Sunglasses for running - advice please!

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22/03/2007 at 12:31

I often run along the beach and have had enough of squinting out the glare from the water. Can anyone give advice on sunglasses? I'm on a budget so keep recommendations cheap!

Thanks in advance for the help.
22/03/2007 at 13:09
Try Boots. They do lots of different styles, including wrap-around ones, at reasonable prices.

22/03/2007 at 13:15
Mine came from Tchibo for about £3. Next do a good range at reasonable prices as well.
22/03/2007 at 13:21
DHB triple lense for £24.

Constantly on my face in summer.
22/03/2007 at 13:23
I use those for cycling, TT, and they're great but I find they fog up when I run.
22/03/2007 at 13:50
I'm on my secong pair of these. I ran over the first pair with my bike - d'oh! They fog up the least of any I've ever had.
22/03/2007 at 13:50
try Sunwise - very similar to the DHB ones that TT suggests...........I use the Freefall ones for running and biking - very lightweight
22/03/2007 at 13:54
MisterW im way to cool to steam my sunnies :)
22/03/2007 at 14:57
I paid £5 or £6 for my Tchibo wrap-around ones, with 3 sets of interchangeable lenses, UV whatever, own case, string for dangling round neck. Excellent, use them on every run - not just to keep the sun out, but keep dust out of my contact lenses. Only trouble is, is that Tchibo only have them in stock for a couple of weeks at a time maybe twice a year, unless they're available from the website.
22/03/2007 at 15:11
Thanks all for the help, I don't expect to get much sun here in Aberdeen but your advice will help me with the few rays we do get!
22/03/2007 at 16:25
I paid a massive £2.50 for mine at Lidl and they come with 3 sets of changeable lenses.... Such a good price I brough 3 pair!
22/03/2007 at 16:55
I run near the sea as well as dazzling white cliffs. Find sunnies that have polaroid lenses are best.
cougie    pirate
22/03/2007 at 19:48
I can vouch for Oakley Half Jackets. Wee bit pricier than the Lidl versions I think.
23/03/2007 at 18:25
I bought a pair of Adidas ones following advice on here. Main selling point was the fact that they're ventilated so don't steam up.
26/03/2007 at 17:42
Another who highly recommends Sunwise - Not necessarily the interchangeable ones though. I actually preferred them to my Oakley half jackets, although now currently run in Sun Dogs, which I got on a special.
Of all three the Sunwise were the best at not steaming up...
26/03/2007 at 17:44
I'd second the polarised lenses suggestion for cutting glare - invaluable if near water. They don't necessarily cost much, if any, more.
03/04/2007 at 10:57
Tchibo has sunglasses in stock at the moment. Just order a pair (worth a shot for £4!)
10/04/2007 at 14:03
I've got the DHB Triples and they haven't let me down yet. Use them for road cycling and MTBing. Not on par with my Oakleys, but great for putting on and forgetting - if they get trashed, not a huge outlay to get another pair.
Dustboy    pirate
11/04/2007 at 23:39
Adidas Climacools. Not cheap at a ton plus but what do you pay for ordinary glasses that fit?

And OH so comfy, and cooooooooooool.
21/04/2007 at 14:57
Tesco & Asda 100% uv protection and different styles start at £3.
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