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21/09/2011 at 11:45

"What do you all think about having to pay £100+ for your shoes? Is it something that you accept that is part of your sport, it’s still cheaper than Golf!!"

I don't think the £100 price has any significance on its own...its all relative isn't it?  If you are selling my shoes for £100 and everyone else is selling them for £122 I'm coming to you every time.  I accept that the price of shoes is a part of my sport but I'm still going to do everything I can to get the same for less.

If I have to pay these prices then I will.  Before doing so I will put some effort into finding the same for cheaper.  For example this year I found my current shoe selling for £30 less in a big outdoor chain (vs usual local running shop).

Something else I would happily do (now...maybe not before) is buy the previous model of a shoe (at least one I am familiar with).  I am not an elite athlete by any stretch of the imagination and wearing one model behind the latest shoe looks like a good way to save lots of money.

One other adjustment I'll make (and am making) is to put off new shoe purchase until its actually needed rather than when I fancy a shiny new pair.

In an ideal world I would prefer to buy bang-up-to-date shoes from a bricks and mortar local shop.  My perception is that this is currently a guarantee to paying at, or near, top-dollar prices.


BTW if the motion testing service is any good then why not charge for it?  If I have some kind of problem and trust you can help with it then I'd be happy to pay.

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22/09/2011 at 17:15

I,ve been in the wave rider for several years now.  I bought my most recent pair at indie shop and the chap there did mention where the price was going.

I am at the stage where I will probably look at other shoes as I dont see what exrtra I get for the increase in price.  They change the shoes regulary - colour changes, stitching changes, sometimes the  feel of the shoe changes.  But one thing that never changes is the mileage I get from the shoe. 

If they improved the shoe lifeI might swallow the price increase, but I do feel a bit ripped off when they change the shoes, often make them worse, then use the change as a justification for a price increase.

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