzip.
Leggings are much better just pull them off no problems and you get a perfectly compressed fabric unlike zip up tights at ankles.

Maybe I'll try Capri tights with long baseball knee high socks how would that look go over??..

Edited: 01/11/2011 at 03:36
01/11/2011 at 10:49
I am having the same dilemna but for a different reason - I will only wear them if they are supposed to make me go faster or longer etc - when I ran the canberra marathon everyone was wearing them and thought they really helped

So if anyone can tell me that they will get me going faster or longer than I am prepared to have my kids/wife/friends/neighbours take the **** out of me - if not then I wont wear them!
01/11/2011 at 12:58
They will make you faster. Enjoy.
01/11/2011 at 15:29
Wearing tights will benefit you physically but mentally as well. You will have your brain sense fear of flight. Meaning you will perceive or hear many people looking at you oddly. This will make you feel anxiety thus releases chemicals in your brain helping your physical body endure the running your about to take on. It's a primitive animal instinct of survival like cat being chased by a dog.

You may mentally feel that everyone around you is looking at you. The feeling of having a second skin which tights makes you feel as though your naked. So every time you pass anyone or have someone running behind you will make you want to runaway from there stares making you stronger faster as a result. That's all true unless your in physically bad condition then there will be a wall you hit and will not matter either way.

When i first put on compression gear the top, bottoms you feel as your the center of attention and not in a good way. People may mock you and makes you feel uncomfortable, angry then I focuses my energy to the task at hand getting better results then I have ever achieved.
If you try it once you may never do it again only because it was to challenging mentally and physically to go through it.
Good luck.
01/11/2011 at 16:18
AllNew wrote (see)
Dan - proper LOL at 'Steven and the twins'

Oh so did too!
Simon Coombes 2 wrote (see)

Tracksters - only for the over 50's

Phew - I'm old enough to be unfashionable!

Can someone please give this new runner bird a dictionary of dress?

Running tights?  

02/11/2011 at 00:42
We have linguist in our midst!

For the marshmallow, old bird..

Diction for dress.

dress (drs)
v. dressed, dress·ing, dress·es
a. To put clothes on; clothe.
b. To furnish with clothing.
2. To decorate or adorn: dress a Christmas tree.
3. To garnish: dressed the side dish with parsley.
4. To arrange a display in: dress a store window.
5. To arrange (troops) in ranks; align.
6. To apply medication, bandages, or other therapeutic materials to (a wound).
7. To arrange and groom (the hair), as by styling, combing, or washing.
8. To groom (an animal); curry.
9. To cultivate (land or plants).
10. To clean (fish or fowl) for cooking or sale.
a. To put a finish on (stone or wood, for example).
b. To tan or prepare (a hide) in leather-making.
1. To put on clothes.
2. To wear clothes of a certain kind or style: dresses casually.
3. To wear formal clothes: dress for dinner.

Ya, Running Tights!

Edited: 02/11/2011 at 00:47
02/11/2011 at 06:27
Jon Paul 2 wrote (see)
For the marshmallow, old bird.. Diction for dress. dress (drs) v. dressed, dress·ing, dress·es Ya, Running Tights!

So many!  Who knew!

Heh -  I have running tights and didn't know - but sadly being a short bird they have to be rolled up somewhat which gives the illusion of my having (very) fat ankles - pffft

I shall take scissors to them.

02/11/2011 at 14:43
Heh -  I have running tights and didn't know - but sadly being a short bird they have to be rolled up somewhat which gives the illusion of my having (very) fat ankles - pffft

I shall take scissors to them.

Your such a Mottie...
02/11/2011 at 15:40

Why thank you - unless, of course, you mean..... nooooo surely not!!

*covers eyes

02/11/2011 at 18:44
"Why thank you - unless, of course, you mean..... nooooo surely not!!

*covers eyes"

I'm serious what i say or mean and write, your welcome.

Only have to correct your description of "fat ankles", do they jiggle or do you lose your finger pressing into them. There called kankles and everyone has beauty just sometimes they can't see it. Love yourself first, or who will.

"does it matter if my big fat belly hangs over the front of my tights. my belly buttons going to get cold!!!!!"

Unless you have a navel piercing and good piece of jewellery to show.
Edited: 02/11/2011 at 18:47
02/11/2011 at 21:34

Sorry JP - I think we got lost in cyber translation.

I was refering to the amount of rolled up tights (due to my short legs) material which gave the impression of 'fat ankles'. I don't actually have fat ankles - but if we're talking calf muscles - then blimey - I should play for England as a Prop. I blame all the years of weight-training and power-lifting that I did in the 80s and 90s .....soooo long ago

15/11/2012 at 15:47

I wear them on my run unless it is too hot or cold


15/11/2012 at 16:54

Unless it's sub zero outside I usually go with the "Apollo Creed" crop top and hotpants combo!

"Come on Stallion!!"

18/11/2012 at 00:02

Took me ages to feel comfortable wearing these...but I'll never go back. It actually makes you faster and reduces the amount of things you have to worry about (like chafing). 

If anything these days I feel proud to wear them. When I turned up to my first race with them and was making small talk at the start with someone he clearly thought I was going to be one of the top people simply because I had the lycra shorts on.

We all get the odd comment or funny look but I give it right back and think to myself, "I'm part way through a run you couldn't contemplate. You're standing there drinking a Stella and smoking a fag. I know who's winning here."

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